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Tokoyami's fake TCG Cards!

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by TokoyamiTheDark, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. TokoyamiTheDark

    TokoyamiTheDark The Purple Karakasa

    Hi! Welcome to my thread of fake TCG cards! This thread is to show custom Pokémon cards made by me and drawn using the 3DS software "Painting Workshop". I only got it recently, so my first drawings aren't very much neat, but hey, everyone has to be a beginner somwhere, right?


    1 - How much does "Painting Workshop" costs on the eShop?

    Depending where you live, prices may vary. Both USA and EUR consoles can have it, but I have no clue about EUR prices. For USA, I think it is 7,99 US$ but I might be wrong.

    2 - Your art sucks! Nyaa!

    ...then what are you doing on this thread if you think so!? I once won an art request by making an image saying "Better post your crappy art than posting STOLEN art". If you don't have something nice to say, don't post anything at all.

    3 - Do you sometimes get inspirations from official art, etc... for your drawings' poses?

    Yes! A LOT, to be honest. ^^' However I DON'T do this with fan art for a very obvious reason. I respect other artists a lot.

    4 - Do you have a deviantART account?

    I USED to have 3 with time, but some art thief and troll used to steal my art and bully a friend of mine. I tried to defend myself, but the bad guy had and entire group of meanies who kept harassing my friend and reporting my accounts, even though I was the artist! When I got unfairly banned, they continued their bullying on my friend who deactivated her account with a farewell message saying she couldn't take it anymore... In 2011 justice finally had arised as the trolls got banned from dA... But it was already too late :'(

    With the babbling being enough, here are my fake TCG cards! So far I only have 1 done, and they are all done in the Neo-era style. Enjoy!

    Anima set (1 out of 30 done so far)
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