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To-do list before restarting FR/LG


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I recently resumed playing Pokémon and decided to restart my LeafGreen cartridge. I'm wondering if there are some "one-of" things I should do before restarting, so I don't "waste" anything by restarting prematurely. For instance, I got as many berries as I could from the Berry Master, Kiri, etc., as well as the weekly Return (TM 27) from that guy in Pacifidlog Town before restarting my Ruby version.

So far, I've caught all the legendaries I could, except for Entei (Roar glitch -__-). I've also already transferred all my TMs, Berries, Elixirs, Hold Items, etc. to another file. Oh, and I've already used up all my Game Corner coins.

The only thing I can think of doing before restarting is getting all the Move Tutor moves taught to my Pokémon and trading them to another game.

So yeah, overall, my question is pretty much: Are there any other things I can do before deleting my LG file?

Thanks in advance! =)


Well, it depends. I take it that you're gonna trade the good stuff you have over to another game before restarting (otherwise what's the point of getting all one-of things before restarting), then I guess it's personal preferance. If you don't feel like you need X, then don't care about it, if you wanna get Y, then go for it. There's really nothing more to it.

So, seeing as you have already transferred important items, just transfer the pokes you don't wanna lose, and restart.


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Well, I've been transferring Pokémon to Emerald to check their IVs, then either keeping them or trading them back for another set of six, depending on whether their stats are good.

I guess you're right - it is just preference. I pretty much want anything that I can use in other versions, and eventually transfer to DPPt/HGSS. In other words, are there "daily" things I can avail of before restarting, much like the berries in RSE? Things like Daisy's massages, while a "daily" thing can't really be easily quantified and transferred, so I guess those don't count.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. Post again if you come up with anything else. =)


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In LG? - Go see that girl in Resort Gorgeous and get everything she gives you for showing her the pokemon she asks for, not to mention all the items on treasure beach on the same island as Mt. Ember.... Get the Lucky Punch from that bloke with the Chansey, and complete all the levels of the Trainer Tower.... (If you havent done those already) - and last but not least, make sure you have got Togepi and any other freebie pokemon from the game.....

I think thats everything I did with FR before starting again.... and again.... and again lol


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Oh yeah, Selphy. She doesn't stop giving rewards at a certain point, though, right? I mean, it's not something I can keep doing until it's "used up"? Either way, I guess I'll try visiting her to see what I get.

Also, my team's not particularly strong since I made the file before I learned about EV training and the importance of Natures. So yeah, I don't think I can complete Trainer Tower. Maybe on my FR game since I have a decent team there. Like Selphy, you can keep doing TT over and over again and still get prizes, right?

I already got the obvious items like the Lucky Punch, etc. so I guess I'll be restarting pretty soon.

Once again, thanks for the reply!


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Yup, I've already bought over P1m in vitamins (HP Up, Protein, etc.) and Game Corner TMs and transferred them to Emerald. And, what do you mean by food? I imagine that you're referring to vitamins, right?

Well, my LG team isn't strong, but I have an EV-trained team on Emerald that I use in Battle Frontier so I could just trade them to FR and do Trainer Tower there.

Thanks for the reply. =)
I didn't think about anything when I restarted my FireRed.


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You should catch the Johto Pokemon before restarting and transfer them to Emerald. I didn't do it and it took a while before I could get them again.


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Catch the Legendary Dog and Mewtwo, although the latter isn't as hard to catch.