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Today, Tomorrow, Always. (Mulitshipping, M)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Midnightmoon6o2, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Hi. this is a new fanfiction I'm currently writeing. this fanfiction has the following shippings.


    To people that know me. i don't really write M rated fanfic often so this might ot turn out right but let's see what happens.


    Today, Tomorrow, Always
    (A Multishipping chapter fic)​

    Chapter one
    What about us?

    As rain poured from the grey clouds onto his shoulders there he knelt, looking at her with his auburn eyes. As the wind howled and screamed and the rain getting heavier he stood there and traced her name with his trembling fingers. She was with him since the start and now she is gone, with just one click of the finger she disappeared like the dust.

    “Why?” he said as his voice dropped to a whisper. “Why did you have to go when I needed you the most?”

    He felt rage and anger burning in him. He wanted to just yell and scream to the whole world how he felt about that the most important person in his life was now gone.

    “I might be old enough to go on my own journeys but I still need you. You are the only person close to me and now you also slip away from my life.” the young boy said as he put down a pile of flowers onto her gravestone. “I still need you.”

    Then thunder roared and flashed across the gray dull sky but by the boy’s reaction he really didn’t seem to care. more rain poured and now he was wet all over.

    “Ash?” A voiced called from behind. “Is that you?”

    The boy didn’t reply. He still had his back facing to that person. He knew who it was.

    “Why now?” Ash muttered. “Everything was going so well.” Ash said as his voiced dropped again.
    “Things are meant to happen Ash. There is nothing we can so about it.” The voice replied as Ash heard the footsteps coming closer to him. “Just accept it Ash.” the voice said as a hand was placed on Ash’s shoulder.
    “First dad, now her. What’s next, you?” Ash replied. “I don’t want to lose a good friend like you May.”
    “Nobody doesn’t want to lost anybody Ash. But this is life. We have to accept what happens.” May replied as she knelt down to Ash and hugged him.
    “She was the only family I had left. She raised me all by herself.” Ash replied.
    “Ash,” May said as she dragged the boy’s face towards her direction. “Misty, Dawn, Brock and Max and I are here for you. Just like you were for us. Ash you have done many things for us. It’s time or us to repay you back.”
    “Thanks May.” Ash replied. “You’re the best friend I could ever have.”
    “Same here Ash.” May replied as she grabbed Ash’s hand and dragged herself and him up. “Let’s go Ash. Everybody is waiting for you.”

    Soon both friends walked away from the cemetery, both holding hands. As the rain still poured water over their shoulders and the thunder flashing across the sky while the wind still screaming they finally made to their destination. Both knocked on the door waiting for a reply. Soon the door open wide and there was to greet them was Max, May’s younger brother.

    Max was now 13 years old. He became a official pokemon trainer 3 years ago. Max has just finished the Hoeen championships but lost at the top 6.

    “Sis.” May greeted. “Your back.”
    “And I also got Ash with me as well.” May replied as she tried to smile at her younger brother.
    “Ash!” A voiced called behind Max. “Thank goodness your back!” the voice called as she quickly came to hug Ash. She didn’t seem to mind how wet Ash was.
    “Hey Misty.” Ash greeted. “You didn’t have to worry about me. I’m fine.”
    “Fine?” Misty questioned. “Look at you! Your all soaking wet and you haven’t been the same since your mother’s death!” Misty said but then quickly covered her mouth as she just realized of what she had said. “Ash… I‘m so sorry.” Misty apologized.
    “It’s okay.” Ash replied as he put his hands in his pockets. “You had a right to worry about me. I mean you are my girlfriend. I can’t complain with that.” Ash said as he slowly walked into his own room.

    All his friends were there. From the start and until now. They just watch of what just happened. Misty just looked on the floor with gilt. Regretting of what she had just said.

    “Everything will be fine Misty.” Brock replied as he put his hand on the young woman’s shoulder.
    “Thanks Brock.” Misty replied as she shifted her eyes towards Brock.

    Meanwhile May walked up the stairs following her best friend’s steps. She had never seen him this depressed in her entire life. The death of his own mother had put a big impact on Ash’s entire life. Soul to sprit. Ash wasn’t the same she knew three years ago. She slowly walked up to his room and slowly pushed the door open as the door made a slight squeaky noise as it opened. There she saw with her sapphire eyes was her best friend on the bed with his back facing the door.

    “Ash…” May muttered.

    Soon a young woman walked up the stairs. She had red hair with a side ponytail. She had a long navy blue sleeve top with black jeans. The young eighteen year old went to greet May who was only sixteen. May had a long black sleeve top with a with vest as she had light blue jeans to finish.

    “Is he okay?” She asked.

    May just shifted her eyes towards Ash. Showing her boyfriend the way his was. Misty looked with her emerald eyes. She to also had the same reaction.

