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Title: 493's shop of cookies! (And other pastries.)

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by 493pkmns, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. 493pkmns

    493pkmns secret suicune

    Welcome to...

    1. Give credit. No matter where you use the artwork.
    2. Please show respect to me, the other requesters and any and all of the workers.
    3. Please follow the forms.
    4. Please clearly state who your request is directed at if there is more than one worker.
    5. Avoid asking if a request is ready, people have lives outside the forums, they might just be busy.
    6. Follow all Sppf rules.
    http://i55.*******.com/mj0n6g.jpg[​IMG][STATUS: OPEN]

    http://i51.*******.com/2wmnbs8.gif493pkmns' Workhttp://i51.*******.com/2wmnbs8.gif

    Along with your request, you will receive a cookie or another pastry. (ask if you want something other than a cookie)

    Notes: Have Gengar as base with a bright yellow pallet. Starmies jewel on his head and Golbat wings

    Pokemon to be coloured (base):
    colour pallet (can be pokemon or just a colour):

    A cristal blue pallet

    Base Pokemon: (The pokemon you want to disguise as something else)
    Disguise:The pokemon you want to disguise the base as)

    Base: Clefable
    Disguise as:pikachu
    Notes: Remove the little spikes in the background and please don't forget pikachu's cute little red cheeks!

    Evolution Mons
    Pokemon 1: (evolve from)
    pokemon 2: (evolve to)
    Details: (It's pretty hard doing this but putting details can help me get a personalized evolution for you)

    Evolution Mon from 493pkmnns please
    Pokemon 1: Pikachu
    Pokemon 2: Raichu
    Details: Could it pause a bit at the Pikachu and then the Raichu stage please?
    Thank you!

    Description: I will take line art of a pokemon of your choice and color it. They come complete with shading and secondary colors. The

    result can be a colored Pikachu or it can be a colored Pikachu on a cloudy background with a sun shining from the Light Source Location, standing on Pokemon Solid font

    text that says "Pokemon" with two pokeballs on the top right and top left corners.

    I would like a Pokemon Liner from 493pkmns
    Pokemon: ~Please provide a link if you want me to use a specific piece

    Light Source Location: ~This tells me how to shade and where to put a sun if you want one

    Background (optional): ~This is important please include a full description

    Accesories (optional): ~Nothing too complicated. I currently have a pokeball and a sun pre-made more will come as I fill requests

    Accesorie placement (only if you have accesories): ~Where you want your accesories

    Text (optional): ~What you want the text to say

    Text Placement (only if you have text): ~Where you want the text. It can overlap, underlap and interact

    Font (only if you have text): ~Options include pokemon solid, pokemon hollow, unown, regular microsoft fonts and anything you can find on http://www.dafont.com/ (please include a link)

    Text Color (only if you have text): ~Pokemon fonts default as yellow with a blue outline, Unown and the microsoft fonts default as black *NOTE: ALL TEXT WILL BE


    Details: ~This is where you tell me about something you want that my sections don't elaborate on

    I would like a Pokemon Liner from 493pkmns
    Pokemon: Pikachu
    Light Source Location: Top-Right
    Background (optional): A blue sky with clouds
    Accesories (optional): Two pokeballs and a sun
    Accesorie placement (only if you have accesories): The sun at the light source and the pokeballs at the top-left and bottom-right corners
    Text (optional): Pokemon
    Text Placement (only if you have text): Pikachu should appear to be standing on the text
    Font (only if you have text): Pokemon Solid
    Text Color (only if you have text): Default
    Details: Please have fun with it. If there is something you can't do just exclude it.

    Description: This includes banners, userbars and other things I haven't thought of. Anything you request under here is subject to deniement for no apparent reason. Possible reasons include: don't think I can do it, there is something wrong or I have already tried it and don't like doing it. Think of it kind of like a mini-Fan art open request thread: You can ask for whatever you want but you won't necessarily get accepted.

    I would like a Misc. Art from 493.
    Type: What is it? Is it a banner, a userbar or something else.
    Size: Rather self-evident but just in case, the size of the final work (in pixels please)
    Description: This MUST be COMPLETE. If you say something like: "I want a banner with two Pikachus and a sun." I will turn you down. You don't need to write a fan-fic length description but it must be complete. Also all fonts must be free and have a link provided.
    Details: You might wonder: "What do I put here since I did a full description just above?" Well here is the answer: You put particularities that aren't vital but that you would like such as asking for a glitter effect around your Delcatty or a blur effect for your mountain banner.

    Type: Banner
    Size: Whatever looks nice/you like
    Description: The sky is dark blue with a moon fully visible near the top-right corner. White stars in the sky. VERY dark green pine trees that end two centimeters before the sky ends. Grovyl walking near the middle area of the left side with his head slightly facing Dusknoire. Dusknoire at the bottom right corner with some of his parts slightly hidden outside the frame. Dusknoir is facing the screen his eye is looking at Grovyl and Dusknoires head is slightly tilted down. Blue-gray ground with a small slightly lighter path.

    In the middle, in Lucida Handwriting, write the following text like this:

    Details: Mostly in the above area. If you can't do some of it just say don't do it.

    Fusion: [​IMG]
    PokeDisguise: [​IMG]
    Evolution Mons: http://i56.*******.com/bjest1.gif http://i52.*******.com/4rvy4z.gif http://i54.*******.com/11tycxv.gif



    Contact 493pkmns by PM/VM
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2012

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