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To Be With You (OldRivalshipping) Pg13

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by scrapbook, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. scrapbook

    scrapbook My Emo Friend

    Well i guess i might haft to put this up for the 3rd time, but in this part of the forum since its a shippingfic. and this time i used Green insted of Gary, well enjoy for the third time.
    Hey i love OldRivalShipping, i love it so much i might as well just put my little short story for yah all to reed^_^

    To Be With you (OldRivalShipping) rated pg-13
    Well i think i wrote this to years ago, and had like spelling mistakes and was posted on Fanfiction.net. Know this morning i fixed it alot more and hopefully there wont be as much mistates as last time.

    this story is also rated Pg-13 for somethings in the story
    To Be With You
    Notes: things that are italicized are them thinking

    I have been walking down this path for sometime. The middle of the night some what sooths my nervous, the stars were in there present place and the moon was shinning brightly. The full moon reminds me of memories of my best friend who I grew up with, but know I really miss him since we both started our Pokemon journeys. Her mind was focused on her friend, his brownish hair and his sexy eyes that would make any girls melt.

    "If I could see you would you care"
    "If you are here will you be my prince charming"

    As Blue started to walk still, she found a spot to settle down for the night. Letting out all of her Pokemon for air, food, and water. Blue tried to eat something but she could not get anything in her stomach.

    Bulba Bulbasaur (What is wrong blue, why are you not eating anything)

    "I am trying but something is stopping me from eating", she bent down to nuzzle her bulbasuars chin, and then stopped.

    Saur (Well I am kind of worried about you, you need to tell me what is bothering you)

    "Well okay, I guess I could tell you, I miss the boy that I known since I was little, I think you should remember him", she stared into the stars.

    Bulba (oh that guy who started off with the charmander)

    "Yah him, ever since we split off for our pokemon journeys, I have been missing him so dearly", picking up her dear friend and setting him on her lap.

    She then reached into her pocket and pulled out a picture off the boy and started to read the message he wrote on the back of it.

    "See this is him bubla", she pointed out the picture to her friend, but I think that we should go to bed" " I mean we have a whole day ahead of us tomorrow.

    "When will I tell you"
    "Or should I tell you"
    Later we see the boy walking down the same path that blue was traveling on, but for him, he had too much on his young mind. The thing that was on his mind the whole time he was walking was her, the girl with the long brown hair and the sweet looking eyes. The sweet smiles, and that fresh sent of peaches, every thing about her made him blushed, but the only thing that was holding him back was showing his feelings for her.

    "If I could only have her right in my arms, but she is faraway from were I am at", he sighed and kept on walking.

    "God Green what is wrong with you this evening", He yelled out to him self, and continued down the path.

    "Will I see you"
    "Or will my own thought kill me"
    Back at the camp with blue
    Blues dream

    Walking out on to a blue marble ballroom floor, chandeliers hung from the ceiling perfectly. She looked down and saw her self-wearing an elegant blue ballroom gown and glass like shoes, her hair was tied up in a bun and bits and pieces of her bangs were hanging down from her face. She backed up and felt her self bump into someone; she turned around to see a very familiar face staring at hers. "So you want to dance", he asked her in his smoothing toned voice. " I would be glad to", she accepted his offer and took his hand, and they started to dance the night away.

    Suddenly the floor started to shake

    "What is going on", she shrieked as she hung on to him.

    "I don't know", he replied back, trying to protect ever as posible.

    The floor started to crack more, ripping and crumbling, Blue was getting pulled down into the cracking floor.

    "Help me", she screamed out in horror.

    The boy was holding on to her hand really tight, but the force was too strong that they were both pulled in, falling forever, and crying forever.

    Leaving dream

    "Green DON'T LEAVE ME", blue cried out in her sleep.

    On the other hand Green was still walking until he heard the scream, running from where he was at trying to find out where it was coming from. Seeing Blue tossing and turning, he got worried bent down and to his knees, and grabbed on to her hand and holding it tightly to him.

    "Blue Get up, its me Green", Shouting at her trying to wake her up.

    Blue gently opened her eyes and saw his sexy orbs staring at hers. She was happy to have him with her, having him holding her hand and then he embraced her.

    "Green what are you doing here", she said in a quite voice as he still embraced her in his arms.

    "I heard a scream and came to see what it was, when I got here I saw you and got worried".

    Green held onto her tightly and moved her to have her sit on his lap.

    "Oh Green", she started to cry and wrapped her arms around him and started to cry more into his shoulder. "I had this horrible dream that you dissapeard, and, and", Green put a finger to he mouth to quit her down.

    "Shh Blue, its okay", he then than started to rub his cheek up against hers "you know that I would never leave you", this startled her and made her blush even more.

    "Green I have to tell you something, and this is really important to", she got closer to his face, and he was starting to get excited (Knowing that he is a guy).

    "What is it", his face started to turn all red.

    "I don't know how to tell you, but oh I can't say it", she then grabbed on to Green's shirt tightly and lifted her lips to his own lips and kissed him hard and tight. Green on the other hand found it smoothing and melted right back in to the kiss. It was really shocking to him, but he enjoyed it every second. For a minute they both broke the kiss for air

    "Wow I never felt something like that before", Green blurted out.

    "Yah I know, but I haft to tell you something Green"," ever since we started out our journeys to be Pokemon masters, I have been thinking of you so much I have been having nightmares, not wanting eating, or just not wanting to sleep because of the nightmares".

    Hearing this coming out of her mouth, he gently pushed her to the ground, Laying on top of her, he bent down and started to kiss her very passionately, the both started to sweet, and kept going for more. They then broke for air and stared at each other in the eyes.

    "Green", she moaned his name to get more of his attention

    "Yes" awnsering back.

    "I want to be with you"; she then closed her eyes.

    He bent towards her ear and whispered, "you already are", and then he made it more towards her lips, and eagerly got hungry and started kissing her, as she returned back kissing him. They broke apart and then.

    "Green", she cried out

    "Yes", still holding on tightly.

    "I was wondering if you could stay with me for the rest of the journey: she then got up and along with him.

    "Sure we can", then he was stroking he soft hair, smelling the peach fragrance along to.
    Green followed her.

    "She got to her large sleeping bag and unzipped it and got in"," are you coming in with me"

    "You know that I was going to ask the same question", he climbed into the sleeping bad and put his arm around her waist and brought her to him.

    "Goodnight" he whispered in her ears.

    "You to" she cried in a soft voice.

    They then shared on more kisses this time; it was long and very passionate.

    "Your finely hear, please don't leave me"

    The END

    I hope you enjoyed the better one of this story also can i have some comments.
  2. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Uh...who is Blue?
    I have only been watching the TV series...
    Anyway..great story, but I think it's too short. But that's just me, I like reading long chapters/episodes stories
  3. scrapbook

    scrapbook My Emo Friend

    Blue and Green are from the manga, and if you have played fire red and leaf green, blue looks like the girl that you start out with if your a girl, and green is your rival or Aka (gary)
  4. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Oh. That girl. I hated that character. (I didn't like the hat she was wearing XD)

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