    “This isn’t the Ash I know.” Misty muttered. “The Ash I fell in love in was a caring pokemon trainer who cared about his friends and pokemon.” Misty said. “Now look at him.
    “His mother just died Misty.” May reminded. “She was the only person he had. Not like his father who died when Ash was young.”
    “I know but wouldn’t he be use to this?” Misty asked.
    “You don’t understand Misty. Ash’s mom was the one who looked after him. The one who supported him thought out his journey’s. her death at such a young age really knocked Ash off his feet.”
    “You seem to understand Ash more than me.” Misty replied.
    “Well I can tell what Ash feels. Anyway I think Ash needs you more than me.” May said. “I’ll leave you two alone now.” May said as she walked down the stairs and into the living room.

    When May went into the living room she was greeted by another friend of Ash. Her name was Dawn. A friend Ash met thought out his journey in Sinnoh. She had long navy blue hair with pink clips in her hair. She had a pink jacket with a white top inside with a black skirt that reached her knees.

    “Is Ash okay?” Dawn asked.
    “His still the same.” May replied. “Nothing has changed.” the young brunette sighed.
    “Well I’m going to get lunch ready.” Brock said as he got off the sofa with Pikachu in his hands.
    “I’m sure Ash will come back to his old self.” Max said as he entered the girl’s conversation.
    “I know but I feel that is going to be hard to do.” May replied as she sighed afterwards. “I have never seen Ash like this before.”
    “Neither have I.” Dawn replied. “But Ash has been though many things May. Ash will come back to his old self soon. Don’t worry.” the bluette said, trying to cheer up her friend. “Everything will be fine.”
    “Yeah.” May said as she half smile. “Yeah, everything will be fine.”

    Meanwhile back at Ash’s room there stood two people. Misty hugged Ash and put her hands on his chest as she hugged her boyfriend’s back while her head rested on his shoulders. both stood in silence.

    “You know the more you stay quite the more I worry about you.” Misty said as she lifted her head off Ash’s shoulder.
    “Look I’m fine.” Ash replied as he took Misty’s hands off his chest. “Can you guys leave me alone?”
    “We can’t, I can’t.” Misty replied. “Your not acting yourself lately. Even Pikachu is getting worried.”

    The young eighteen year old boy got off the bed and started to head towards the door.

    “I’m happy that you guys care about me but it’s just my mother is dead and so is my dad. You all have at least a family to go to but for me. They are dead and never coming back.” Ash replied as he walked out the door leaving his girlfriend alone in his room.

    Misty just watched her boyfriend left her all alone in his room. She had a worried look on her face.

    “What about us?” Misty mumbled. “Aren’t we your family as well?”

    End of chapter one
  2. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~

    Ooh, poor ash :(

    But, knowing your fandom base, the Pokeshipping won't last :(

    Anyways, Ash is all EMO right now xD

    I hope he comes out of it...

    Ooh, you did research in that didn't you? :p

    Anyways, I like it. Continue please.
  3. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Ho oh. i promise you this. Pokeshipping will last more longer than last time and so will Contestshipping. ^^
  4. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~

    Well, ok then, please update soon!

    Poor Misty :(

    Anyways, update soon! :)
  5. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Chapter two
    Not again

    “Ash wait!” Misty called from Ash’s room.

    Ash was walking down the stairs with his hands in his pockets. Misty ran down the stairs and grabbed Ash’s arm and her boyfriend walked down the stairs.

    “Look Ash.” Misty started. “I can’t help but to worry about you.”
    “I understand but sometimes I need time alone.” Ash reminded Misty.
    “Very well.” Misty nodded. “I go and leave you alone.” Misty said as she let go of Ash’s arm and gave him a light kiss on the cheek and left him.

    As for Ash he walked down the stairs and walked outside to get some fresh air. It was still cold outside but the it was spitting. The wet weather with the wind made it colder for the young eighteen year old. Ash looked around him as the wind blew his thick black hair around. Son his eyes met with the dull grey sky.

    “I wonder if you are watching over me now?” Ash thought but was son disturbed as he heard a young girl’s laugh.

    Ash sifted his attention to a old friend of his. She had brunette hair and with a smile on her face. She was all lit with happiness and joy. Not like Ash who was the other way around. It was his friend May. She was dancing in the rain with her hands in the air with her mouth open ready to catch some rain from the sky. May closed her mouth and put her hands down and laughed. Laughing that she still acted like a ten year old. Then she turned towards Ash’s direction. He was looking at her with a half smile on his face.

    “Why is Ash smiling and looking at me like that?” May asked herself.
    “It’s amazing that she can still smile and laugh at a time like this.” Ash thought to himself. “It reminds when I used to have feelings for her.”

    Both friends just looked at each other. Not saying a word. As the rain poured down they just kept looking at each other. Then suddenly May’s cell phone rang. The song of the phone broke the two’s connection. Ash’s stopped gazing at the brunette and walked inside while May went to the door and answered her call.

