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Togepi's Day at the Beach [G]


Waiting for summer
((I little side note, this is a free verse poem, so get ready peoples!))
((Also, symptoms of reading this poem may include vomiting rainbows and sunshine, do you get it it's cutesy! xD))

Togepi wandered in the afternoon of the forest,
the trees baking in the heat, the plethora of cicadas.
Chanting their shrill, high pitched song.
Togepi wanted to go to the beach,

He pictured the water,
aquamarine, licking the sandy shore.
Oh the sand, white and pure,
softer than any fur or plush.
Togepi now wanted to go even more,
he knew all the other kids were going,
and it didn't seem fair that his parents worried over him.

Togepi pondered why his parents kept him from going,
but he knew all too well that his parents did not want him to become lost.
He had already been blown to a city of steel encased mountains,
and trails of concrete that lined its black streets.
Despite this, Togepi still was naïve of the danger of that day.

The little pokemon climbed up the tree with their parents.
They climbed up an ancient tree, hollow, yet wise in its years.
Even the metal mountains were not as high as this tree.
Its ancient awe, a mystery of a thousand ages ago.

Togepi looked at the other pokemon,
he stared in jealousy as the pokemon were about to depart on large altarias.
The Altaria liked to give rides to the little pokemon,
they were gentle, and were stable, yet fast enough to travel places.
Their puffy white wings flapped,
as they floated up.
The Altaria steadily rised off into the almost invisible sky.

Togepi sulked, he wanted to go to the beach too,
Togepi wagged his finger with a wish to go to the beach with his friends.
Metrinome, a random draw every time.
Luckily for him, he was able to fly this time around.
Togepi felt the gift take over him,
the shining white wings of the creator were attached to Togepi's back.
Growing to be as large as the Altaria's wings.
Togepi flew up the Great Forest Tree,
until he was above all of the other trees.

The sun was almost in the middle of the sky,
it was almost noon,
they would soon be at the coast to play.
Togepi, without a second thought, took off.
His wings suddenly dissapeared with a flash of light,
Togepi went hurdling to the ground.
Nobody could save him now.

But high from above,
Xatu kept a cautious eye on the little Togepi.
She raised her wings, becoming a totem pole of mystic power.
Xatu called out with a chant, sending the Togepi straight to the coast.

Togepi fell, but it was not on the hard branch of a tree as Togepi thought,
it was the milky white sand of the beach.
His buddies were in the distance,
playing with a ball, and splashing playfully in a tide pool.

Togepi waddled toward the playing pokemon,
he tripped and fell face first in the tide-pool.
Ghastly was the first to make fun of him,
he had always been mean spirited towards other Pokemon.
His purple and black form, snickering at Togepi for being so clumsy.

They soon moved on, but Togepi continued to play alone in the tidal pool.
He was bored and alone, until a wave suddenly washed in.
A Finneon washed in and looked a the Togepi scared.
They kept saying meep in fear of each other.

Togepi then had an idea, he realized he could play with Finneon.
Finneon hopped into the water and Togepi looked.
Finneon aimed water at Togepi as Togepi was about to Splash the Finneon.
They played in the water and splashed each other with childish amusement.

Soon, though, the sun was starting to set as the Swablu and Taillow sang,
watching in the nearby woodland.
The Altaria gently rose with their pokemon passengers on their backs,
slowly floating out of view.
Togepi was worried,
he did not know how to get back safe.
He said goodbye to Finneon,
just as she had an idea.
Finneon called up her mother, Lumineon,
and she gave Togepi a ride up into the river.
About an hour passed, the trees getting thicker and more dense.

Soon, they arrived near Togepi's house.
Togepi's parents had been foraging with the rest of the adults,
unknowing of Togepi's trip.
Togepi hopped off of Lumineon's back and thanked her for the ride,
he then waddled back to his house and hastily cleaned and dried himself.

Mommy and Daddy Togetic came into the house.
Togepi was already in his little nest.
The house was a hollow tree, but not as large as the Great Forest Tree.
Mommy and Daddy Togetic said they were sorry,
and then kissed him goodnight.

((Yeah, I know, that's probably the most G-rated thing I could ever come up with in my imagination! xD))
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That was sooo cutesy wutesy that it almost made me vomit sunshine and rainbows.

One minor complaint:

the sun was starting to set as the swablues and taillows sang

Try and disprove me here but for all I know, every pokemon's pluralisation is just the name 'a herd of Tauros' 'a flock of Wingull' (80's band joke, whoo) etc.

It was fun for a two minute read and If you change pokemon to animals, you could probably make a childrens book out of this.


Waiting for summer
I added a warning for the cutesyness now xD happy people? At the end I said it was the most G-rated thing I could think of, maybe I should have put that at the top. Oh and thanks for the advice about plural stuff, grammar + me = .........not that good.

@Jubilife: O...k then if you didn't want to read it, then you could have just not bothered to post or read it.

Legend of Lucario

jubilife you might want to delete those

Again another poem style story from Ventus3 and I like it

Just watch the plural thing and capitalize the Pokemon Names (they're nouns too!)


Waiting for summer
@Legend of Lucario: Yes, I always mess the grammar up, thaks for commenting! *waves bye*

Edit: ((Oh, you're still online xD woops!))
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