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To Thine Own Pokemon Be True! (592)


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Pokémon PingPong Competition! Ambipom Perseveres!!

After the recent Pokémon Contest in Tatsuami Town, Ash, Barry, Dawn & Jessie all decide to enter the Pokémon Ping-Pong Competition with Pikachu, Empoleon, Ambipom & Meowth respectively. However, when the master of Pokémon Ping-Pong arrives, the gang soon find that their task is not going to be easy. Who will win the competition?

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Wow, as much as I love Ambipom, it really had a rough time IMO. First the writers trade it to Dawn despite its love of Ash, then they get rid of it. I'll miss Ambipom. This sucks.


This is one of the worst decisions the writers have taken. Almost as bad as Ash relesing Butterfree. Ambipom was an amazing pokemon, and I'm sure we will miss it lots. Doubt they will ever bring it back. :[
If the writers didn't want Dawn to have Ambipom, they could change the story in a way that Ash would end up with it. Leaving Ambipom behind somewhat reminded me of Jessie releasing her Dustox. Sad.


so much for the potential of grand festival hopes for ambipom

so the writers traded buizel for aipom n then she gets released sad so sad

its kinda like the primape episode in kanto....


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The writers have really been making an effort to annoy us when it comes to Dawn's team lately. I can accept the poor choice of giving Piplup an everstone (In the same way I accept Snorunt's evolution, it annoys me but I can live with it) but releasing Ambipom? If it was just going to be traded, evolve and then get released Aipom should have just stayed at Oak's lab.


I hope the people who thought she would leave are happy now. Have a fun time mocking me because, oh my god, I'm wrong and you're right! I guess I'm obviously an idiot who can't even realize these blunt obvious things! =D

Ditching a Pokemon who doesn't give a care about her trainer anymore for some stupid pingpong. How interesting. [/Sarcasm]

Yeah, if you didn't realize it already...

Korobooshi Kojiro

I hope the people who thought she would leave are happy now. Have a fun time mocking me because, oh my god, I'm wrong and you're right! I guess I'm obviously an idiot who can't even realize these blunt obvious things! =D

Uh, no one's mocking you.

Except, well, you.


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Noooooooooooooooo! * until my voice fades away *

What the Hell is wrong with the writers Sinnoh Saga so far is great and now they have to return the release thing again. What the Hell!

Man!, I just can't stand it. Ambipom was an Awesome pokemon, a great appealer and battle. Why!?!?!?!

No Ambipom in the new Movie!
The writers have some serious monkey issues!!

Aggh! I can't take it anymore I'm so mad and also sad too....

Well I can hope for is that Ambipom can be borrowed just like Charizard/Squirtle especially in the Grand Festival

To all who watched the episode

Specifically, What did Ou tell to Dawn about Ambipom? Is he gonna borrow it for a while for a tournament? Please Details even I can see the episode still I can't understand japanese.

and later maybe before the movie release an episode where ambipom is returned ( still hoping she'll come back )

Any Update from the Movie 12 Site? is Ambipom still there or not? I can't understand japanese too.
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The writers do not really like the monkeys, do they? First primape, now ambipom.... Hope chimmy does not follow suit!
Are they really out of ideas or what?.......... I mean rehashes are good and all but there's just that much you can accept in one saga. First chimmy gets left out by its trainer, then mamo pulls a zard, then muku evolves a swellow-evolution and now ambi is following primape. Way to go for originality!

One thing though...........what does it mean when ambi leaves its pokeball? Does it mean it is getting released? Can Dawn have a pack of six on her now? OR, does the sixth pokemon gets transferred to Rowan if she does intend to catch that many?


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What I want to know is whether she actually released it, or just handed the Poke Ball to Ou. Because if it's the latter, then technically Ambipom is still hers and has a tiny, miniscule chance of returning.

Another thing that has really ticked me off about this is that Ambipom left on a bad note. She lost her contest, I'd have loved her to have won one before her departure to Vermilion.

And now it's time for Random Speculation:

As Ambipom has gone to Kanto with Ou, maybe Ash will visit her on his back from Sinnoh? Fat chance but it's worth a speck-yoo-layshun!

