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Too old for Pokemon??

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I'm 14 and i get this.

Though i play the games, what i get from idiots is totally dumb:
"EH, pokymanz is for 3 year olds."
"u colect temz, tat homosexual"

Its no dumber than them talking about Call of Duty constantly, like its thier Girlfriend that they don't have.

but the point i'm going to make here is this:

I'd rather be a advid pokemon player than a tard that plays Call of Duty all day.
true dis


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Man, I HATE that! That happened to me when I went to go pick up Emerald version. I pre-ordered it and and I showed her the receipt and she got the game and the tin can it came with and asked "YOU STILL PLAY POKEMANS?!" I replied, "Yes". Then she starts looking at me and goes "YOU FO REAL? YOU CANT BE SERIOUS" I told her to give me my game or **** off and I guess she got upset and started rolling her eyes. What's sad is that my two friends came later that day and experienced the exact same thing with the same lady.... whats funny was that we were all 15 at the time. But anyway, this is the life us older Pokemon fans have to go through...*tear*


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That is very rude of her. I hate getting those kinds of reactions from people.

Them: "You still play Pokemon games?"
Them: "Your giving these cards to your little brothers, right?"
Them: "Pokemon? Ha! I haven't played with Pokemon stuff since..."

Me:"Oh yeah? Glad to hear that, because the Pokemon world doesn't need people like you."

Oh, and by the way, there's a already a thread much like this one here.

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You should of told her to **** off...
I'm 19 & still an enthusiatsic collector of pokemon cards, but I'm kinda lucky though as the shop i go to has a clerk that's also into pokemon & he's like 27...

My brothers are like that also, but they still have cards & games from when it was cool to be into pokemon(the hippocrits). My dad always complains when i go & by cards saying "Its a waist of money" but i just ignore him...


Of course not. Why is it always Pokémon getting the 'age limit' treatment? People aren't fussed about playing other franchises, it's only Pokémon that's the problem. Flawed logic :/

I'm nearly 17 and i've played since it came out. Doubt i'll ever stop.
I've been through this with my mom as I grew up. When I was 10 she thought I was getting slightly too old, but I told her the card game age was 10+ to play in tournaments. When I was 13, she thought I would grow out of it. I didn't, and she thought it was too young for me. Though, I did stop extreme card collecting around when I was 12 because my friend grew out of it, and I had no one to play with anymore. D:

Now, I think she knows at last for a good while I will not grow out of it. I have friends who are older then me and my age who still love it, haha. And she knows I'm big on Japan as well, so it doesn't really matter with her anymore. My dad happily went to Pokemon conventions with me and enjoyed it which was awesome. :p

Now out of nostalgia, I bought a HeartGold and SoulSilver booster yesterday. As a kid when the Johto cards came out, I was spending every penny of my allowance on cards. (I think that was all I lived for back then, lmao.) So proudly wearing my Pikachu shirt I picked up a pack, and brought it to the cashier while my mom also bought groceries. The cashier noticed them right away, and said he liked Pokemon, and that he was 21. I thought he was gonna say something like "Wow you still buy these." but he didn't! So I guess you could say I thankfully had an opposite experience of this topic, ftw! X3 (And I'm 16 1/2, btw.)
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im 18 and i still play the games and watch the Anime but i don't collect the cards any more


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I was thinking about the title of this topic last night. I don't know why. Anyways;

A few days ago I bought three boosters and the woman behind the cash registers obviously thought it was weird.

She: Is it a present?
I: No.
She: For yourself? (you should have seen her expression)
I: Yes.
She: Really?
I: Yes.
She: Oh. But what are you going to do with them?
I: I collect them.
She: Seriously?
I: Yeah.
Well, in all honesty, she could have said much worse. I mean, yes, it was kind of rude of her, but she didn't really say anything too negative. I tend to look at these things at a different light. Perhaps she still has interest in the series and is surprised to see others who still are. You never really know. However, I still would have politely mentioned that I can collect such things as I please, take the receipt and leave the store.

