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Tjtoots trade thread


Active Member
Until i get a new thread, I will make this really simple.

1)unless i do a bp for you, then these pokemon are NON REDISTRIBUTABLE. that means you cannot trade them, If i do a bp for you, then its semi redis (You and i can trade, but no one else can). If you have one of my wants, I can consider semi redis on some of my pokemon.
2)if you do not have a trade thread, you will need to show me a pokecheck of the pokemon you are trading me.
3) pretty much everyone else basic rules, no hacks, no spamming, ect.
4) I only want your own pokemon, not pokemon you got in trades(unless thats in my wants)

If you cannot rng, the following are things you can offer:

1)Unique charmeleon. Has to be fully evd, with decent ivs, and a complete moveset. He is my fav pokemon :)
2)ev training. You get a copy of the pokemon you train. you can choose which one you want.
3)Iv bred males with egg moves or females with dw ability. Just ask me what i need. In these occasions i wont need a good nature, and i will one need a max of 2 flawless ivs (the others will not matter). Ill use these for breeding, so these can be without your ot.

Breeding Projects
Pretty much anything is black and white. I have 2 openings.

DW Starters-Flawless(or a hp) with good natures
charmander,totodile,torchic are my top wants

Dw leafeon
flawless, ill take quite a few natures, tell me what you got

DW glaceon
flawless, ill take quite a few natures, tell me what you got


Shiny Rayquaza-jolly
Id like it to have aqua tail, but i need it in 5th gen

Shiny shaymin-timid(no master balll)
Hp fire 70
must have earth power

Shiny shaymin-modest
hp fighting

Shaymin (shiny or not) calm
must have giga drain


Please assume they are flawless(they may have an x in their non attacking stat)
DW=has dw ablity
BOLD MOVE=Egg move
0 or 1= Which ability they have

♥pichu♀-timid, HP Ice 70 (so a 30 iv in speed)
♥lavitar♀-jolly, dragon dance
♥gible♀-jolly, outrage
♥deino♀-timid, dark pulse
♥axew♀-jolly, Night slash
♥vulpix♀-timid, DW, heatwave, hypnosis
vulpix♀-modest, DW, heatwave, hypnosis
♥cottonee♀-timid, Ability 0
♥buizel♂-adamant,switcheroo, baton pass
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Better than you
if there shiny and UT, I want your joll flawless mienfoo and jolly axew. visit my shop for my pokes for trade
Hi I'm interested in your:

Flawless Volcarona
Flawless Mienfoo

I can give you a:

DW Poliwag or
DW Vulpix
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Active Member
all my flawless are ut and rnged by me personally.
they are not shiny
liam do you know the ivs of any of your events from 2011, and is the eevee female?
lord of grapes ill do both for both


Expert Trainer
are your secret egg mon unhatched or hatched?


New Member
Can I trade you for the Jolly Meinfoo? Look at my thread and see what you like.


New Member
i have dw vulpix and dratini. ill trade for ur flawless terrakion and a regular oddish.


<---Shiny Hunt!
10th deoxys alamos darkrai tru arceus michina arceus eigaken celebi(unused)
tru shaymin vgc09 milotic korean shaymin


Hey! I am interested in your Shiny Cottonee

Take a look at the Pokemon that I can offer, please check this link: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=259295

PM me what Pokemon you are interested in, and we'll continue the discussion on your thread.



DW Breeder
interested in EV training gible @ axew...

I'd prefer thar you PM/VM me with your response