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*Titans: Red War - TT RPG (Rated R)*

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    And so the war begins. . .

    Sign-Up Thread

    Approved/Pending Players:

    1) VampirateMace - “Amanuma” Amunemopet
    2) Monster Guy - "Violet Lantern" Max Hudson
    3) Sketchie - "Nightmare" Lucas Moncrief
    4) Schade - “Grima” Nate Bonaparte
    5) Monster Guy - “Ice Dragon” Kyle Remington
    6) Lt. BLEU™ - “Agent Smith” John Smith
    7) TheCharredDragon - “Hunter Sigbin” Linda Matulin
    8) TheCharredDragon - “M-Buster” Kelly Matulin
    9) CuriousHeartless - 'Magik' Josh Red
    10) Titan500 - “Armoury (II)” Camilla Blair
    11) Rotrum - “West Wind” Alex Silver

    1) PeeGee - “Switch” Derek Wembleton
    2) Requiem's Eclipse - “Bloody Baron” Carter Williams

    1) Schade - “Red Lantern” Archie
    2) Sketchie - "Drama Queen" Kathrine Smith
    3) DiaRubyTandem - "Impulse" Larry Thompson *Reserved*
    4) VampirateMace - "Little Doc" Nelly Mancini
    5) InnerFlame - “The Dominatrix” Chris Willes/Donna Heartful
    6) Tangeh - "Resonance" Vivian Walker

    1. Follow the standard forum and sub-forum rules.
    2. Don't SPAM, flame, or otherwise harass other players.
    3. Don't bunny (control others' character's) without permission. If you know me, you know I am strict on this.
    4. Your character is NOT Omnipotent, Omniscient, or Omnipresent. Do NOT have them know things they shouldn't, teleport, or god-mode (there's limited exceptions on the teleporting this round, do not abuse them).
    5. Put your name(s) and location at the top of your post. Inventory is not required.
    6. For those of you with multiple chars, make it very clear WHO is doing WHAT.
    7. Do NOT be the idiot that forces me to make more rules (love you guys).

    Titan's Tower, Common Room

    “Support for Trey Poly is really ramping up here at Sweet Rose Park,” droned the television. Amanuma looked up at the giant screen, and the scene flashed from a reporter in a tan jacket standing in a parking lot, to a well dressed man behind a podium, speaking, “. . . and we don't just need to hold businesses accountable when things go wrong, but we should also reward them for getting it right. That's why. . .”

    Ama looked down at the komodo dragon resting it's head on his lap, trying to remember why he'd even turned the news on. The monitor lizard was less of a mystery, he'd wanted a companion, but wasn't that interested in human interaction. Of course that meant inevitably that someone would eventually wander in and complain about him just summoning poisonous reptiles at random.

    As he glanced up, the reason appeared. The shot returned to the main news desk, where a couple of reporters were seated, an almost middle aged guy and a slightly younger woman with exaggerated curves and think curly blonde hair. Cue the close-up of the woman, as she commented to the on-scene reporter, “Thanks Dave. . . up next, what's really being sold in your grocery store's produce section?”

    Ama sighed and reached over the dragon for the remote. It felt silly watching the news to see a woman he'd probably never meet, sillier still to think there could come anything of it, if they ever did meet. He turned off the TV, cutting off an M & Ms commercial, and tossed the remote aside, slumping back into the couch. The komodo dragon squirmed around trying to get comfortable again, while Ama closed his eyes.

    Veee, Veee, Veee!

    Ugh. Ama opened his eyes and leaned forward, disturbing the reptile again. The sound was coming from the coffee table, which also doubled as a crime surveillance computer. Hesitantly he tapped the surface and it opened up a map.

    Apparently there was trouble in the shopping district. . .

    Nelly (AKA: Little Doc)
    Garage HQ - 11th street

    With Carlyle's assistance Nelly hauled herself up the side of the Mecha Spider and readied the key. He held onto the side of the pod, “Now, you're sure it's ready?”

    “Yes,” snapped Nelly. But her henchmen looked at one another nervously and a second man, a large guy they just called Big, spoke up, “Cause you know, we all remember last time Boss.” There were nods from the men dotting the room as Nelly looked around. A tall thin woman walked out from behind one of the vehicles 'being repaired', know usually by the color of her hair, Scarlet. She looked over at Big with a scowl, “Leave her alone. If Doc's ready to test it, she's ready to test it,” she then turned her gaze on Nelly, “Go ahead dear.”

    Nelly pursed her lips. It was weird being treated like an adult and a child all in the same breath. She like Scarlet, but she'd always had trouble figuring out what Scarlet really thought of her. - She pushed the key into the ignition, took a deep breath, and turned it. There was a humming, slightly grinding sound, as the pod lifted up, standing on eight spindly legs. Carlyle was still grasping the side watching her like a hawk, though it was obvious he couldn't do much to help her from this position. He did shout some advice however, “Take it easy this time!”

    “Yeah,” agreed Nelly remembering how quickly it had toppled over before. Hopefully her modifications would eliminate that problem, but she still had sore spots from the previous test. She shouted some directions back at him, “Okay, now back away!”

    Reluctantly Carlyle retreated, never taking his eyes off her. Nelly took a look around to make sure everyone was out of the way in all directions and set her hands on the leg controls. She pushed the right lever. All the legs on the right went up in sequence and came back down. She pushed the left. The left legs went up and came back down, followed by a repeat of the right legs. This was it, her Mecha Spider was finally walking!

    She eased up on the leg controls, since there really wasn't space to go much further, and pressed a button. A glue-like wad shot out the front and 'twanged' on the metal garage door. Man, how she loved that weapon.

    “Open the door,” she requested, “I want to take this thing out for a test!”

    “Not without me you aren't,” replied Carlyle in a tone the suggested it wasn't up for debate. He'd always been overprotective of her, and especially protective since. . . they'd lost Nelson.

    “Good idea,” added Scarlet grabbing a step stool so they could reach the pod, “I'm coming as well.”
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2016
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Violet Lantern; Max Hudson
    Titans Tower: Max's room > Common Room

    It was Max's twentieth birthday, and he spent the beginning of it drawing in his sketchbook. He drew pictures of his My Little Pony OC, which was an alicorn, as well as his boyfriend Lucas as a pony also an alicorn, because Max thought the world of My Little Pony needed more male alicorns. There are three princesses, but where are the princes? He would show these to him once he had them colored in. A lot had happened in the two months since he joined the Teen Titans. Some good, and some bad. Actually, it was mostly bad considering crime had gone up, one of their ex teammates was a Red Lantern now, and the mayor is potentially dead. The good thing though was that he now was in a steady relationship, and more hot guys joined the team. Max felt a little bit guilty fawning over other guys when he had a boyfriend already, but only a little. After all, it wasn't like he planned to do anything with them.

    When Max's wrist finally got sore from all the sketching, he decided that now was the time to take a break. He stood up from his chair in front of the desk, and stretched for a bit, before stepping outside the room. Despite the fact that their numbers had increased, there weren't a lot of titans running around the tower, Or, at least none that he could see, Max decided to pull out his cell phone, and sent a text to Lucas.

    After including several heart emojis, the text was sent. He put his cellphone back in his pocket, and hummed the Happy Birthday song to himself as he made his way towards the common room.

    There were only two people in the common room. Ama, who had a large reptile on his lap, and a new blond boy that had joined the team. The new guy that called himself Ice Dragon was one of the attractive guys that joined the team after the Control Freak incident. The guy reminded him a lot of Archie, which was worrisome to Max. He hoped this guy would stay on the heroic side.

    Before Max could say anything, the alarm suddenly went off. Max went behind the couch Ama was sitting on, and looked over Ama's shoulder. "Trouble already?" Max asked with a sigh. "I was really hoping I could get a break on my birthday..."

    Ice Dragon; Kyle Remington
    Titans Tower; Common Room

    Kyle sat on one of the couches, his face hidden behind the book he was reading, The Picture of Dorian Gray To people that didn't know him, the fact that Kyle was an English major would come as a surprise, but Kyle had always liked reading books. Normally, he would have preferred to do his reading in the privacy of his own bedroom. However the surveillance was in the common room, and Kyle thought it best to do his reading there in case he had to jump into action at a moments notice. It was also the reason why he was already wearing his Ice Dragon outfit. He wasn't one of those superheroes who could magically change to their costume whenever he wanted.