As for myself; I just turned 16 about a week ago. I still play the games *be it Red, Blue, Hey You Pikachu!, Pokemon Channel, or Diamond*, I still have a Pokemon spread on my bed (Had it since I was 7, haha), have some huge Pikachu plushes from my childhood lying around, and a rather thick wad of Pokemon cards.

I don't feel there's any age limit for liking anything. Honestly, I have tons more respect for older players in the series that can be open with it then some uptight student at school who mocks such people. It's a truly engaging, wonderful series that I doubt I'll ever be able to grow out of. Whether it be the designs, those wonderful moments from the anime, or the fun of accomplishing a difficult goal in the games, there's just so much fun to be had. I made so many friends as a kid, many of whom have moved away since, just playing the Pokemon games as a kid. I miss those days.

Now admittedly, I don't play the TCG. I haven't bought a pack since 2001. I would buy them up like hotcakes, however, if people around me actually still played it. Even when I was young, no one really knew the rules, and when I tried to teach them a while later, Yu-Gi-Oh! hit. (Which was a rather engaging Card Game as well) If nothing else it's neat still liking the cards, as when people want to get rid of theirs, they know I'll gladly take them off their hands.

My parents used to hint that maybe I should grow out of it. My dad asked "You seriously want to buy this?" when I had the Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team game in my hands at Gamestop. I just nodded my head and paid for it. Thankfully they've come to accept it. I wish they could get in on it as well, but I don't think it's their thing.

WALL OF TEXT IS ALMOST OVER. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, with a series as great as this, there is no age-limit for such a thrilling ride.
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Dragon Houou

I am 21 going on 22 and I don't think that I will ever stop playing the pokemon games or watching the anime. I started in the beginning and will be there till the end. I don't think that anybody should stop just because of inane things like age. If an individual has a passion for it, then petty things like that shouldn't really matter. Also I read what AzuChris posted and have to say that I wouldn't have cared in the first place what she thought or what her intentions were (probably trying to embarrass you or put you on the spot). I would have just taken my game and left in a humble manner. Why should you have to feel embarassed in front of another human being that finds what you are attracted to supposedly "weird" (in association with age), when this person probably does "weirder" things than you?(not saying anyone here)
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It's funny... I'm in college and I think I'm more into Pokemon now than I ever was as a kid. Maybe it's because I've been able to find other geeks who aren't afraid to give into nostalgic tendencies. We've even started a trading card game club, and we expect to draw in lots of members once we become official next year.

I never feel weird going to the store to buy cards and luckily I've never had any rude cashiers. Ironically, I actually feel weirder about buying condoms than cards. But that's a different story.

My boyfriend though, he buys cards too, but he won't do it unless I'm around. Dunno... not to be sexist, but maybe females just have an easier time getting away with buying "childish" things.

My parents are pretty cool about it, but I think they wish I'd spend my money on more important things. Of course, they also didn't know until recently that the cards are meant to be used in a game. Understandable, since all I used to do was collect. Nowadays I do both, so my folks probably don't mind me spending the money as much.

I do admit though, sometimes I feel awkward when I go into a store to buy Pokemon cards, all mature and dignified, only to see mobs of small children exclaiming excitedly about their Pokeymans. Sometimes they seem surprised to see us older kids having an interest in Pokemon too. I have a ball with that.

On another note, I know I'm not too old for Pokemon because I still cry when I watch the first movie.


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Im 14 and i do feel a little unsecure about my pokemon collection. But i do think majority of people are sometimes sitting like us on a forum and talking about their secret hobbys. I was at my friends house the other day (we got friends because i do Kickboxing and he does Kung Fu) and when i got into his room i saw a pokemon ruby copy sitting poorly hid behind some other stuff :D We have many friends both of us and i was really suprised that i saw that ruby copy. So maybe we all have secret hobbys/collections we are embaressed about :)


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im 18 and i still play the games and watch the Anime but i don't collect the cards any more
same here but I'm 13. The cards I just find as a waste of money


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the cards for me (just picked up collecting again) is pure exitement =D i buy a booster and then my fingers are itching of thrill =)


oh god i think i just bumped the thread... soz serebii i totally forgot :(
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