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Togepi used....Special Rend?? The Metronome Thread!


Hoenn Challenger
Every-time I use Metronome, it ends up badly for me.


MultiRegion Champion
Not meaning to be a troll, but it's actually spacial rend, because palkia's the being of space. And whenever I used metronome it was really good. The moves that it turned into included Hydro Cannon, hyper beam and much more other powerful moves


Battle Subway Boss
Togekiss used memento!
darn I liked togekiss.

Mew used Fling!
Mew Flung its Amulet Coin!
not cool.
This was back in the time when amulet coin was still important to me.


Excellent Driver
Spinda Used Memento!
Togepi used Self-destruct!
Most of the time, Metronome ends up killing the poke who used it for me.

Dawn and Piplup

Piplup+Pikachu Fan
I love metronome.
Once I ended up with splash
I also got memento
and self-destruct
oh yeah and it used fling an flung its lucky egg :/
I ended up with roar of time 3 times
Hyper beam once
Giga impact twice
and fissure (but it missed)
and Guillotine 5 times (but it missed all 5 times)
And sacred fire 3 times
and judgement twice (but it missed both times)
That was my togepi -awesome! :)
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The Prophet
I remember when I was using my Togepi in G/S I think it was the first time I used metronome, I got Aeroblast, it was shocking to say the least.


Well-Known Member
I remember on Gold my Togepi got Milk Drink. Uhh, yeah.

Also I Blue my Magmar got Self-Destruct and I thought it actually died. (I was like 10 at the time).

Dr. Leggs

Astral Cowboy
I used Togetic a lot in Pokemon XD, and so occasionally get Volt Tackle/Nightmare/Blast Burn/Hydro Cannon/Icicle Spear/etc. before I knew those moves existed so it'd always give me quite a shock.

In my current playthrough on SoulSilver, Whitney's Clefairy OHKOed my Parasect with Rock Wrecker from Metronome... That was a doozie.


The Living Hologram
Must've been searing shot then, cause I was like "Whoa... Victini's signature move..."
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I have 3.

The first time I used Metronome was with my Poliwhirl in Yellow. I used it while battling Magikarp... and it turned into EXPLOSION! Talk about a bad first impression!

Much later, again in Yellow, I used the Mew Glitch to get a Mew of my own. It knew Metronome when I faced a wild Ditto on Cinnabar Island. The Ditto transformed into it, and then used Metronome... AND IT TURNED INTO SPLASH!!!!! No opponent has used Metronome against me in that game apart from that!

In Diamond, I had a Togetic with the move. I used it in a Double Battle at the restaurant at Valor Lakefront, and it turned into DARK VOID! Both opponents were suddenly put to sleep, and I won hands down. I'll add, also, that Darkrai had not been released at that point, so I learned the animation before I was supposed to! :p

The dark void thing happened to me, but it was volt tackle with my cleffa. I had no idea what it was and I was like WOOOW!!! It was in fire red and volt tackle wasn't available until emerald so yeah, I saw the animation before it was available too.

Osha Say What?

Well-Known Member
Dawn's Clefairy just used Judgement on the Galactic Grunts Croagunk.


Well-Known Member
My pokemon must hate me. When play, I usually get useless moves like Wrap, Poison Powder against a poison pokemon, Thunder against a Geodude, or Splash. After a series of weak or failed moves, my Clefairy decides to use self-destruct.

I think the best moves I had were Aeroblast or Sacred Fire, but they occurred very rarely.

I never use it any more, but I love watching the Granbull in battle subway use metronome, especially when it uses memento and faints on its own.


Well-Known Member
Once against Bugsy in HG my togepi used DD, Brave Bird, and then Flare Blitz, although even with the boost, less damage was done than I would have hoped. Usually I'm less lucky than that, though.


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
Mine used Sacred Fire a couple of times, and Aeroblast as well. Those are no exceptions.. They're actually quite common for moves that only appear on such few pokemon.. Also, I had Transform once in the original series on my Mew vs. Magikarp.

Wild Magikarp appeared!
Mew used Metronome!
Mew used Transform!
Loc: DAMN! Stuck with Splash!