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Togepi; the Storm [poem: Free Verse]


Waiting for summer
((Yes, I thought out the thing and decided to put it in a poem since it wasn't long enough for a short story or anything else of the matter xD))

Togepi; the Storm

Togepi was playing outside one day,
he clumsily tottered through the lush, green forest.
He fell and rolled down a steep, root covered hill,
until he almost fell into the shining river.
Togepi saw something in the distance,
running towards him.
It was Absol. The Absol zoomed past Togepi in haste

In the distance, clouds were starting to creep in,
the wind awoke, unleashing its ancient rage
forcing the Pokemon to go inside and wait out the impending storm.
Soon, Togepi felt the first raindrop fall on his head,
before Togepi had any time to run under a tree, the wind came in.
The wind tugged at the small Togepi,
he struggled to hold on to a rock he had found near the river bank.
But to no avail,
the wind finally pulled him off into the sky.

The wind pushed Togepi many miles away from his forest home,
Togepi was high in the grey, treacherous sky.
Doom could come at any moment,
Togepi was cold and scared.

After five days and four nights, the storm pushed Togepi into a city,
the wind finally gave up, Togepi fell from the sky
but a navy blue Murkrow with dark red eyes looked in the distance,
he saw the falling Togepi.
He took off into the night sky,
dodging sky-scrapers and other flying Pokemon.
He dived down and picked up Togepi on his back.
They flew to a nearby platform,
they greeted each other and Togepi thanked Murkrow.
Togepi told of the storm and how he got carried to the city by the wind.
Murkrow listened with interest.

The next day, Murkrow showed Togepi around the bustling city.
Togepi looked at the many people walking on the white paved side walks,
the cars moved hastily on the streets,
the sky scrapers were metal mountains, going into the clouds.
Togepi stared, amazed he was in the sky on Murkrow's back.

Soon, they landed near a person's house just outside the city.
A mysterious light flashed, a bird stepped out,
it was a Xatu.
Murkrow greeted the Xatu, Togepi did not know what was going on.
Xatu talked to Murkrow, they argued for a slight bit,
they then decided on a final verdict.
Xatu raised its wings, like a totem pole.
A powerful light started to dance around Togepi,
Togepi did not know what was happening.
He soon floated up high,
and in a flash, he was gone.

The animals of the forest were mourning,
mourning for the loss of Togepi.
And as soon as the funeral was to start,
Togepi flashed in a dazzling light as he fell down onto a bed of sand.
The mourners quickly crowded around Togepi,
asking if he was feeling well while tending to a bruise on his arm.
That night, they had a feast for Togepi,
to honor his return and well-being
He ran to his parents,
and hugged them in a warm embrace.
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Legend of Lucario

Aww I loved it

You have such great poems and I love this because the imagery is great!

You should keep posting and I hope for more readers


Bone-ified dinosaur
Why does hardly anyone post in poem threads? I love your poems and this one is really good, lovely imagery again, (the first bit reminds me of an anime episode where a similar thing happened).


Waiting for summer
Thanks, I guess I post in poem format because my ideas have trouble taking form any other way ((there are exceptions with that rule though)). Anyway, thanks for the comments. Anyone, was there something that I needed to change? (I know it's a bit hard looking for mistakes in poem format, but I could use some critique, just don't flame. . .>.>)
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Legend of Lucario

After five days and four nights, the storm pushed Togepi into a city

Well four and five need to be spelled out because they are numbers under 100 or 1000 I think it is 1000 as a rule but I can check.

It was Absol, The Absol zoomed past Togepi in haste.

I think that a period needed to be there (oh yeah if it is bolded it is what is corrected or whatever).

He took off into the night sky, dodging sky-scrapers and other flying Pokemon.

Pokemon is a noun in the real world and stuff and Pokemon names (which you don't have to worry) need to be capitalized because they are personal nouns and stuff being a name.

Other then this that's all I found I'll double check and add it here later.

Burnt Flower

Horror Mistress
Well, this was a rather random poem, but nevertheless, I still think it's the best one you wrote so far. I feel you put more thought into it, considering this one has a mini story, unlike the others.

All in all, good job!


Waiting for summer
Well, I actually didn't put much thought into it at all. . .>.> unless you consider wrighting directly from impulse a thought process of some sort . . .xD