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Too-Weak's Nursery [Gen 6]

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by too-weak, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. too-weak

    too-weak Member

    For 1 Dawn Stone, or 1 Dusk Stone, or 1 Shiny Stone: Gets your choice of PSMD starter (all six gens of main series starters, Pikachu, Riolu. I might add a few retro starters later), either with or without Hidden Ability (your choice)!
    Perfect 5IV male starter (including Pikachu/Riolu) with nature of choice OR Random IV (aiming for 3-5IV) female starter with nature of choice. Egg moves and delivery time depend on how busy I am. Will try to get within 48 hours after accepting request for most though.

    CHOSE YOUR PARTNER! (2 stones total, either 2 of same or 2 different ones from my list)
    If you chose TWO Pokemon from the list, I'll add in free EV training and can EXP them both to 50ish, if you so desire.

    GOT SCARVES? (add 1 Stone) [Limited time offer, based on my BP]
    I got an extra 400BP or so at the moment. So I can add a Choice Scarf for an extra Stone. Of course, it'd just be mean to leave your partner all drab while you're stylin'. So if you ordered Two Pokemon and get yourself a Scarf, I'll throw in the second Scarf free!

    Current Status (Egg moves and female IVs) (will still breed unlisted ones) [spoil]
    IVs listed is the expected minimum for female, males will, of course, still be perfect 5IV. HA available upon request for all.
    Pikachu: 5IV, Choice of egg moves. Reminder: Volt Tackle forfeits EITHER nature OR two of your five IVs.
    Riolu: 4-5IV Bullet Punch, Blaze Kick, Crunch, Follow Me


    Torchic: 4-5IV

    Turtwig: 3-5IV
    Piplup: 4-5IV

    Snivy: 4-5IV
    Oshawott: 3-5IV

    Fennekin: 3-5IV
    Froakie: 4-5IV
    Eevee! Imperfect 4IV, Full choice of egg moves and nature
    Shinx-Gotta check IVs/Egg, but bred one for myself recently so doable.
    ALL RELEASED HA'S AVAILABLE! Including Unova starers, Johto Starters, Tyrunt and Amaura.
    Can also do IVs and Egg moves, whether for your competitive sets OR your fun/niche builds.
    ALL breedable Pokemon I offer (not legends or shiny) are blue pentagon, legit, bred (or caught) by me, able to be nicknamed, AND are uncloned.

    See something you want? PM me or comment in this thread and let me know so we can work out a trade.
    IGN: Brad (both on 3DS list and ingame list). My time zone is Central in the USA (-6 GMT). Usually available most nights Mon-Sat and most of the day on Sunday. But don't usually turn online on unless I know ahead of time that I need to be online. So a PM ahead of time stating when you want to do/are ready for the actual trade would be appreciated.

    I am hoping to clean my lists up a bit during March and April, including easier navigation for searching by Ball type.

    Basic Rules:
    1] No hacks, edits, pokegens, powersaves, QR abuse, etc. No otherwise legit catches that came off a off hacked items/walk through walls.
    2]Cloned and/or RNG'd versions of otherwise legit Legendaries or events ARE acceptable if you tell me beforehand it's clone/RNG.
    3]However for breedable Pokemon, please refrain from offering clones and/or RNG.
    4]Anything I breed for you is uncloned and not RNG'd.

    What I CAN/CANNOT Offer in most situations [spoil]
    1]The Pokemon, not including events or legends (Rotom and Phione are available). I have a full Pokedex with your choice of released ability.
    2]Ability-see list further down in post for my available HA's. (I have ALL HAs that were released prior to March 2015)
    2]IVs- But be aware that Item-based egg moves [Volt Tackle Pichu, Self Destruct Munchlax] may restrict IVs. I have Alpha Sapphire so I can tutor many moves with good IVs.
    3]Regular Egg moves
    5]Nicknames [I have the right to refuse blatantly offensive/controversial names]
    6]Gender (though expect longer wait and higher pricing on a perfect 5IV 12.5% gender, like female starters)
    6]SOMETIMES can offer special balls (I do not have access to HG/SS, any Colisseum, or any Ranger games though)
    7]Hidden Power types, but this will take extra time.
    8]Most types of Berries

    a]RNG and/or cloning
    b]Legendaries or events. I may trade for some. But I generally won't trade mine away.
    c]Shinies or 6IVs. [/spoil]

    "RARE" passable EGG MOVES (pretty much, the breeding chain requires Pokebank OR an event, so kind of a pain in the butt to get yourself, but then easy once you already get one)
    Munchlax with Self Destruct (requires incense use so have to give up either Destiny Knot's 4th&5th IV or give up Nature, IIRC originally requires Colisseum or JP HGSS Pokewalker event)
    Dratini with Extreme Speed (ESpeed can originally can be obtained from HGSS storyline or I THINK the discontinued Gen5 DW)
    Defog Scyther (Requires one DPP, one HGSS, one Unova game, Pokemon Bank, Gen6 game, second DS or 3DS, but is breedable after that)
    Defog Drifloon (Same as Scyther)