    It was fairly quiet in the common room. The only other person out here was the Mummy watching the news, but Kyle could easily tune that out and focus on his book. What he couldn't tune out was the sudden Veee, Veee, Veee! noise that had gone off. It was the alarm, which meant help was needed. Like it always was in this town.

    The strawberry blond boy clad in purple came in soon afterwards. Kyle had made a point to avoid him as much as possible. There was something about him that was irritating to Kyle. Then again, those happy-go-lucky types were usually irritating to him because they talked way too much for his tastes. Why was so hard for people to grasp the fact that he's not interested in a conversation the same way they were? The other boy looked over the mummy's shoulder and sighed. "Trouble already? I was really hoping I could get a break on my birthday..."

    Kyle rolled his eyes. Without even lowering the book from his face, he replied coldly, "Crime does not give a damn about your birthday..." It was the truth after all. It's not like criminals were going to stop robbing banks because it was the anniversary of the day a hero came into the world. The boy had no reason to be upset by his comment.

    Max glared at Kyle, but Kyle either didn't see it, or if he did see it, he didn't care.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2016
  3. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Titans Tower


    The sound of Titans Tower's alert klaxon had, over the course of her association with the Teen Titans, become incredibly familiar to the young superhero that had assumed the alias of "Armoury". It was a call for action, for their assembled group to reinforce justice and law against any criminal threats that had arisen within Chromium City. That was a responsibility of great importance to the sixteen year old girl, who saw an obligation to avoid tarnishing the name of her predecessor, her deceased uncle. It was difficult work, true, and she wasn't doing herself any real favours by throwing herself so deeply into the work, but it was something that needed to be done. She wondered if she would die in the suit one day. That was an amusing thought; her school would probably interpret it as a sign of teachers overworking their students. A number of people would be dying to see the irony of a student working themself to death on what was essentially an overly demanding "hobby".


    That was a horrible joke, she decided. It was far too incongruent with her thought process to be good.

    On the outside, however, none could see the macabre amusement that Armoury was feeling. Blips of dull, resigned emotion were rare for the emotionally-dead teenager, and to her colleagues, even rarer given her lack of communication and her generally bland and unassuming demeanour. The fact that she spent much of her time inside a large, hulking piece of armour, the walking tank that served as both her secret identity and weapon against crime, also helped obscure her expression and body language from others. Indeed, it was within this armour that she approached the rest of the gathered group of Teen Titans, her metal footsteps heavy against the floor as she moved to Amamuma's side.

    "Status report?" she asked, tone clipped and professional. Armoury was not a conversationalist in the slightest, usually preferring silence, but during times when duty demanded it, she was not averse to communicating tactical decisions or plans. Not that many of the others stuck too closely to plans.
  4. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Somewhere in the City -> Titans Tower

    "Mmmh.... Mmmh...... Huh?" Nate grunted in disapproval as he suddenly saw a pair of feet appear before him. "Uhm.. Mr. Bonaparte? W.. What are you doing?" a female voice asked. he tilted his head upwards, and could barely see the face of Sandra behind her rather generous bust. Sandra was one of the secretaries working at his father, Raphael Bonaparte's office, which was where Nate was at the moment. Ever since his father decided to run for mayor, it became obligatory for Nate to join him as support, and to lure the voters to believe they were a happy family. This, of course, was insainly boring. Nate was only needed whenever his father posed for photographs, and occasionaly to hold a short speech about how much he loved and was proud of his dad. He was surprised anyone ever bought it; he always spoke sarcastically to the press. Either way, this was another one of the pauses between interviews, and in an effort to pass the time, Nate had found himself a spot in a less crowded hallway where he was standing on his head next to the wall, feet up in the air.

    "What does it looks like I'm doing? I'm passing time." he responded. "But so far, I've only achieved a mild migrene.. Auchauchauch..." he tipped over and landed on the floor with a boom, knocking Sandra down with him. She let out a weak yelp, but both ended up laughing. Sandra was the only secretary at this office that Nate actually liked. She wore square glasses, and her dark brown hair was always tied in two low pigtails. Definitely one of Nates closest friends too, after he started working under his father. Everyone had assumed he was a daddy's boy who got everything on a Gold-lined silver platter. That was very far from the truth, considering he had actually worked pretty hard to get there, something only Sandra seemed to understand. Standing up, he reached his hand out and puled her up as well. "Lemme guess, Father wants to see me again?" Nate asked, though he knew he didn't have to. "Indeed, you re to report to his office right awya." she finished with a smile, before Nate sighed and slowly walked off with his hands in his pockets.

    He silently knocked on the door to his fathers office and took a deep breath, before putting on the fakest smile ever and walked in. Inside, his father was sitting at the end of a conference table, with repporters from a variety of media surrounding him. Luckily, it seemed they were going to take off shortly, so Nate just walked and stood behind his fathers chair as he finished some questions. Once the last repporter was out, his father let out a huge sigh. Raphael Bonaparte was dressed in his typical black suit with matching shirt, and red tie. His short blonde hair was graying at the front, and it was pretty obvious that he hadn't slept well for a while. He looked like the cooperate villain in a clichè movie where the protagonist had to rescue a ski resort for a gang of lovable misfits. "This really doesn't ever get any easier." his father said. "They want me to promise so much bullocks like more eco-friendly products, more donations to charity." he exaggerated his tone when saying Charity, which made Nate chuckle. His father was anything but a good man with god intentions, but in the medias eyes, he had to convince them otherwise. Though, he wasn't as bad as some of the other candidates. Trey Poley were holding a rally somewhere in town, but Raphael Bonaparte had decided to take a less public approach, at least in the beginning. Getting things done in the shadows before stepping out to take credits in the light, that was Raphael Bonaparte for you. Nate stood arms crossed, and nodded to his own thought-train. "Nathaniel, are you paying attention..?" his father then spoke up. "huh? Of course! Trey Poley is dumb! Down with the democrats! or.. something." he said. His father sighed. "look, I know I am asking a lot by dragging you along in this, but i really do appriciate your support." he stood up and laid a hand on Nates shoulder. "Why are you running for mayor anyway? You'd likely do a worse job than the last one, and he was kidnapped at an unknown time!" Nate said with a sigh of his own. "I know, but for now it is important that we convince the media we are a normal, functional family" his father continued. unfazed by the critique. "Either way, I appriciate the praise, pops, but i kiiinda have to.... Oh sh*t, is the time that much already?" Nate said as he looked at the clock on the wall. He was supposed to meet up with the other titans.. Well.. Yesterday! "Yes, you are going to study with your new friends, right?" his father said. Lying to him was easy, but it wa ssurprising that even he didn't catch on to the oldest trick in the book. Besides, Nate had no intention of letting him know he was in the Teen Titans. They had a bad rep after what happened two months ago, and he was eager to get to the tower. He nodded as he walked out of the office and into the large hallway again. Sandra was walking in his direction and waved to him from afar, but he didn't notice her as he put on his Fox Mask. Sandra suddenly shifted mood. "Sir? this area is for employees only, I'll need to ask you to.." Nate interrupted her. "Yes, I know. I'm on my way out now.". He then walked out a door to one of the many porches in the building, and walked over to the edge. He transmutated his wings, and took to the sky as he heard a shocked gasp behind him. He had done this several times before, but it would seem the curse he had put on the mask makes it so people forget about him once he takes it off. Swell. Shocked responses every time he appears and does something magical? Way for a hero to make a name for himself.. He would have to make some minor changes to the curse at a later time.