    “Hello?” May asked. “Who is this?”
    “Hey May.” A male voice greeted. “It’s me.”
    “Oh hi Dad.” May greeted. “What makes you call at a time like this?”
    “Nothing.” Norman replied. “Just wondering about where you are now.”
    “Well I’m at Pallet town.” May replied.
    “What for?” Norman asked.
    “Ash’s mom just died.” May replied with a sad tone in her voice.
    “I’m sad to hear that. Please say condolence to Ash for me.”
    “I will dad.” Anyway I better go now. It’s raining her and it’s getting cold.” May told her father.
    “Okay. See you when you get here.”
    “Yeah see you dad.” May replied as she ended the call.

    May looked at her cell phone and went to the missed calls area in her phone. She looked thought who she missed but he wasn’t there. May closed her flip cell phone and put in her pocket and sighed.

    “He hasn’t called yet.” May muttered. “I wonder if he still cares about me.”


    Night had fallen over the same town. Brock had left this afternoon as for Dawn she walked over to the next town as she had a early trip back to twinleaf town early the next morning. Professor Oak and Tracey went back to the lab and as for May and Max they stayed for the night. Ash and Misty slept in Delia’s room and for May and Max they both slept in Ash’s room. Max was sleeping on the floor while May slept on the bed. Both siblings had a fight of complaining and arguing of who sleeps on the bed before deciding of who was sleeping on the bed.

    May couldn’t sleep. She was thinking of one person. He hadn’t called since she had came to Pallet. The young brunette decided to get out of her bed to get a glass of water. To help her sleep. She walked into the kitchen and got herself a glass of water. She sat on the bench as she took her first sip from her glass then soon started to stare at what was inside. Soon she could her a young brunette girl as sad and looking back at her. Knowing that it was her own reflection.

    “Can’t sleep?”

    May looked up and saw it was Ash.

    “Yeah.” May nodded. “Can you get any sleep?” May asked as she put down her glass.
    “Nah.” Ash replied as he sat next to May. “So what’s the matter?” Ash asked.
    “He hasn’t called yet.” May replied with a sad tone in her voice.
    “You mean Drew?” Ash asked.
    “Yeah.” May muttered. “Anyway you feeling okay?”
    “I’m fine but I still miss her.” Ash replied. “I miss her a lot.” Ash said as he sifted his eyes towards May’s direction. “But I know that you and all my friends will help me to move on.” Ash said as he slowly moved his hand on top of May’s.
    “Yeah.” May nodded as she put her hand on top of Ash’s. “Anyway we both get some sleep.” May replied as she pushed herself off the bench. “It’s getting late. Goodnight Ash.” May waved as she headed to her room.
    “Goodnight May.” Ash waved back.

    Soon the kitchen was all empty and dark. Ash just sat there on the bench. Sitting down in a curled position with his head resting on his knee.

    “I shouldn’t be feeling this again.” Ash mumbled. “I don’t want to get hurt again.”

    Ash looked up to see that it was getting late indeed. Ash pushed himself off the bench and walked to his room to his girlfriend, Misty. He watched her sleep. She slept so quiet. Ash laid next to her and slowly brushed her short orange hair. Soon the young girl’s eyes started to flicker. Soon Misty’s opened her eyes and saw Ash softly brushing her hair.

    “Ash?” Misty asked in a soft voice. “Are you okay?” She asked.
    “I’m fine.” Ash replied. “Shall we get some sleep?”
    “Yeah.” Misty yawned. “Goodnight.” Misty told her boyfriend as she kissed him on the lips.
    “Goodnight.” Ash replied as he kissed Misty back on the lips and wrapped his arms around her hips.

    Their lips where against each other. Misty wrapped her arms around Ash’s neck. Ash was about to do it with Misty until he stopped. Their kiss parted and Misty couldn’t help but to ask.

    “What is the matter?” She asked.
    “It’s just… not know Misty.” Ash replied. “It’s late and May and Max are here. I don’t want to do it when they are here.” Ash explained.
    “I understand.” Misty replied. “Well we better get some sleep then.”
    “Goodnight.” Ash replied as he turned his back to Misty while Misty did the same.

    End of chapter

    Well how was it? anyway plz R&R
  6. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~

    And the Pokeshipping dies...


    Anyways, Ash had feelings for May?! He probably did...

    Oh noz! I be doubting Pokeshipping!

    Anyways, Son should be soon.

    So May is waiting for Drew to call, eh?

    And then there was the issue with Ash and Misty "doing it".


    Anyways, update soon! :D
  7. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    You just pretty much sumed up the whole chapter ho oh. lol
  8. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    New chapter up. ^^ anyway people on DA seem to very addicted to this fic. i don't know why. anyway enjoy.

