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To Be Continued... [used at the end of episodes]


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So, recently, I've watched a few different animes and noticed that depending on the structure of it, there will usually be something at the bottom right hand corner basically saying that there is a continuation.

What I'd like to know, or rather, have your input on, are what shows that you know of that indeed have this at the end (and for all intended purposes of this topic, let's all agree on the fact that Pokemon shouldn't be included as everyone knows it has this).

So, that's pretty much it.

P.S. for those actually keeping track, VM stating how many "bizarre" topics I've made up till now. I got that comment in another topic I made. I don't make weird topics, I just have an unusual amount of curiosity, that's all.



Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann had those at the end of most episodes.


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...Does "See you, space cowboy" count?

Oh, also, Outlaw Star. But they do it with gunshots, so it's cool.


If you mean the original version, I don't know of any except Pokemon (does the original version have it, or does PUSA/4kids add it?)
The original had it too.


I own the 5th gen


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun started putting the "To Be Continued" thing at the end of some of its episodes (but it's in Japanese). I dunno if it counts, but either way, they have it. When a certain arc is finished, we don't see it anymore.


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Episode 1 of Girlchan In Paradise has sort of a tbc thing at the end of it. Not episode 2, though.

...And yes, I do count it as an anime, because what other animation genre would you put that under ('parody', yes, but 'anime parody' :p)?