    As he approached the tower, he took to landing and walked to the entrance while sarcastically greeting patroling robots in the area. After the ordeal with Control Freak, the titans had upped their security by quite a lot. He didn't bother with the door, and just phased right through it. Later, as he got to the common room, he took a seat next to one of the other newbies, a somewhat angry-looking blonde. Besides him, there were three veterans there as well, the mummy guy, loverboy and the shy girl. He didn't really remember all the supernames yet, but figured that would come in time. He took his mask off, and played around with it in his lap while humming to a curse he knew. So. what's on todays agenda?" he asked enthusiastically.
  5. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon Prince of Thieves

    M-Buster; Kelly Matulin
    Titans Tower

    It's been about a week since she's moved in and she found herself quite comfortable already. Her room was simple with little furnishings--a desk, a bed and a lamp. She also had a stand where she could place her armor and a shelf for her flamethrower, its ammunition and extra acid vials. Right now, she was sitting on a chair by her desk, holding her phone to her ear.

    "And these scared-half-to-death villains wouldn't, by any chance, happened to have been covered in lots of saliva?" she heard a deadpan voice over her phone.

    Kelly just chuckled. A small but mischeivous smile crept up her face as she leaned into her chair.

    "Well, it was your familiar guarding me. What did you expect?"

    She could imagine him shaking his head right now.

    "Was the duct tape really neccessary?" he said, exaperated.

    "Nope," she said, her smile getting bigger.

    He sighed but she knew he was smiling as well. Before anything else could be said, the alarm went off within the building.

    "I'll call you later, Tim. Work came up."

    "... Stay safe."

    Kelly gave on more chuckle before saying, "Love you too," before she hung up and placed the phone on her desk. She quickly put on her armor and coat, deciding to leave her mask down for now before heading out--just as she saw her daughter get out of her room and run off. Kelly, on the other hand, just jogged in the same direction she went. It wasn't long before she was by her daughter's side in the common room. She just happened to arrive just as someone asked, "What's the agenda?"

    Kelly blinked and looked at the young male. Blonde with simple casual wear...black bat like wings...and an actual mask that reminded her of a kabuki. Nope. She didn't recognize him at all. She assumed he was one of the new heroes that Robin sent for backup. There was also another person she didn't recognize in the couch with the Titan, Max. Funny they were both blondes. She smiled at the winged boy's enthusiasm.

    Linda was quick to answer.

    "Something's up in the shopping district."

    Kelly decided that while she waited for more comprehensive info from those who knew, she would to turn her attention to something else. She decided introductions were in order, especially for the winged boy.

    "So you're new here?" she said for the sake of easing into the next set of words. "Alias is M-Buster, but you can just call me Kelly in here." She gestured to Linda. "And this is my daughter, Hunter Sigbin. You can call her Linda though."

    Linda acknowledged the action with a wave at the new ones before returning her focus to the television.
  6. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. BLEU™ Top Class Lieutenant

    Agent Smith; John Smith
    Titan tower ----> Common Room

    John was sitting calmly on a chair. On his front desk was a nice laptop, blue in color. Green letters on a black screen would move continuously. Fancy as they may seem, he was working on his Freeze gun. “Come on, let’s get you going. We’ve been out of trouble for a while now, but, who knows?” John was happy there was no criminal activity that could not be handled by the police. A robbery here and there was all that was happening. “If it remains this way, we’re running out of business soon.”

    *Error: Freeze gun particle combination failed. Please try again* Said a female voice “Gideon, come on!” Sighed Smith. Gideon was Smith’s computer AI who would do most of his technology related work. This was almost, nearly a hundredth time that the combination had failed. “Can we once, only once, for a second, get it to work?” Said John, getting up off his chair and stretching a bit. “Alright, let’s see what’s going outside.” He heard voices of people coming and decided to go out himself.

    In the common room, there were a few people. Ama was sitting a couch with a reptile on her lap. Max was right behind, complaining how he wanted a break on his birthday. Smith did not like people who complain too much. Although, this was light complain, Smith was a little annoyed. “Oh, humans.” Smith said, under his voice. “Here’s a candy, Kid.” Smith threw a candy towards him, without even looking. “Have a good birthday!” One of them was already sitting in his super hero outfit, reading a book. He seemed equally annoyed about Max wanting a break. “Ha! I like him already.” Smith realized Kyle was one of those people who did not engage too much into conversations, just like himself. There was a young teenager, wearing a metal outfit. Smith was totally baffled. “We’ve got fancy dress today, eh Ama?” He asked. He was surprised at how people were already dressed as if they know crime was inevitable that day. There was also a guy who looked like he had a lot of knowledge of the area. As if he was a vet. He was a blonde guy with a simple casual wear and black bat like wings and some sort of mask.

    Smith was busy noticing everyone. He did not notice what was going on though until, a young lady answered to someone asking about the agenda. “Something’s up in the shopping district.”

    “So, its shopping district?” Smith walked towards the door. “Anybody wanting to join me on a one way trip to the shopping district? Free boarding passes.” Smith looked towards the boy who was reading the book. He thought, he would be the best fit as they would hardly talk and focus more on the work at hand.
  7. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Ice Dragon; Kyle Remington
    Titans Tower; Common Room

    It didn't take long before more of his fellow Titans started to show up. There was a dark haired guy with glasses, and dressed in a suit also seemed irritated by the comment made by the boy dressed in purple. Kyle gave no sign of acknowledgement. Kyle had to wonder what kind of person carried candy on them... More Titans started to follow in. Kyle didn't pay them much attention. They were just other people he had to deal with. Everyone was here for the same reason anyway.

    Apparently there was some sort of problem in the Shopping District. Good to know, now we could actually do something about it.

    “So, its shopping district?” The glasses wearing man said, walking towards the door. “Anybody wanting to join me on a one way trip to the shopping district? Free boarding passes.” Kyle could have sworn he saw the man look at him when he said that.

    Kyle let out a sigh, closed the book, and put it down. He then stood up, put his hood over his head, and started walking towards the door, right past the other man. "May as well get this over with..." Kyle figured they may as well leave now. They weren't going to accomplish much sitting here chatting.

    Violet Lantern; Max Hudson
    Titans Tower: Common Room

    “Here’s a candy, Kid.” Another new guy threw a candy towards him, that landed at Max's feet. “Have a good birthday!”

    Max rolled his eyes. The probably wanted him to get upset, but Max wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. He picked up the piece of candy. "Thank you so much, sir!" Max replied as he popped the piece of candy into his mouth.

    More Titans started to show up in the Common Room. First Armoury showed up in her full suit of armor, and asked for a status report. Then, another one of the newbies flew in, and took a seat. He had large bat wings, and a mask that looked like a fox. The guy was cute, although he was wearing his casual clothes, and didn't wear a tight spandex suit, much to his disappointment. Shame, he would have looked good in one...

    Then Linda and her mom came out. Linda then pointed out there was trouble in the Shopping District, and her mother felt like introductions were in order, and introduced herself to one of the new guy. Max followed suit, smiled, and waved. "I'm Max, alias Violet Lantern."

    The guy who had thrown candy at him, didn't bother introducing himself, and started heading for the door. Ice Dragon followed suit.

    "Bye Elsa!" Max waved at Ice Dragon. "You two have fun being grumpy together!"

    Now, Ice Dragon glared at Max, and Max simply giggled.

    Max then sat down next to Linda. "I think it's great that you have such a supportive mom." Max began to say. "I don't think my mom would have gone into the superhero business with me... But I can't say for sure... she's not with us anymore..." Max started to feel sad thinking about his dead mother, and his eyes started to water. "Oh, gosh! I'm sorry... I don't mean to get all weepy like this..."
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2016
  8. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Titans Tower

    "So you're new here?", a lady said after short while. An older lady. Was this not supposed to be the Teen Titans? eh, it didn't matter. Nate noticed he hd forgotten about his wings, and quickly dematerialized them."Alias is M-Buster, but you can just call me Kelly in here." the woman said, before gestured to another younger girl. "And this is my daughter, Hunter Sigbin. You can call her Linda though.". Was she serious? Does one of the members here have their mom with them? Nate eyed her from head to toe. She looked young, for sure. maybe 15, 16 years old? But still. This as a new kind of over-procectiveness. He burst out in laughter. "That. that is hilarious!" he stuttered in between laughs. Sure, he wanted to ask more about this, but figure it would be best to lay that topic dead for now.