    Chapter four

    “Yes finally!” Max cheered. “The carnival!”
    “I use to go her a lot before I went on my journeys.” Ash said. “Now let’s have some fun!” Ash said as he raced Max towards the entrance of the carnival.

    As both boys raced towards the entrance of the carnival both girls just watched them race with smiles on both of their faces.

    “You know.” Misty begun. “Ash has really changed since you guys came back.”
    “True Misty. I did notice that.” May replied. “I think the old Ash we know is starting to come back.”
    “Come on guys!” Ash waved to both of the girls. “It’s time to have some fun!”
    “Coming!” Both girls replied as the ran to Ash and Max who was waiting for them.

    As May and Misty arrived all of them went inside the entrance to enjoy their together.

    “So what do you guys want to do first?” Ash asked.
    “Fairy floss!” May cheered. “I haven’t had some since forever!”
    “So fairy floss it is?” Ash asked.
    “Yeah I want some as well.” Max replied.
    “Okay let’s go and get some.” Ash said. “Want some Misty?”
    “Nah.” Misty refused. “I’ll be fine.”

    So Ash, May and Max all went to the fairy floss stand with Misty tagging along. When they got there they ordered what they wanted. Soon they got what they wanted and continue their day out. They walked around until they saw a Ferris wheel. May’s eyes sparked with excitement.

    “Can we go on?” May jumped up and down like a little girl that wanted a toy.
    “Okay I guess.” Ash replied. “What about you guys?” Ash asked Misty and Max.
    “Nah.” Max refused. “I like rides that are fast like a rollercoaster.”
    “Well since Max is still short as always.” May teased. “He needs someone to go with him.”
    “I will.” Misty volunteered. “I like rollercoaster’s better then a Ferris wheel.”
    “Okay meet us here when we are finished with our rides okay?” Ash said.
    “Okay then.” Misty replied. “Let’s go Max.”

    As soon Misty and Max left it was time for May and Ash to go onto their ride, the Ferris wheel. Both friends got on and soon the ride started to move towards the sky. May got a little nervous as her and Ash got higher so she grabbed to Ash’s right arm. What she didn’t know was that Ash slightly blushed and soon May felt better but still hold on Ash’s arm. It made her felt much better.

    As they reached the top both pointed at the things they saw. They saw Wingulls fly above them. May gasped at what she saw and got up to see more. then suddenly the Ferris wheel stop and which made May lost her balance and fall on top of Ash. They looked right into each other’s eyes. Soon a huge red blush covered their faces. Soon the Ferris wheel started to move again which made the two wake up from their trance. May pushed herself off the took a seat back next to Ash. Both still had their blush and both tried not to look at each other and didn’t say a word until the ride was over.

    “So how was it?” Max asked as he and Misty ran to greet May and Ash.
    “It was okay.” May replied. “The ride stopped while Ash and I was at the top so we had a longer ride then we expected.” May smiled.
    “Well shall we go?” Ash interfered. “It’s getting late.” Ash said as he looked into the deep orange colour of the sky.
    “Yeah let’s go.” Misty replied as she walked next to her boyfriend and grabbed his hand and start to walk with Ash by her side. “Come on guys. It‘s getting late.”
    “Coming!” Both siblings called out as they chased after Ash and Misty. “Wait for us!”


    Meanwhile back at Hoeen a young boy was in a dark room. The night sky made it even darken as only the stars and the moon was the only light that got into the room. There were small laughs and giggles at the place was the young boy was in. the blankets of the double bed moved a lot as pillows started to fall off the bed and onto the carpet. Soon two heads pop out of the blankets as a cell phone started to ring. Both stopped and the young boy reached over to the phone and see who was calling. When he saw who it was the declined the call and went back to what he was doing.


    “It’s no use.” May sighed then she looked into the night sky covered with a blanket of stars.
    “What is?” A young boy interrupted.
    “Huh?” the young brunette turned her head and found out it was Ash with Pikachu on his shoulder.
    “Let me guess.” Ash said. “It’s Drew again. What do you see in him anyway May?”
    “What I see in him was many things you wouldn’t understand.” May replied. “Look let’s get off topic Ash. I want to give you something.” May said as she gave a white envelope to Ash.
    “What’s this?” Ash asked.
    “Open it.” May smiled.

    Ash opened the envelope and inside was a letter. Ash read the letter.

    Hey Ash!
    Guess what?
    You are invited to my 17th birthday party
    Where is it you ask?
    It’s at back at my place in Petalburg in Hoeen
    You do still remember to get there right?
    Of course you do
    Anyway it’s at the 14th of May at 6:30pm
    Please come
    Signed: May Maple.

    “Well?” May asked. “Are you coming?”
    “Yep.” Ash smiled. “And Pikachu is coming as well.”
    “Pikachu!” Pikachu added with a smile between it’s red ruby cheeks.
    “I’m happy that your coming Ash and Pikachu.” May replied with a smile. “Because I don’t know what I would do without the most important person to me.”