So all in all, I bet it was a good episode but Ambipom's departure has really dampened my spirits. I'm going to miss her and she was a great Pokemon, whether she was with Ash or Dawn. From what I heard, Ambipom chose her own path because Dawn let her choose what she wanted to do. So at least Ambipom chose and the writers didn't make Dawn seem like a complete and utter idiot.

Goodbye Ambipom, and we'll surely miss you! ;424;


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Wait wait...She went to Kanto? That all seems very convenient...

I think we'll see her again. Especially if they move the BF to Johto. That way, they could get the ferry from Vermillion.

Korobooshi Kojiro

I don't think Ambipom left it's Pokeball.

Dawn held out her Sticker-Covered Ball and a Ping Ping Ball and asked Ambipom to point to which one it wanted to do. I think she probably gave Ou the Pokeball.


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The writers are the most idiotic people ever, why is the Monkey always gone,( Do you get the meaning of this.


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At first when I read it did leave, I was really upset... but after I watched it... well, I'll just copy-past my post from Bulbagarden:

Wow, I totally loved this episode so much that I can half-forgive them for that. I'm so in love with this show that it's really crazy! I cried... my Ambi...

After watching this episode, if to ignore the fact we had no build up except previous episode... (and how there was no reason to do that) they actually did great this episode!

There sure was emotion there! From the moment Dawn was freaked that Ambi disappeared it was obvious Dawn began to understand it actually wants to do ping pong... and then when the twerps find Ambi they find it playing ping pong (against the wall XD) and Dawn tell the group Ou wants Ambi on his PPP training center...

Dawn ask Ash what he'd do... Ash has a flashback of Aipom stealing his hat during the Kanto GF (we see Max there), catching Aipom, Aipom evolving (which Ash didn't even see so it's ridiculous he has a flashback to that), and Ambipom in Contest with Dawn
Earlier in this episode Jessie has a flashback to her using Aipom in the unofficial Contest (I think she blames Meowth for the lose and says if Aipom stayed with her she could win)

Ash and Brock tell her the trainer has to put the Pokémon's feelings above all (or something like that)
Dawn agree but it's so obvious she wants to cry now but force herself not to
The next day Ou is about to leave but Dawn stop him and ask Ambi what it'd like to do

Dawn hand Ambipom a Pokéball in a Ball Capsule (which symbolise Contests) and a ping pong ball - and she tell Ambipom to choose what it'd like to do
At first, Ambi takes the PP ball but immediately after that the Pokéball too... and then Ash and Dawn's hats... and it begins to play with these things
At first I thought Ambi tried to say it loves all these 4 things (Contest/PPP/Ash/Dawn) but it wasn't the case... Ambi returned Ash and Dawn their hats, became serious and thought about it... then it looked like it decided so Dawn handed her hand to it and Ambipom returned her the Pokéball but kept the PP ball - which means Ambi chose PPP over Contests

Ou tell the twerps his training center is in Vermilion City and that they can visit whenever they want (something like that)
Since Ambi clearly chose PPP over Contests, I doubt we'll ever see it again since Dawn probably won't want to take it even temporarely from PPP to do Contests which it don't love as much as it used to... but since they actually bothered to tell us where Ambi is exactly in - who knows... Ambi might watch Dawn in the GF on TV (like Squirtle in Johto League) and Ou will contact Dawn and send her Ambi... (we can assume Dawn gave Ou Ambi's Pokéball, the Pokéball in Ball Capsule wasn't necessarily Ambi's, it was just used as a symbol of Contests)

So actually, that was a great episode in my opinion and while I wouldn't expect that I hope and think we might see Ambi again... since after all they bothered to let us know where it is now
And it sure cares about Ash and Dawn (and I think it still loves Contests, even if less than before... it did have to think for a moment until it chose PPP over Contests)
I really like these random competitions like this PPP and Pokéringer... all these things should be recurring and not once in a few years...

I'll miss Ambi... at least they did this episode as good as possible... I think
Oh and Jun isn't with the twerps at the end so I guess we're supposed to assume he left after the PPP competition ended


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She gave Ambipom to Ou for Ping Pong training. He has taken her back to Vermilion City and said that the group can go see her anytime. Which, unless they get the ferry from Vermilion to Johto, won't happen.

and trust me, you aren't the only one who's p***ed off. :(