    “We’ve got fancy dress today, eh Ama?”, a rather sketchy guy asked Ama. He was wearing black sunglasses, but besides that, nothing about him made him stand out. Nate made a mental note to actually learn peoples names in the very near future

    "So.. Uhm.. Yes, I'm new here." Nate said to the older lady. "Name's Nate! you haven't heard of me, but trust me, you will", he said. He rarely bothered giving out his Grima-persona, but seeing as these were his teammates, he figured his name would do. after all, the lady had just outed her daughter anyway. While this was happening, someone else stated that something was amiss at the downtown shopping district. “So, its shopping district?” the sketchy guy said while walked towards the door. “Anybody wanting to join me on a one way trip to the shopping district? Free boarding passes.”. his voice reeked of sarcasm, but Nate couldn't help himself. "Yayy! Shopping!" He excitedly exclaimed while jumping up from the couch. He took his oriental fox mask and put it on before stapping out after the guy. This was his first real mission for the titans, and though he had absolutely no idea what was even going on, he figured he could use his dark magic to help out regardless. That was why he was there, right? No way he'd skip this to be on another board meeting with his father.

    "May as well get this over with...", the antisocial blonde guy said, as he stood up form the couch himself, walking after Nate and the sunglasses guy.

    "Bye Elsa! You two have fun being grumpy together!", the very purple guy then said, probably to the blonde guy. Nate let out a laugh at this. Of course, that was the perfect nickname! Allthough he had no idea why he just called him that. If nothing else, it was an amazing substitute for him until Nate learned his actual name. The purple guy seemed nice, and as excited to be there as Nate did. Allthough Nate was prbably just like that one kid in high school on the first day, running around to try and make friends. He laughed at this metaphor. It was now that it went up for Nate that he had no idea what was going on. It didn't seem like the other people there were rushing out at this supposed assault at the shopping district. This made Nate get second thoughts, and instead of rushing out, he decided to stay behind and see what the seniors would do. If his knowledge of the titans were correct, this Linda and the violet guy had been members for a long time. He had seen the violet guy on Tv before too. He lingered back, and casually walked back to the couch.

    The two veterans were talking now, the violet guy and Linda. "I think it's great that you have such a supportive mom.", Violet guy said. "I don't think my mom would have gone into the superhero business with me... But I can't say for sure... she's not with us anymore..." he continued, getting all moopey and depressive. This made Nate somewhat uncomfortable. "Oh, gosh! I'm sorry... I don't mean to get all weepy like this..." he continued. He was about to tear up, that much was apparent. Nate hesitated for a moment. This made him think of his own mother, who died while he was in a young age. He shook his head and got rid of the depressive thoughts. He'd have plenty of time to think about that later. He had accepted his mothers death many years ago, but not knowing her left room for a lot of "What if", "Who was she" and whatnots. He felt sorry fot the Violet guy.

    "Oh, come on. Dead mothers aren't that bad. the situation is only as bad as you allow yourself for it to be!" he said while using his telekinetic abilities to pull the violet guy in for a hug. He tried staying positive. "I think you introduced yourself earlier, but I really just got carried away.. Hahah!" he said with a positive laugh. "Will you go by violet guy? Or Crybabby?" he then said with a smile on his face. "I'm Nate, I hope you catched that." he said, still smiling. "If not, I'll appear on Tv in about.... 15 minutes!" he then said. He knew when the interview of himself and his father would air, not that he thought it matters. He let go of the Violet guy and pushed him away with his telekinetic powers, and then focused on the girl. She was cute, in a very "little sister" kind of way. "Hey, Linda, right? you're lucky to have a caring mom to join you in your superhero business! My own mom bit the dust maaaany years ago." he still grinned like he was telling a lame knock-knock joke. "Anyways, I'm new here, so I hope you'll be gentle with me, senpais." he then said, adding a bit of humor to his tone.
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  9. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Chris Willes
    Shopping District

    “……” Chris was pacing silently as he was preparing himself. He really didn’t like going out and dealing with people, but he had no choice. He stupidly let himself run out of needed supplies and this was closer to his apartment. The man dreaded his current situation but he had to move through this so he could quickly return home. “I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” He suddenly blurted out as turned behind him.

    There was lady there standing there hand up with a surprised looked on her face. It seems she was about to say something before he blurted that out. Chris turned and walked away. He did it again, speaking before the other person said anything. He had to be more careful or else things would get more troublesome… Finally he got to the store he wanted, the pet store. He was out of pet food for his cute little gerbil, Blondie. Although it was pushed on him, Chris had grown fond of the little rodent. Walking over to the small pet section, he found the food that he was looking for and began to look at some of the toys. As the man went reaching for one he suddenly had a very bad feeling.

    “D-danger…” Chris mumbled to himself. It felt like something bad was coming his way. It was a terrifying feeling, he had to leave immediately. He shoved the bag in the register person’s face. After paying, the dark-haired man shuffled to the door and just kept on going after his exit.
  10. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon Prince of Thieves

    Hunter Sigbin/Canis Ryder; Linda Matulin
    Titans Tower Common Room

    Two months. It's been two months since the Contest and so much has happened...and yet it all felt so short to Linda. Perhaps it was from the training, or maybe it was the comfort of her parents, or it could be that because so much happened, she didn't consciously keep track of time. Either way, things have changed. Was it for the better? For her, significantly because now her mother was helping her and her father in a far part of Chromium City. Her fellow Titans? Some of them, particularly Max and Lucas, as far as she could tell. Everyone else? Probably not, to put it lightly, what with the crime rate having increased.

    She was on her bed, relaxing after just finishing her homework, when the alarm went off. She was rushed to the door and when outside, used her superspeed to reach the common room in record time. She quickly answered one of the new Titans who just arrived, some young man with black wings. Agent Smith, another new one, just threw a candy at Max. Apparently it was his birthday.

    When the boy laughed after her mother introduced her and herself, she couldn't help raise an eyebrow. What was so funny? He quickly said his name before she could ask. Guess she'll have to ask later. Then she chuckled at Max's comment on Ice Dragon. The former soon took a seat beside her and started talking to her.

    "I think it's great that you have such a supportive mom," he began to say.

    She smiled at that. She couldn't agree more.

    "I don't think my mom would have gone into the superhero business with me..." he continued. "But I can't say for sure... she's not with us anymore..."

    Linda couldn't help but frown in condolence. Just the thought of the possibility of her mom dying was bad enough, how much more for it actually happening? He looked about ready to break down.

    "Oh, gosh! I'm sorry... I don't mean to get all weepy like this..."

    Nate, who apparently sat down earlier, pulled Max into a hug. Linda was thankful for that, though there was a tiny part of her mind that Max probably enjoyed that in more ways than one. When he finished, she was about to say something but then saw her mom flash Max an understanding smile.

    "Heh, I know what that's like," she said. "But like Nate said, it's only bad if you make it bad. I'm sure your mom wouldn't want you to be sad just thinking about her, right?"

    By then, Nate let go of the hug and turned his attention to her.

    "Hey, Linda, right? You're lucky to have a caring mom to join you in your superhero business! My own mom bit the dust maaaany years ago," he said with a grin that looked like he was telling a bad joke. She knew that smile. She's seen it way too many times from her mom.

    She--and her mom too, from the look on her face--found it somewhat weird and she couldn't help giving her common "not funny" stare. It wasn't everyday she saw someone talk so well...naturally about a parent's death.

    "Anyways, I'm new here, so I hope you'll be gentle with me, senpais," he then said.

    She blinked, her attention diverted. Senpai? Now she felt old, even if the term was technically correct.

    Her mom knew exactly what she was thinking and gave a laugh. "Heh, I like you already," she said to Nate. "And hey, someone's gotta start breaking the stereotype of parents not helping their superpowered kids."

    Linda just rolled her eyes but with a smile. They had no idea how grateful she really was for having awesome parents and not just one.

    "Thanks, both of you," she said. Then she gave her mom a fake glare. "Though she could use a jokus interruptus."

    Her mom just gave a not-so-innocent goofy smile.

    Linda rolled her eyes again then returned her attention to the two boys.

    "Anyways, nice to meet you Nate," she said with a smile. Then to Max. "And happy birthday Max. Don't worry, we've got plenty of heroes to cover things."