    Just for a second. The young eighteen year old started to have a slight blush on his face. May turned her back on Ash and looked at the midnight sky. Then something quickly flashed across the night sky.

    “Did you see that?” May ask as she quickly turned around to face Ash again.
    “What?” Ash asked.
    “Didn’t you see the wishing star fly across the sky?” May asked. “ How could you not see it?”
    “Well wishing stars are really fast so yeah.” Ash replied in a tone as he tried to think another reason.
    “Well I’m going to make wish now.” May reminded Ash.
    “Well I’m going off to bed now May.” Ash said as he left May alone in the backyard.

    As Ash left May alone the young brunette started to make her wish. She closed her eyes and clasped her hands together. Like she was saying a prayer. The cold soft breeze gently moved her hair. Then a tear from her eyelid slowly went down her face. After her wish she wiped her tear away and looked towards the sky once again with her hand on her heart.

    “Please. Let it come true.” May mumbled. “Don’t let me down like last time.”

    End of chapter
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2009
  9. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~

    And Pokeshipping dies more T_T

    Nice chapter, even though it would seem like, since Ash and Misty are/were going out, they'd go on together. And Max wouldn't have a choice *evil grin*

    Anyways, update soon!
  10. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    You are going to kill me more ho oh. i don't really call this the "pokeshippers chapter" lol. anyway enjoy.

    Chapter five
    Crying for no reason

    “Okay then. We better get going.” May replied as he closed her suitcase. “See you two at the party.”
    “Sorry I can’t come May.” Misty apologized. “I have to look after the gym. Who knows what my sisters have done to it.”
    “I understand.” May replied. “You still coming Ash and Pikachu?”
    “Of course.” Ash smiled. “I can’t miss my best friends birthday.”
    “Pika pi!” Pikachu added with a smile.
    “Okay see you in three days.” May replied. “Come on Max. we will be late if you don’t hurry up!” May called out to her younger brother.
    “Coming!” Max replied as he scurried to May as fast as he could go. “See you at the party!”
    “See you there!” Ash called out as he waved as the two walked out the door.

    As both siblings left Misty crossed her arms and looked at Ash with unhappy look.

    “You know you started to act weird since she came along to stay her for a few nights.” Misty started.
    “Misty please, not this again.” Ash sighed and he closed the door and walked out of the living room and into the kitchen.
    “I can’t help but to see that you like her again.” Misty replied in a unhappy tone of voice.
    “How can I have a girlfriend if she thinks that every girl I hang out thinks I like them?”

    Meanwhile May and Max were outside. May was digging into her pockets looking for her tickets.

    “What is it sis?” Max asked.
    “I think I left the tickets back at Ash’s house.” May replied. “You wait here. I’ll come back with them.” May said as she raced back to the house.

    Soon the young brunette reached the house. She was about to knock when she found out that the door wasn’t fully closed. With that she could hear the couple disputing and yelling.

    “I have a right to get jealous Ash Ketchum! I’m your girlfriend for your information!”
    “I know that Misty. Thing is, why do you have to get jealous with May?. You never acted like that when you visited me back in Hoeen and Kanto.”
    “I was Ash!” Misty replied with a yell. “You acted so nice to her while back in Kanto and Johto and even the Orange islands all we did was yell and fight.”
    “You know I wish I never told you I use to like May.” Ash sighed. “If I didn’t you wouldn’t even mention these things.”

    May was still at the door with a shock reaction on her face. She covered her mouth so she wouldn’t make a sound. Then on the steps was the tickets back to Hoeen. May slowly knelt down and picked them up with her fingers which were still in a state of shock, not what Ash had said. That he use to like May back in Hoeen and Kanto.

    “Then why didn’t you pick her then me?” Misty asked in a yelling tone of voice.
    “Because the way May acted around Drew. I knew she liked Drew then she will ever love me Misty.” Ash replied. “But it’s doesn’t matter anymore. I love you not May. She was my first crush and…” Ash said as he voice started to drop into a whisper. “And first love.”

    Now May was more shocked then ever. She was Ash’s first love and crush. For some odd reason May’s heart started to beat faster then usual.

    “No. Not again.” May muttered and soon ran off leaving a sound which made Misty and Ash go towards the door.

    Ash and Misty ran towards the door and opened it and found that nobody was there. Misty wonder who it could be but couldn’t find out who and left Ash all alone. Ash stood at the door thinking to himself.

    “It couldn’t be. Did you hear what I said May?”


    The young brunette was running all the way to her younger brother Max who was waiting for her at the train station. When May got there her younger brother notice something that May didn’t.

    “Sis?” Max asked. “Why are you crying?”

    May put her right hand against her cheek and felt it was wet. She didn’t notice until she got there. She did cry. May couldn’t help but to shed a few more tears. May slowly descended to her knees and cried a few more silent tears. Max kneel down to his sister height.

