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To Mail Or Not To Mail

Chrono Mew

To Mail Or Not To Mail

I have the Friend area Southern Isle's from wigglytuff and now im not sure if i shpuld do this. when i used WonderMail i got Dragon Cave, the ungeon that unlocks because you got Dragon Cave didnt come, is that because I used WonderMail? So should i use it to get SkyBlue Plain's?


The new tuxedo look!
No, it's random, just be patient...feel free to use WM.
Uh there are 4 friend areas unlocked by missions. Im pretty sure using the wonder mail generator doesnt have any negative effects, its just if you consider it morally right or wrong. ;123;


The Knight Rider
Did you beat Rayquazaa? If no,you maybe have to do it in order to unlock wyvern hill