    "Yeah. Enjoy your time. We all need a chance to relax," her mom piped in.

    Linda then stood up and tapped the back of her hands together. Her body turned bright white, its shifted before it stopped,*putting over the young girl's clothes white armor, a dog like helmet and a blue bow at her left. She faced Nate once again.

    "Wanna come?" she said.

    Then she made her way to the door.


    M-Buster; Kelly Matulin
    Titans Tower Common Room

    Time for work. Kelly whistled and pretty soon a large snake flew in front of the entrance. She took a card out of her pocket and held it out. The next moment, the snake dissappeared as the card glowed for a second. When the light faded she returned the card into her pocket then lifted up her mask. She soon followed after her daughter, who in turn was catching up with Ice King "Elsa" and--according to her daughter--Agent Smith.

    Kelly chuckled. She guessed he either really is someone with the family name Smith or someone who was really bad at giving good names.
  11. rotrum

    rotrum Ice Cold

    (OOC: Attempting to post from phone. Hopefully I will have a real computer in the next day or two. Hope you're all ready for this epic character defining moment. I was in a uh...strange mood.)

    West Wind/Alex
    Titans Tower Common room

    At the sound of the alarm, Alex rushed right over in the most professional manner ever. And by that, well...at least it was fast. He floated over on his back because jeez he'd been there for just a few days and was already settling into the apparently constant crime in this city. He arrived as two people were leaving, one of them "Elsa" and the other Elsa's fellow 'grump.' He would have to learn who they really were at some point. He settled into position, upside down and cross-legged above the scene, to await instruction.

    Below, however, it seemed to be a bit of a rollercoaster as some of the heroes present bantered about, the Violet Lantern accidentally bringing himself to the verge of tears. Alex briefly wondered how his mom was doing. She was technically a bit stronger than him physically, but without the suit she wasn't really fit to protect anything...he pushed himself off that train of thought. Dad was there. They would be fine. He turned his attention back to...cute hugging boys.

    Alex panicked a bit. Should he try to comfort him too? Normally he wouldn't but...Max was celebrating his birthday, and this other guy hugged him, would it look insensitive it just standby floating? And Nate's jokes didnt seem like the kind to really help the situation and plus it wasn't really in his nature to leave a cute guy in distress...

    He bit his lip before descending down to Max. A half dozen ball bearings flew out of his pockets and floated before him. "Happy birthday uhm I wish I'd known" Idiot, what if he already told me then he'll know I forgot! "Anyways its no time to be upset --I mean its your birthday and you can cry if you want to--but what I meant is-" THIS. This is why i shouldn't be allowed to talk without a script. And then it happened. His shirt fell on his face. Gravity, you're not helping!. He righted himself quickly and looked away, trying to focusing on melding the bearings into a very basic 'MAX.' "Sorry I couldnt get you something better but happy birthday feel better." he said as quickly as he could, dropping the metal name on its recipient, curling up a bit, and floating awkwardly onto the other side of Ama from everyone else and pursing his lips tight. I should not ever try to make anyone feel better...ever.

    Oh. Hi giant poisonous lizard. He floated a bit higher. This was just going great. Please tell me its urgent and we all have to mobilize without anymore talking...maybe if I leave now I can catch up to the two guys who already left they probably know where we're going. He took a deep breath and steeled himself. C'mon chivalry, desire to help people, take over. No time to wallow in awkwardness, there was trouble. Seeing Linda leave, he rushed out behind her, his armor manifesting midflight.
  12. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Lucas Moncrief ; Nightmare
    Titan's Tower

    Lucas sat cross-legged, floating in his room. He had his eyes closed, and was taking long, slow deep breaths. It hadn't been a good morning. His medication had run out, and he hadn't had time to refill it, so the past few nights were a bit of a nightmare. He spent a lot of time like this, trying to sort out staticked thoughts, trying to calm his own fears. You know, this would be a lot easier if you just told hi-- oh shut up, will ya? He doesn't want to know. -- Are you so sure about that? -- ... No, not really. -- Then why don't you te-- Scared. -- Not a good enough reason--

    Suddenly, his phone buzzed, breaking his thoughts and his concentration. He fell to the floor with a thud, his heart racing. It's just your phone, calm down. He pulled his phone from his pocket, taking some more deep breaths. His heart raced as he saw who it was. Text from his boyfriend always made him feel better, even if it was only small things.

    Lucas chuckled. No one used acronyms like Max did. Lucas thought is was pretty cute. He quickly replied --

    He leaned back onto his arms, thinking. Man, he felt like he was ten again. Linda's mom had moved into the tower, and it set off every precautionary alarm in his head. He knew it was completely irrational, but the presence of a mother made him feel threatened again, as though he wasn't safe. Which really bothered him. He made a mental note that he should really talk to the therapist about that.

    Lucas got to his feet, stretching his arms and rolling his shoulders. Moms weren't the only problem on his mind. Several of the new guys had caught Max's attention, and Lucas couldn't help but feeling jealous. Even though they had been dating for two months, Lucas still felt clingy and fearful that Max would leave. Not that Max didn't have reason... which made Lucas all the more anxious. He sauntered to the door, but paused with his hand on the doorknob. Why are you going out? Lucas sighed. Not fucking this again. I want to go out. -- You shouldn't. -- Yeah, well, I'm not really in the mood for your bullshit right now.

    He took his time getting to the common room, the whole time in turmoil. He'd mastered the art of a poker face, projecting a calm aura about him. He arrived as another boy made something out of ball bearings, giving it to Max. A flare of jealousy shot through his chest, but he did his best to stamp it down. This was fine!! Probably!! He sauntered over to Max, wrapping his arms around him and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Hallo, Süsser," he purred. "What's going on now? Something at the shopping district?" He glanced at Max, giving him a smirk. "Any chance I can fly there on my own?"
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  13. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Dang guys, you've been busy! BTW, you have free reign on what is going down in the Shopping District.

    Titan's Tower, Common Room > Shopping District

    Ama had no sooner registered that there was a situation in the Shopping District, then the room filled with other team members asking questions and making transportation decisions. It was a little chaotic, but it was what was supposed happen (outside of throwing things and discussion of birthdays and dead family members, which were kind of irrelevant), so it was good.

    There was someone with a mask in the room, someone who didn't want to be known, hiding with magic, but it was familiar. And when Nate took off his mask, he asked about the agenda. Linda was quick to fill everyone in, which was helpful. And so travel arrangements started, with Agent Smith leaving followed by Ice Dragon.

    West Wind floated in late, then followed Linda's group out. Ama got up, looking down at the komodo dragon as it meandered in a circle on the couch. Better send him home, decided Ama. He held out a hand focusing as a green-blue summoning ring formed around the reptile, transporting it home. Home to a prehistoric dimension free of troublesome Homo sapien sapiens. He sighed, why did they have to make him feel so old? He commented to the empty air, “And if anyone cares, my folks died a couple thousand years ago. . .”

    Taking a quick route out of the building, up to the roof, he summoned another new friend, Kita the pterodactyl. Kita screeched and took off, Ama running to the edge of the building and jumping aboard. People might think this seemed reckless, but he trusted her completely.

    “We need to go this way,” he instructed tapping her shoulder, “It's called the Shopping District.” Kita screeched again and rose up higher into the sky, turning the way he'd indicated.

    Nelly (AKA: Little Doc)
    11th street

    The Mecha Spider clattered out of the garage loaded to capacity, Nelly in the driver's seat and Carlyle and Scarlet side-by-side in back. It tilted ever so slightly as it turned, but remained more or less stable, a fairly good start to the trip. Carlyle gripped the side nervously, “Not too fast now.”

    And Scarlet smirked at him, commenting softly, “By all means let's make sure we're out long enough to be seen.”

    “I just don't want us to tip over,” defended Carlyle. Nelly looked back at them, demanding, “Knock it off or you can both get out! And who cares if we're seen? I told you. I got big plans, and there's no room for you lot to be shy anymore!”