    “You okay May?” Max asked again.
    “I don’t know Max.” May replied. “I don’t know why I’m crying like this.”

    Max slowly wiped his older sister’s tears away.

    “Come on sis.” Max replied as he got off his knees. “You got a birthday party in three days. You should not be crying like this.”
    “Yeah your right.” May replied as she got off her knees and wiped her tears away. “I should be happy. I will be able to see Drew again.”
    “That’s the way sis!” Max cheered. “Now let’s go. Everybody is waiting for us.”
    “Yeah.” May nodded.

    Then the train’s horn blew which meant May and Max had to hurry to get all aboard. They both picked up their luggage and run towards the train. Hoping that they weren’t too late to get aboard.

    End of chapter five.
  11. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~

    *pulls out an MP5*

    GAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *fires*

    jk, all that aside ^

    Two of my favorite shippings die at the same time? o_O

    You must really love to kill me :(

    Hmm, kinda OOC, but since he's a brother, idk.

    Hmm, two things I gotta point out here.

    1. You seemed to set this up so Pokeshipping seems to be far away at the 16th birthday (I can't remember anymore O_O)

    2. You could have had Misty say "Who knows what my sisters did to it." But if you intentionally did that, then ok.

    Otherwise, a rather Ho-ohRocks killing chapter X_X

    I'll have to dig up my banned Monster Reborn card. (Yugioh Reference ftw)

  12. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Hehe. my bad. i knew you would say that. later on advanceshipping kinda dies and then poke and contest get more attention.

    The next chapter will be up soon. more OOC moments will come from this chapter ahead.

  13. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~

    Oh, ok.

    And, any new updates?
  14. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Yeah i got one right now but but i think you wouldn't like it, trust me. anyway i will make it up to you after this chapter okat ho oh?

    Anyway enjoy.

    Chapter six

    “Have a safe trip Misty.” Ash said as he kissed Misty on the cheek. “See you when I get back!” Ash said as he waved from the end of the cruise ship.
    “You too!” Misty waved back. “Love you!”
    “I…I love you too!” Ash waved back as the cruise ship started to make it’s move.
    “Tell me about the party when you get back!” Misty called out.
    “Don’t worry, I will.” Ash smiled.

    Soon the ship started to make it’s way from Pallet towards Hoeen. Ash and Pikachu waved one last time to Misty as she had to make her way back to Cerulean City. As the boat moved more away from Pallet the more small it became. Soon it was too small for the naked eye to see. Ash and Pikachu finally decided to go to their room and drop their belongings.

    When they entered they saw a double bed with new laid bed sheets. Next to the bed were small end tables with a lampshade on each table. On the left was the bathroom and on the right was the closet so he put his clothes in. Pikachu jumped off his shoulder and quickly laid down on the soft bed. Ash dropped his luggage on the floor and laid on the bed facing the ceiling.

    “Pikachu?” Ash asked his furry companion. “What if May heard of what I said to her three days ago? Would she still treat me the same way as she did before?”
    “Pikachu.” Pikachu nodded.
    “I don’t know.” Ash replied as he laid onto his side with his back facing Pikachu. “I fell different.”

    Pikachu jumped over Ash to face his trainer. Pikachu patted his trainer’s shoulder showing that everything will be okay. Ash slightly smiled back at Pikachu. Giving a little more confidence back into his old friend.


    Back in the small town of Petalburg May was getting ready for her 17th birthday party. The party was going to take place at her home. It a less than a hour the guests would be arriving and everybody was making sure everything was right. Caroline was making sure she had enough food for everyone. Norman was making sure that there were enough decorations around the house and Max was looking after the pokemon. May was inside her room. She was having a hard time choosing what to wear. May was in front the mirror putting her clothes in front of her to see which matched better with her.

    “Why can’t I make up my mind?” May sighed. “I mean it’s just a birthday party which…Ash and Drew are coming to.” May sighed once again as she slowly descended to her knees. “Last year it was easy. All I had to do was just get a dress at out I go but this year I’m having trouble. Wait. Can it be? I’m trying to look good for both Ash and Drew?” May asked herself in shock. “Man, this isn’t good.”
    “May!” Caroline called out. “Somebody is her waiting for you!”
    “Coming!” May replied. “I better choose something quick.” May mumbled t herself.


    “Where is she?”
    “I’m here!” May called out as she raced out her room. “Drew!” May called out in excitement as she ran to her boyfriend and greeted him with a hug. “How have you been?”
    “Well I’m been well but now that you’re here I feel great.” Drew replied as he wrapped his arms around May. “And this is what I got you while you were gone.” Drew said as he got out a rose behind his back and gave it to May.
    “Thanks Drew.” May smiled. “I’m so glad that…” May said until she was interrupted by a kiss on the cheek by Drew.
    “Yuck.” Max said to himself.

