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Toki no Ocarina (OoT) Manga

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by Satoshi, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. Satoshi

    Satoshi メイの大切の彼氏

    Has anyone read it? It's a manga adaption of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time game, which (unfortunately) didn't make it's way into America, but I know some people here have read the fan translated ones.

    So, do you enjoy it? I do, but it's kind of more rushed than it's game predecessor.
  2. Kaizer

    Kaizer A Shadow of Darkness

    Rushed yes, but I still like it. Almost feel sorry for Link and Volvagia though. Having to kill your own pet...
  3. Xiang

    Xiang Well-Known Member

    I loved it! Man, I wish the game were like that, you just enter the dungeon and BAM! the boss appears. Young Link is adorable, too. I like how when they meet, Zelda doesn't have her cap thing on. I thought she was Maron at first. x_X;;
  4. Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix

    Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix rEvolutionary INC.

    does anyone have links to fandubs? I gotta read it.
  5. Luke Groundwalker

    Luke Groundwalker the WORLD.

  6. Kaizer

    Kaizer A Shadow of Darkness

    Heh, that's where I found them. I'm glad Razor_Leaf had the link to that place in his sig. for so long. While the young link adventures for OoT are ok, I still prefer Majora's Mask manga in general.
  7. Tenten

    Tenten "Just kidding!"

    It's a great manga. Akira Himekawa's beautiful artwork is simply astounding. I love it. Young Link looks cute, Adult Link looks hot and the bosses look so good, I'm actually quite afraid of some of them. LOL.
    True, but then, when making manga, it's really hard to show every single little thing going on.

    *If you want an LOZ manga that's REALLY rushed, read "Zelda no Densetsu: Mujura no Kamen" or "Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask".

    But that would take the fun out of the whole "solve the dungeon and meet the boss" thing, although that process is very tedious. I liked that part, too. She looked so cute. No wonder Link thought so, too. LOL. And it was really adorable when she kissed Link, and then Link began running around because he was so lovestruck. *sighs* He's such a ladies' man and he doesn't even do it on purpose. *giggles*

    Me, too! Thank you, Razor Leaf! We owe you one! ^^
  8. Satoshi

    Satoshi メイの大切の彼氏

    Funny, that's were I get them, also. o_O;
    You got a point there, esspecially if it's about LoZ ,where there's alot of puzzles and dungeons, so it's really hard to make a plot out of it.
    Yeah, I read that one, it was really rushed, but it's understandable, Mujura no Kamen (Majora's Mask) was a very short game (three days, actually).

    It's a shame, though, that the Graveyard Location wasn't in the manga, that could have been a great plot enhancer, with those two ghost that served the Royal Family long ago, and all. And that grave-keeper too.
  9. Luke Groundwalker

    Luke Groundwalker the WORLD.

    I think that's where everyone gets them.
  10. SugarFairy

    SugarFairy I love Dara <3

    Zelda was all weird and hyper.. I LOVED IT! I love this manga so much! What I htought was the spiff was when Link was in that desert uniform. XDD I just love this manga!

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