    Scarlet got a strange look, almost like she was. . . proud? Was that good? Carlyle on the other hand still looked nervous as all get out. The man was loyal to a fault, but he had no guts.
  14. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Titans Tower -> Shopping District

    One of the hardest things to adjust in the two months since she had first become part of the Teen Titans was the rapid influx of new members; it brought a great deal more noise that she had been used to, and getting used to remembering them all and their powers, as well as making sure that she could work properly with them (that was another thing that was new to her - she had spent too long of a time as a solo 'hero', if she even deserved that title, to really comprehend that there were people there to back her up). It was not a very smooth ride, and the sudden commotion in the common room was a clear indicator of that. There was the rush and chaos of so many highly individualistic figures trying (or not trying) to work with one another on a team. It made a mess of titanic proportions, and that had not been a particularly amusing pun.

    It was tiring, in a way.

    No matter, she could rest when she was dead.

    Armoury immediately made her way to the side of the Tower, footsteps clanging against the ground before she stopped before the newest installation to the building. It was revealed to open air, a simple-looking contraption with a far more complex set of workings. During the incident with Control Freak, she had found herself utterly useless, a load on the team that could do very little to assist in any manner. The lack of rapid transportation was one of the reasons for those horrid days. So she had worked to rectify it. Now, with this device, it would be quite simply to speed her way to any location she desired.

    A mass driver.

    Mass drivers, also known as electromagnetic catapults, were a method of accelerating and launching payloads at incredible velocities through the use of electromagnets. It worked on the same principles as the coilgun installed within the Armoury Module, but instead of bullets, the ballistic payload in this situation would instead be her, with the aim of moving her rapidly to any destination rather than splattering her body against another building and leaving the cleaners to wipe away the mess of blood and metal. Hopefully. She had done her best to iron out the kinks in the plan, but her death was still quite a possibility. Yet it was worth it. Combined with the usage of her uncle's suit's flight capabilities, she could reach any part of the city within less than a minute.

    The speed at which the payloads were launched was truly incredible. Faster than sound, in fact, and MIT's Mass Driver 1 could accelerate objects up to 30g (or 300ms[sup]-2[/sup]). They were, after all, first hypothesised as spacelaunch technology, although with the assistance of Superman and all the other extraterristial lifeforms that had sought habitation on Earth since, STAR Labs in Metropolis seemed to be working on more traditional rocket-propelled spacecraft. Like that one shuttle that the Man of Steel had rescued in his early career.

    She admired the man, in fact.

    Armoury returned her attentions to her own mass driver, which was more or less an oversized version of her coilgun. The use of it required extreme concentration. Otherwise, boom, she would be chunky salsa. And not the tasty kind either, she noted with a macabre laugh. One needed to take every single precaution possible with a device that could move one at supersonic speeds, though it was truly thankful that her futuristic suit protected her from the strain of the acceleration. Ferris Air's own efforts had yet to bear as much fruit in that regard.

    She placed herself firmly on the launcher.




    The catapult fired, electromagnetic coils whipping into motion and sending her careening off into the air in the direction of the shopping district, the sonic boom shaking the tower behind her, as well as several other nearby buildings. She immediately activated her flight unit, pushing every single mote of energy present within the Armoury Module to force her downwards, as well as away from the direction of her motion. Air resistance could not provide enough force to stall her movement, given her acceleration. That was what her own technology was for. She dropped downwards, momentum moving. A second later, she landed with a heavy thud on 11th Street.

    Ah, that wasn't her intended destination.

    Holding back a sigh of frustration, Armoury readied her flight unit again, intent on moving towards the shopping district. That was when a sudden noise caught her attention.

    A single optic flashed a frightening green. Her suit lumbered to its full height, sensors immediately training themselves on the Mecha Spider a mere yard or so away from her on the street.

    That was not something that appeared oft in Chromium City, despite the general strangeness of the inhabitants.

    Mechanical spider-like armour sighted on 11th street she immediately messaged to the rest of the Teen Titans. Will seek to engage.

    She rapidly began to cross the distance between her and the strange vehicle. What was its purpose? Was it a threat to the city's peace? Did it seek to commit a crime?

    What web of intrigue was being woven here?
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  15. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Kathrine Smith ; Drama Queen
    Room 4502, Floor 45, Smith Inc. Office Building, Chromium City Business District

    Sunlight flooded the floor to ceiling windows of Kathrine's personal office, kissing her pale cheeks as she rose from a lounge chair in the corner. She stretched out her arms, taking in a deep yawn. After-meeting naps were quite lovely, especially when a meeting dragged on like the last one. Having a whole suite to herself was wonderful though, and allowed space enough for these kind of things, and closet space so her beautiful tailored suits wouldn't get wrinkled. Dimming the windows, she quickly changed out of a silk robe and into a clean white dress shirt, along with a gray vest and slacks. She took her time doing up her blood red tie, making sure it looked absolutely perfect. Everything was perfect. There was commotion in the shopping district, no one would notice if one of their crew was missing. Not like they'd care, anyway.

    Kathrine Smith had a very important meeting today. One that would likely end with the large fireplace on the left wall. Thank God for advanced scrubbers in the chimney.

    She waltzed to her desk, lowering herself delicately into her chair. She picked up her cell phone, dialing with one hand while fixing flyaway hair with another. "Hello? Archie, darling. Listen, I don't know how fast you can be up here, but I have an... acquaintance coming over soon. He's been lovely, but he's been digging in places he shouldn't. If you can, could you come and give him... a little talk? Just let yourself in. That would be lovely. But, of course, if you can't, I can do it myself. You're a peach, I'll see you when I see you." With that, she hung up the phone. Checking the time, she realized she did have some time left. Perfect. She still had an aesthetic to get ready.

    Water was put into the coffee machine (sans coffee packet -- unfortunately, there's no room for a kettle up here), giving her time to apply her signature makeup scheme. Firetruck red lipstick, thick winged eyeliner, with bronze eyeshadow to mix it up a little. She poured the hot water into a tea cup, and in went a lavender teabag. She came back to her desk, setting her cup down on a saucer, and straightening up various pens, papers, potted plants, etc. She picked up a key fob, and with a press of a button, an audible "click" could be heard. Kathrine put it in her desk, leaned back, and waited.

    It wasn't long before a man in his mid-20s stumbled in, blonde hair all messed up, looking significantly under-dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. "'Ey, what's this all about? Where's my money?" he slurred, looking confused and angry.

    Kathrine smiled, taking a sip of her tea. "Ah, Mr. Andersen, good to see you. Come, sit," she said, gesturing to the seat on the opposite side of her desk.

    Andersen grunted, but he bumbled over and crashed into the seat anyway. "I did what ya told m'to, okay? You said your boys were gonna have the money, they told me it was wit you, so just gimme it already 'n I can be out of here, yeah?" he snarled.

    "Mmm, no, I don't think I will."

    Andersen slammed his fist down on the table. "What'ja mean you don't think you will!?"

    "I mean exactly what I say, Mr. Andersen," Kathrine hissed, glaring at him with sharp green eyes. "I've heard that you've been poking around in places you shouldn't be."

    The color drained from Andersen's face. "Wh-wha'da'ya mean? I dunno what you're talkin' about."

    "Of course you do." She took another sip of lavender tea, not breaking eye contact. "I have my sources. You know some things you really shouldn't."

    "And what're you gonna do about it?" There was still grit in his voice, but you could tell his confidence was wavering.

    Kathrine giggled, setting her tea cup on the saucer and daintily crossing her legs. "Why, I'm going to kill you, of course!" Andersen froze all except for his quickened breathing. Kathrine flashed a sinister grin before continuing. "Of course, likely I won't do it myself, I'll have my colleague do it, but if he's not here, I can take care of it."

    Andersen bolted from his chair, taking a few steps back. "N-no, I ain't dying today, I'm gettin' outta here!"

    "No you won't, Mr. Andersen," she replied coolly, "The door's locked from the inside. You can get in just fine, but until I unlock it, there's no way out." Kathrine smiled as Andersen's eyes flicked over to the balcony. "Don't even think about it, Mr. Andersen, that's forty-five floors straight down. Besides. That door's locked too."