    Drew and May turned their attention towards May’s younger brother a laughed. They knew how Max felt when they were his age. Then both lovers heard footsteps coming towards them. Like somebody was running towards them.

    “Pika pi!” Pikachu greeted as Pikachu jump in between May and Drew. Pikachu rubbed his red cheeks against May’s. Soon Ash walked into the living room and saw May and Drew together with their arms around their waists.

    “Did I come at a bad time?” Ash sweat dropped as he scratched the back of his head.
    “Nope.” May smiled. “Just in time actually Ash. The party is about to start.”
    “That’s great.” Ash replied with a smile. “So let’s party!”


    The party went into midnight. May and Drew were always together. Ash tried not to get near the two. After all the excitement the guest soon left. Ash was the only one left since he was going to stay the night at May’s place. Ash was by the window looking at the full moon with Pikachu by his shoulder. Ash slowly lifted his hand on onto the window. Ash sadly sighed and look at Pikachu.

    “Buddy.” Ash started. “I think you should get some sleep.”
    “Pika pi cha?” Pikachu replied.
    “Don’t worry about me. I’ll come later.”
    “Pikachu.” Pikachu nodded and hoped off Ash’s shoulder and went into the room he was sleeping with Ash.

    Ash turned around and saw it was May who called his name out.

    “Where’s Drew?” Ash asked. “I thought he was with you.”
    “He left.” May replied as she walked closer to Ash. “So how was the trip?”
    “It was okay. Just like any other trip.” Ash replied.

    There was a minute silence between the two.

    “May?” Ash asked after a minute silence between him and May. “I want to ask you something.”
    “Go ahead.” May replied.
    “I…I use to like you back in Hoenn and Kanto.” Ash replied with a blush on his face.
    “Really?” May replied in shock. “I kind of liked you as well.”
    Ash laughed.
    “What so funny?” May replied.
    “Nothing.” Ash replied with a smile. “It’s just really weird that we are admitting that we use to like each other when we were younger.”
    “Now that you mention it. It is kinda funny and weird.” May replied as she looked at the stars and the white full moon.
    “Do you still feel the same for me still May?” Ash asked himself. “What am I thinking about? Of course she doesn’t. she is in love with Drew Ash!” Ash’s thoughts continued. “Just because she said she use to like her doesn’t mean you have a chance to get with her. You use to like her. End of story.”
    “Why Am I acting like this?” May asked herself. “Don’t tell me I like him again?” May shook her head to get her thoughts clean. “Look May, Ash use to like you. He likes Misty now. You had your time together. Enjoy that you had the chance to love him.” May thoughts said.

    Both looked at each other. Ash slowly sifted his hands towards May and grabbed hold of it. Their eyes were locked on each other. Soon Ash moved his hands on May’s waist and May did the same. Their faces went closer to each other. Then they both closed their eyes.

    Then it happened.

    They locked lips with each other under the full moon. Soon they broke their kiss apart and shocked to see what they have done. May quickly ran to her room leaving Ash all alone in the dark with a disappointed reaction on his face.

    “What have I done?”

    End of chapter six
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    YOU just made Advanceshipping canon.

    Anyways, nice chapter.

    One thing I was wondering about though...

    Was the ... because of the ship shaking Ash? If it was, then ok.

    If not, >:X
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    Maybe, maybe not. xD
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    Chapter seven

    It was a new morning in the small town of Petalburg. In the guest room Ash had just woken up. His best friend and companion Pikachu was still sleeping quietly in a curled up ball position. Ash was still sitting down on the bed and looked at his best friend. He needed help. He didn’t know how to approach or if he had the guts to face May. Not what happened last night. Ash slowly rolled the sheets off him and started to pack his things.
    He had just kissed a girl that he used to have feelings for. It just didn’t seem right to see her after that kiss. Ash unzipped his luggage and started to fill the empty bag with items. The racket made Pikachu wake up from his sleep.
    “Pikachu?” asked the little furry yellow mouse as he jumped towards his trainer.
    “Good morning Pikachu.” Ash greeted as he put more items into his bag.
    “Pika?” Pikachu asked again.
    “We are leaving to Pallet today.” Ash told Pikachu.
    “Cha?!” Pikachu replied in a shock tone. “Pika pi?”
    “Long story.” Ash replied as he zipped his bag and put it down the floor and then sighed. “We have to go. Not what I did to May last night.”
    Then there was a soft knock on the door. Ash didn’t bother to look back. As the door was pushed forward the more it squeaked until a soft voice filled the room.
    Ash looked over his shoulders and found that it was May that called out his name.
    “May?” Ash replied back. “What are you doing?”
    “That doesn’t matter.” May replied as she entered the room. “Look I don’t want you to leave not what happened last night. I want us to leave on happy moments. So I was thinking before you leave I want us to talk a walk here in Petalburg.”
    “So you’re not angry at me?” Ash replied in s surprise tone expecting the young brunette to by angry at him.
    “Of course not.” May smiled. “Accidents happen.”
    “You know.” Ash said. “You’re a girl in a million. Other girls would not talk a boy who kissed them who already has a boyfriend like me.”
    “And that is why I’m a girl in a million. I’m not the dramatic type.” May replied. “Now stop packing your things. I don’t want you to leave yet. You’re too important to me to leave.”
    You’re too important to me to leave
    Does a word seem to echo in Ash’s ears. He didn’t know why. But they just did.
    “Ash?” May asked. “Hello?”
    “Huh?” ash replied as he woke after his trance.
    “Come on!” May replied. “Let’s have some fun before you leave tonight!” May said as she grabbed Ash’s hand and rushed out the door.
    Max was walking towards his older sister’s room until he saw her and Ash bolt out the door.
    “May!” Max called out. “Wait!” Max sighed. “Guess I will have to tell them when they come back.”


