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To Master the Onix-Pected (073)


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when james and jessie fires there rocket launcher's missle at onix
meowth said "great aim's jame's"

then james says "i have been shoting skeet? since i was a tot"

please tell me that's not what he said!


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Very good episode we get to see our first member of the Elite 4 Bruno and one gigantic Onix. I love the parts where Bruno gets Ash and Brock to hall stuff for his stew, and then Brock hitting him in the head with a stick, the guy is a Pokemon trainer not a martial arts trainer. Nice to see Bruno get what he came up to the mountains to find in the end to bad him and Ash didn't battle i'd love to see how well Ash does against Bruno.


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I enjoyed seeing a member of the Elite Four, but the episode didn't hold my interest.

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This was great episode,in which we saw one of the elite four member Bruno and gigantic Onix.It was funny at the beggining of episode when Ash and Brock were watching elite four on tv,and Misty turned it off saying to Ash that he better start with training.Also it was very funny the part when Brock was trying to test Brunos skill,and hit him in the head with the stick,and everything what Bruno got to say was "That hurt",LOL.The nice part to see was how Bruno saved Ash from that Onix,and it was surprising to see that for all the problems which Onix caused was responsible Sandslash.Overall,i liked this episode.

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I think the giant Onix was a good edition to Bruno's team.

Did anyone notice that Brock and Bruno look alike?


Great episode because Bruno makes his very own appearance in this episode! He is known as the Elite Four of the Pokemon League and collects Rock/Ground types. What really bugged me is when Ash always asked Bruno if there's a secret to Pokemon training, but he would always say no. At least Bruno revealed it to him later on.


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Anyone else think that Ash's picture in the first post looks like he's enjoying it? Kinda? Anyone? It's just me? Okay...

Anyway, this episode just wasn't memorable to me. Despite the fact that we've got an E4 member, there just wasn't much to really show him off. Shirtless joking aside, of course.

Seeing sucha massive, scarred Onix net to the one Brock has was kinda cool, I guess. But really, this episode just doesn't stand out at all to me.


Wow, what a giant Onix!

Bruno was so calm and strong. i loved how he captured Onix.



I loved it. An Elite Four member debuted, but he wasn't what Ash or Brock or anyone expected. Bruno was selfish and a little lazy; he reminded me of a male version of Jessie almost haha. I liked that he had some skill though, even if he didn't show it until the end of the episode. He could communicate with Pokemon like Onix to fix the problem and pacify it. A decent episode I think, 8/10.
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I loved it. An Elite Four member debuted, but he wasn't what Ash or Brock or anyone expected.

Bruno was selfish and a little lazy, he reminded me of a male version of Jessie. I liked that he had some skill though. He could communicate with that Onix to fix it's problem.

A decent Filler I think, 8/10

I remember being like "Who the heck is this Bruno guy?!" One of the more boring fillers of the Kanto saga.


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This episode was nice. I always enjoy when any member of the E4 is in an episode and Bruno was cool in this one. Brock getting hit was funny, and a Sandslash getting stuck in an Onix was kinda weird. Overall good episode.

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Bruno is one bamf. He is the Chuck Norris of pokemon, or maybe the Bruce Lee. Also that really sucks for TR at the end.
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I'm shocked that no one has mentioned the hilarious moment where Meowth fast forwards through Jessie & James Team Rocket motto. I LOL'ed @ that part.


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The Elite Four episodes before AG was hilarious. I wanted to see Bruno again, but that won't happen as much as Ash winning a league.


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This was a very funny episode. It was crazy and funny when Brock hit Bruno in the head with a stick thinking he would catch it. Seeing Sandslash for the 1st time was cool, but wow how in the world did it get stuck in Onix's long rocky body?! That Onix was huge! Very glad Bruno caught it.