    "Is there anything I can do?" Andersen pleaded, getting frantic, "Listen, I'm sorry, okay? I-I can stay quiet, please just give me another cha--"

    "I have given you more than enough second chances, you bumbling imbecile," Kathrine hissed, narrowing her eyes, "And if I don't hear carnage in the next five seconds, I'll have blood myself."
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  16. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    Derek Wembleton - Switch
    Derek’s Home


    Derek awoke to the sound of his alarm going off, the ear piercing beeps making it impossible to ignore and go back to sleep. With a groan, he rolled over and slapped the clock… finding himself suddenly, and very awkwardly, laying on his bedside table. Crap he must have activated a switch in his sleep. It always sucked when he did that.


    And his goddamn alarm was still going off. He got up off the bedside table hit the sleep button, finally ending that god forsaken beeping. He was quick to shower and get dressed, ready for a long day of being a hero. Well maybe not exactly a hero, but a better hero than any of those so called ‘superheroes’. Unfortunately for Derek, his long day wasn’t exactly going off at a high speed.

    “Come on!” he yelled, rubbing his hands against his head in boredom.

    Both of his parents were out, so Derek had the liberty of spending his time in front of the police radio that he had… acquired some time back. So he sat at the dining room table, waiting to hear anything that he could help with. Nothing, there was nothing going on. On one hand, he was glad that there wasn’t really anything bad going on that he knew of, but on the other hand Derek was raring to go out and help someone.

    “Forget it out, I’ll just go out on patrol,” he said, standing up.

    His parents both tended to work late, Derek assumed that he would be able to get home before them. After a quick detour back to his room to grab his motorbike keys, very carefully hidden in a box hidden away in his closet, and to get changed into his freelancing outfit. After making sure that everything was right to go, Derek snuck out of his house, hiding away in a small alley close to his place. With a quick touch of hand a small rock was replaced with a dirt bike, Derek’s powers were pretty much the only way that he could actually get it out of his parents very large backyard/back paddock.

    “Let’s get this started,” he said, getting on the bike and starting it up.

    Popping a wheelie, Derek ripped out of the alley, headed for patrol.
  17. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Violet Lantern; Max Hudson
    Titans Tower: Common Room > Heading to Shopping District

    "Oh, come on. Dead mothers aren't that bad. the situation is only as bad as you allow yourself for it to be!" the cute guy suddenly said while using apparently his powers to pull him into a hug. Much to his surprise, considering it was usually him that pulled guys into hugs. Max laughed out loud, and hugged him in return, actually enjoying it. Although he kind of felt guilq about it afterwards, considering he had a boyfriend already.

    "Heh, I know what that's like," Linda's mom said. "But like Nate said, it's only bad if you make it bad. I'm sure your mom wouldn't want you to be sad just thinking about her, right?"

    "I know, but I can't help it... I get emotional sometimes. Besides, everyone needs a good cry once in a while!" Although now he was starting to feel better.

    At this point, Max's phone buzzed. Luc had replied. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to pick it up and check. He was still being hugged by the new guy. "I think you introduced yourself earlier, but I really just got carried away... Hahah!" he said with a laugh. "Will you go by violet guy? Or Crybaby?"

    "Um... Max is fine... Or Violet Lantern."

    "I'm Nate, I hope you catched that." he said, still smiling. "If not, I'll appear on Tv in about.... 15 minutes!" he then let go of the Violet guy and pushed him away with his powers, and proceeded to chat with Linda.

    Max didn't get what that was all about, but he enjoyed being hugged by a cute guy all the same, boyfriend or not. Just as he was recovering from all of that, he was approached by yet another cute guy. Another one of the newbies. This guy called himself West Wind. A strange name choice considering he didn't seem to have wind powers, but he was not in a position to be questioning other people's name choices. This was already shaping up to be a great birthday. He had the attention of two attractive superheroes. Three once Lucas got down here. Six metal balls flew out of his pockets and floated before him. "Happy birthday uhm I wish I'd known Anyways its no time to be upset --I mean its your birthday and you can cry if you want to-- but what I meant is-" And as he was talking, his shirt fell on his face. Max giggled. This guy was adorably awkward. Max wanted to reach out hug him. But what would Lucas think if he walked in and saw that?" He quickly corrected himself, and looked away, and made the metal balls into MAX, and gave it to him. "Sorry I couldnt get you something better but happy birthday feel better."

    "I love it!" Max replied with a smile. "Thank you so much!" But by this point he had already taken off. He picked it up, and put it in his bag. He would have to give that a good paint job, and hang it up in his room later.

    "And happy birthday Max." Linda then said. "Don't worry, we've got plenty of heroes to cover things."

    "Yeah. Enjoy your time. We all need a chance to relax," her mom added.

    "I would, but it wouldn't be fair if I left you guys with all the work!" Finally once things had quieted down, Max finally had a chance to check on that message he got.

    Before Max had a chance to answer, he felt someone familiar wrap their arms around him and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Hallo, Süsser," Lucas purred. "What's going on now? Something at the shopping district?" He glanced at Max, giving him a smirk. "Any chance I can fly there on my own?"

    One of these days, Max was going to have to learn German himself. Sure, the ring could translate languages, but that was for doing diplomatic missions. Not to be able to speak to your boyfriend in his native tongue. Max responded by first giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek. "There you are my little German Shepherd!" He said with a toothy grin. "Yeah, apparently there's something going on. That's right, you can fly yourself now..." Max shrugged. He always enjoyed carrying guys in his arms. Sweeping a guy off his feet was just so romantic. Now, just about every guy here can fly... What a disappointment. "Well, I guess... If you want too..." Max changed into his uniform, and held on to Luc's hand as they walked outside of the tower, onto the roof. Once they got there, Max let go of Luc's hand and started floating up. "Stay close." Max gave him another kiss on the cheek, and took off.

    After the way things have been going today, Max couldn't help breaking out into a song as he flew.

    ♪My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
    And they're like, it's better than your's
    Damn right, it's better than your's
    I could teach you but I have to charge♪
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  18. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Red Lantern
    Smith Inc. Office Building, Chromium City Business District

    It was a rather sunny day, and Archie was walking along the streets on his way to work. Pretty normal, pretty decent and just the way he wanted it to be. Sure, he had the urge to rip off the head of everything with a pulse, but so far, he had done a very good job at controlling his newfound anger. It was strange. He thought blending into society would be difficult, but despite his urges, it was surprisingly easy. Especially since his boss, Katherine Smith, had discovered his true nature, and given him a pretty free leash to kill on her discretion. He sighed to himself. This was not what he would have thought his life would turn into when joining the Teen Titans. He shrugged by the memory. He really did not like that bunch, and would they cross paths again, he could not give any guarantees for what he would do. Especially to that lovey dovey Violet Lantern. He had learned from the other red lanterns about the emotional spectrum, and knew that the red and violet lanterns were on opposite ends. Their similarity was the rings influental powers, which he had no issues with feeling himself. He had killed quite a few people in fits of rage, one of which was the reason why Ms. Smith had taken an interest in him in the first place.

    While waiting in lone at a Hot Dog stand, his phone begun buzzing. He picked it up and tried to answer it, but this new technology was still very new to him, and he didn't manage to answer until it stopped buzzing, too late. The guy in front of him in the line chukled to himself, and Archie shot him a true Red Lantern glare, which shut him up, and made him leave the queue. after obtaining a hot dog, Archie finally managed to unlock his phone, so he could listen to the message Ms. Smith left. "Hello? Archie, darling. Listen, I don't know how fast you can be up here, but I have an... acquaintance coming over soon. He's been lovely, but he's been digging in places he shouldn't. If you can, could you come and give him... a little talk? Just let yourself in. That would be lovely. But, of course, if you can't, I can do it myself. You're a peach, I'll see you when I see you.". It appeared she had another job for him. He was more or less acting as her muscle in the field now, and that was okay with him. Intimitadion was one of the things he did the best now, anyway. His workplace was a short walk away, so it wouldn't be a problem to get there within aproximately 10 minutes.