    Both friends soon arrived at a park. The park was filled with trainers and their pokemon. In the middle of the park was a lake shinning like a diamond when the sun’s warm rays hit it. Next to the lake was a old oak tree and under it was two friends.
    “Why didn’t we visit this place earlier?” Ash asked.
    “Max really didn’t like the park. He wanted to go on a journey when he found out that I was going along with you.” May replied.
    “This place is really beautiful.” Ash muttered. “Like you.”
    “Did you say something Ash?” May asked.
    “Nope.” Ash lied with a smile on his face to convinced May that he wasn’t when he was.
    Then out of nowhere May laid her head on Ash’s shoulder and took in a breath of air. Then there was silence between the two.
    “I…I use to do this with Drew.” May said. She had a sound of sadness in her voice.
    “You okay May?” Ash asked as he turned his attention to May.
    “Lately no.” May replied as she got her head off Ash’s shoulder. “Since I came to visit you in Pallet Drew has changed. I don’t know but he isn’t the same.”
    “Why don’t you break up with him?” Ash suggested.
    “Ash.” May sighed. “You were never good at giving advice at love.”
    “Well if he isn’t looking after you or spending his time with you wouldn’t you get thinking what he is really doing?”
    “I trust Drew Ash and I also love him.”
    “I know you do but if he ever hurts you I make sure he pays.” Ash replied as he put his hands on May’s shoulders. “A person like you is too valuable to be broken.”
    “Thanks Ash.” May replied with a smile as she kissed him on his cheek lightly. “I don’t know what I would do without you.”
    Both Ash and May turned their attention to Misty. There was a girl. She had a shocked expression on her face. She couldn’t believe what she had seen or heard, like it was too good to be true. She took a few steps back then ran away from the two.
    “Misty!” Ash called out as he ran after his girlfriend.
    May didn’t hesitate to follow her best friend. Soon Misty was at the deep end of the park were hardly any anybody would go. Soon the clouds above them started to get duller and darker by the minute. Soon rain poured buckets onto them. But both didn’t really to notice it.
    “Misty!” Ash called out as he reached Misty finally.
    “Get away from me you cheating *******!” Misty yelled without care. “So this is why you wanted to go to the *****’s birthday party?! To ****ing flirt with her!”
    “No I don’t Misty. Now you would please calm down Misty.”
    “I won’t!” Misty yelled. “I can’t believe you would cheat on me Ash!”
    “I’m not even cheating on you to begin with.” Ash replied in a calm voice. “May is just having problems with Drew. I’m just helping her out.”
    “Looks like you care about her more than me!” Misty yelled. “Look I heard what you said Ash Ketchum. The part that she is too valuable to break and that kiss the ***** behind did to you!”
    “Don’t call her that. She did nothing wrong to you!” Ash yelled. Ash couldn’t keep his patience anymore.
    “Oh yes she did. She ****ing stole you from me!”
    “That’s it!” Ash yelled. “Why can’t you stop begin an over sensitive ***** will you?!” Ash yelled. “Ever girl I go to, even Dawn you would act jealous. Ever heard of friends that are girls?”
    Then there was silence between the two. May was dead quite between the couple’s fight. She didn’t want to say anything or do anything, knowing that she was the start of this fight. Soon Ash realized what he had said.
    “Misty I’m….” Ash said as he took a few steps closer to Misty.
    Misty just replied with one slap on the face.
    “Don’t ever talk to me ever again you cheating *******!” Misty yelled as she ran out of the forest.
    Ash looked on the ground with regretting eyes. Both of them didn’t say a word. The only thing both of them could hear was the rain pouring on top of them.

    End of chapter.
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    Quadrouple post :p

    Anyways, ... Pokeshipping lasted LONG all right, 6 and a HALF chapters >_>

    Aside from that, lol at Misty slapping Ash. Classic.


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