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Togepi used....Special Rend?? The Metronome Thread!


c l a r i t y
Testing Clefable's Metronome again, and she got these moves:

Night Shade
Sacred Sword
Wonder Room
Sheer Cold
Dragon Claw
Needle Arm
Flare Blitz
Poison Tail
Head Charge
Heal Order
Leaf Storm
Hyper Voice


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My togepi got Rock Wrecker against Bugsy's scyther and then after against whitney's miltank he got scratch l was then expecting a stomp I was ready to give up....

BUT HE SURVIVED!!! and then unbelievebly I decided to go for another metronome and it was MAGMA STORM! And after that I collected my 3rd badge:)
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Getting an event pokemon move before the event's release always generates the most laughs. It's like using a free cinema ticket to see a work-in-progress movie.


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Snorlax used metronome and it used fly.


<-- Starving dragon
One time in pok'emon pearl I was battling along side Dawn and her Clefable used metronome and it became draco meteor!
Two trainers each had a Wigglytuff and a Clefable.
It as a double battle.
One of 'em got Judgement, thankfully killing my Pidgey, and NOT my Quilava.


whoa whats that
Ah, Metronome... Once, I was training my Lv. 1 Togepi. I was facing Bugsy's Scyther(PLEASE don't ask), and I got Roar of Time, winning me the match. I kept Metronome on that sucker till a Togekiss, and then I transferred it to Black. I was battling my friend, and Flinchkiss ended up getting Tail Glow+Baton Pass, and wouldn't you know it, Latios was the only guy who hadn't seen any action. :)


<---Shine for me
Mew used Metronome!
Waggling his finger caused it to use Spatial Rend!
My Mew used Howl once too.
Seeing a Blue Mew howl is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
A wild togepi uses judgment what the ...?

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
My Togetic in Crystal once used Metronome, and got Aeroblast. It was the first time I had ever seen it used.

On a less awesome note, in one of the 4th gen games, I was trying to get Togepi's happiness up so it would evolve, and at one point I had it use Metronome. Out of all the moves it could have picked, it got Fling. And threw away my only Soothe Bell. That was not cool.

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In a battle with my Clefairy against the foe's Jellicent, the first time it used Metronome it Soaked the Jellicent, and the Jellicent missed with Hydro Pump. Then I used Wake-Up Slap (not from Metronome) to damage the Jellicent a bit. Wake-Up Slap then got disabled from Cursed Body. Jellicent used Hydro Pump and missed again.

Having no other damaging moves, I resort to Metronome again, and Clefairy used... Wake-Up Slap? How odd...
Wild gastly appeared!
Togepi used metronome!
It turned into explosion...


Wandering Trainer
I like metronome. It's a surprise at most times ^^