    Entering the building, Archie greeted the girl in the front desk, the janitor, and a handful of other familiar faces. According to his "Normal studies", this was a working man did when at his workplace. He went to the executive elevator, and pressed the button to take him to the 45th floor. It would be so much easier to just change and fly up there, but that would cause a commotion, something Ms. Smith was very direct in him avoiding. The elevator ride wasn't too long, considering it went up pretty fast, and as he steped out right outside of Ms. Smiths office, he heard the commotion inside. "Is there anything I can do?" Andersen pleaded, getting frantic, "Listen, I'm sorry, okay? I-I can stay quiet, please just give me another cha--", a rather distressed voice begged, but was cut off. "I have given you more than enough second chances, you bumbling imbecile," Kathrine hissed, narrowing her eyes, "And if I don't hear carnage in the next five seconds, I'll have blood myself.", he heard his both snap back. He chuckled at this. He liked how menacing Ms. smith could be, and though he didn't like to be a pawn, they did have a partnership based on mutual respect, and she knew of his boundaries.

    He knocked on the door twice, and opened it, but it was locked. "Eh.." he said, before using his strength to burst them open. The door flew halfway across the room and landed right before a very frightened young man.

    "Did anyone ask for carnage?" he asked in a somewhat teasing tone. He then sighed and looked at the door. "Look at what you've done with Ms. Smith's door!" he angrily snarled at the man, who was surprised by Archies age, and sudden outburst.

    "Y.. You mean a kid is gonna best me?" he asked, sounding a bit more confident over his fear now. Archie was by far the youngest working in the building, being younger than some of the interns, even. But he disliked people underestimating him over it. did this guy not see what he did to the door? The guy let out a nervous laughter as he pulled out a switchblade. "Huh? How did that get through security?", Archie asked, not even flinching by the weapon. "D.. Don't underestimate me, kid!". the guy said.

    "Oy, Ms. Smith. When is cleaning due to take care of this room?" Archie asked while looking at Ms. Smith, not bothering to give the guy attention. He could just go all out on this guy, allthough he didn't feel the need to. A swift neck-breaking could take care of the issue without him resorting to using his ring. She only nodded in return, probably understanding what was about to go down.

    "Hey! D.. Don't ignore me, kiddo!" The guy said, sounding more frightened now. He leapt forward with a surprising speed, and before Archie could really react, he felt the guy stabbing him in the shoulder with his knife. He wobbled a few feet backwards, somewhat confused. Did that guy just stav him? The experience wasn't anything he hadn't experienced before, and his amazonian stamina and accelerated healing would fix the wound in a matter of minutes, but still. What nerve this guy had! The guy laughed a nervous laugh. "Hahaha! So much for your frightening entrance, kiddo!" He said. Archie felt his rage growing, and decided that eh, there was no point in holding back anyway. Even Ms. smith took a step back in anticipation of what came next.

    Archie took a deep breath before pulling the switchblade out from his shoulder, making a small bloodsplatter on the couch in front of him. "Don't you play cocky with me!" He then screamed at the guy, who let out a weak 'eep' in response.. he then took the knife and hurled it hard into the guys shoulder, which threw him back due to the force. The guy screamed as he fell backwards. Archie then jumped the guy, and made a dagger construct with his ring, which he furiously stabbed the guy with 3.. 4.. 5.. 14 times in the chest. The guy stopped squirming more and more after each consecutive hit, and Archie finished up with bashing the guys face in with his strength.

    After the man was obviously not alive anymore, Archie stood up and took several deep breaths to calm down the burning rage inside him. He had learned a few techniques from the other red lanterns during his brief time with the corps for how to calm down immideatly after a breakdown, and though he was pretty good at it due to his training back in Themyscira, it was still very difficult. After he had calmed down, he looked down on the un-recognizable man. He then threw a glance at Ms. smith, who also looked at the man, but with an evil grin. "I'll have cleanup do a swift sweep of the room." Archie said. "And.. I'll go get changed." he held his arms out. His white shirt was all bloody, and his vest matched. He sighed. This kind of thing didn't happen too often, but he did stash quite the collection of spare clothing at work just for instances like this. "Excuse me." he then said before turning around and walking out, trying to fiddle his phone into calling cleanup.
  19. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Nelly (AKA: Little Doc)
    11th street

    Nelly's spider clattered along 11th, tipping over a trash can. Nelly snickered, it was kind of funny, but she'd have to be pretty immature to do it on purpose. Carlyle made a non-specific groaning noise indicating he was not impressed with this accident.

    Nelly ignored him, she was busy. If the improvements were accurate, she should be able to navigate all sorts of terrain, crawl over cars, and whatnot.


    “Huh?” yelped Carlyle. Nelly looked around, she couldn't see any obvious source. Was it a car wreck somewhere nearby?


    There was a giant red metal man in front of them. Uh. . . what now? Wasn't this on of those heroes? What was he doing here?

    “Just stand down,” suggested Carlyle, “They've got no reason to fight us if we haven't done anything wrong.” Scarlet snorted. Nelly knew what hat was about, in the eyes of this hero they've probably done a lot 'wrong', but maybe they could get off his radar if they played this right.

    The metal man was approaching quickly now. Nelly pulled back on the controls, jerking the spider into reverse. She grabbed another control, lowering the carriage height, thinking perhaps he'd leave if they didn't look too threatening. Of course, if that didn't work, she still had some tricks up her sleeves.
  20. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    Bloody Baron (Carter Williams)
    Vincenzo Gambino’s Mansion

    Imagine there's no heaven
    It's easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today... Aha-ah…

    The radio still played even after all the Carnage. The french renaissance inspired décor was painted with blood. Bodies of guards were strewn about the room, some where headless, some were cut in half. The leader of the Gambino Crime family, Vincenzo, stared in horror as The Bloody Baron had a sword mere centimeters from is throat. It was crimson red, and wet with the blood of his bodyguards. Vincenzo was paralyzed in fear in his office chair.

    “This was a lot harder than it had to be” the Baron had said to Vincenzo. He took off his cowl and wiped the sweat of his forehead. Bullets from being shot at left his body slowly. The bullet holes started to close up. He cracked his neck and looked straight at Vincenzo. “Any last words?” he asked.

    “You’re the Bloody-“ just as Vincenzo was going to finish his sentence, The Bloody Baron plunged the sword straight into Vincenzo’s neck. Blood poured out of his neck and he gargled out the word ‘Baron’ just barely before he died.

    “That was a rhetorical question.” The Baron pulled the sword out of the crime bosses neck. He looked at his work and scowled, it was utterly filthy in the room. He could still hear blood dripping from the ceiling. “Well, time to clean this place up” his sword in his hand began to dematerialize back into blood and entered his body through one of the many cuts on it. The Baron stood in the middle of the room and closed his eyes as all the blood in the room that was his returned to his body.

    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will be as one

    He started humming along to the radio as the blood returned to him like metal goes to a magnet. He opened his eyes just as the last drop of blood returned to his body. He looked at how much blood was left and there was quite a bit. He did sever a person in half in the room….so what did he expect? He was a little more brutal with this assassination, why? He wanted to make a statement.

    He walked out of the large doors of the office and casually walked into the main hallway of the mansion and further into the foyer to exit. On his way there her looked at the….maybe 10…..other guards he murdered. Blood once again was returning to The Baron, but not nearly as much as the office. The Baron’s walk back to the front doors was complete with headless bodies, limbless bodies, and random limbs strewn about. These bodyguards were the worst shots he had ever encountered. They were too focused on the shock of seeing a person create a weapon out of blood that they focused too much on his limbs rather than chest…which led to their demise. He had a couple close calls tonight, he got sloppy since his time off, making noise, letting them see him before the killing blow. He chuckled though, he was being too hard on himself.

    He walked out of the front door, two body guards bodies lay motionless on the front steps. The Baron turned around an a droplet of blood was following him. 

    “Welp, seems like it’s only a matter of time before the authorities report this to the Titans” He walked back towards his car that was parked just out in the forest that surrounded the mansion. It was just on the border of Chromium City. He entered his car and revved the engine. He turned on his radio and just heard the tail end of a news report

    “- seems to be some crime activity in the Shopping District, please stay away as law enforcement and The Teen Titans take care of it, we will be back with more as details emerge.”

    Welp, it’s The Bloody Baron’s luck day. Time to introduce himself to the Teen Titans.

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