    * = may need a few days to grow extras
    Aguav, Apicot, Aspear
    Babiri, Belue, Bluk,
    Charti, Cheri, Chesto, Chilan, Chople, Coba, Colbur, Cornn, Custap,
    Ganlon, Grepa
    Haban, Hondew,
    Kasib, Kebia, Kee, Kelpsy
    Lansat, Leppa, Leichi, Lum,
    Mago, Magost, Maranga, Micle
    Nanab, Nomel
    Occa, Oran
    Pamtre, Passho, Payapa, Pecha, Persim, Petaya, Pinap, Pomeg
    Rabuta, Rawst, Razz, Rindo, Roseli, Rowap
    Salac, Shuca, Sitrus, Spelon, Starf
    Tamato, Tanga
    Wacan, Watmel, Wepear, Wiki
    Yache [/spoil]

    All my Hidden Abilities in any sort of specialty Balls, compiled by hand. I will take a more complete inventory in a few weeks.
    Reminder: Gen 4 exclusive Balls (such as HG/SS "Apricot" balls CANNOT HAVE HA. EVER. Also Cherish and Master Balls cannot be passed down)
    704 Goomy (Gooey)

    DREAM BALL + HA (20+ list) [spoil]
    43 Oddish (Run Away->Varies by Evo)
    142 Aerodactyl (Unnerve)
    167 Spinarak (Sniper)
    213 Shuckle (Contrary)
    261 Poochyena (Rattled->Moxie)
    290 Nincada (Run Away->Infilitrator Ninjask)
    304 Aron (Heavy Metal)
    324 Torkoal (Shell Armor)
    333 Swablu (Cloud Nine)
    349 Feebas (Adaptability->Cute Charm)
    353 Shuppet (Cursed Body)
    361 Snorunt (Moody)
    371 Bagon (Sheer Force->Moxie)
    408 Cranidos (Sheer Force)
    442 Spiritomb (Infiltrator)
    447 Riolu (Prankster->Justified) NOTE: Copycat/Roar combo no longer works this gen
    517 Munna (Telepathy)
    535 Tympole (Water Absorb)
    546 Cottonnee (Chlorophyll) + plus egg moves
    561 Sigilyph (Tinted Lens)
    595 Joltik (Swarm)
    621 Druddigon (Mold Breaker) with Sucker Punch [/spoil]

    399 Bidoof (Moody)
    401 Kricketot (Technician)
    417 Pachirisu (Volt Absorb)
    434 Stunky (Keen Eye)

    672 Skiddo (Grass Pelt)
    712 Bergmite (Sturdy)

    23 Ekans (Unnerve)
    74 Geodude (Sand Veil, ability banned by smogon)
    116 Horsea (Damp)
    185 Sudowoodo (Rattled)

    43 Oddish (Run Away->Varies by Evo)

    194 Wooper (Unaware)

    175 Togepi (Super Luck)
    661 Fletchling (Gale Wings)

    203 Girafarig (Sap Sipper)
    401 Kricketot (Technician)
    624 Pawniard (Pressure)
    661 Fletchling (Gale Wings)

    25 Pikachu (Lightningrod)
    336 Seviper (Infiltrator)
    417 Pachirisu (Volt Absorb)

    60 Poliwag (Swift Swim->Swift Swim/Drizzle)
    415 Combee (Hustle->Unnerve)
    459 Snover (Soundproof)
    504 Patrat (analytic)
    572 Mincinno (Skill Link)
    629 Vullaby (Weak Armor)


    * before the name or number means I have them in a friend safari and can catch in a different ball than what I have listed.
    NTC means I still NEED TO CATCH in the Safari for it. Mostly there for my own reference.
    M means I only have the males at the moment, so I'll need to Ditto breed. Mainly there for my own reference.

    AVAILABLE KANTO Hidden Abilities (Complete!) [spoil]
    1 Bulbasaur (Chlorophyll)
    *4 Charmander (Solar Power)
    7 Squirtle (Rain Dish)
    *10 Caterpie (Run Away->Tinted Lens)
    13 Weedle (Run Away->Sniper)
    16 Pidgey (Big Pecks)
    19 Rattata (Hustle)
    21 Spearow (Sniper)
    23 Ekans (Unnerve) [Luxury Ball]
    25 Pichu / Pikachu (Lightningrod)- Light Ball is NOT up for trade. [Pokeball or Quick ball, but others available upon request]
    Chose two of three: Nature, 4-5 IVs, Volt Tackle. (Volt Tackle uses up one of my two item slots, which most other Pokemon save for Nature or 5IVs instead of 3IVs)
    Non-VT egg moves not on current stock, but can be bred.
    * 27 Sandshrew (Sand Rush)
    29-34 Nidoran either gender (Hustle->Sheer Force)
    35 Cleffa / Clefairy (Friend Guard->Unaware)
    37 Vulpix (Drought)
    * 39 Igglybuff / Jigglypuff (Friend Guard->Frisk)
    41 Zubat (Infiltrator) with Egg moves: Brave Bird, Giga Drain, Nasty Plot, Hypnosis
    43 Oddish (Run Away-> Depends on Evo) [Dream Ball] [Nest Ball]
    46 Paras (Damp)
    *48 Venonat (Run Away)
    50 Diglett (Sand Force)
    52 Meowth (Unnerve)
    54 Psyduck (Swift Swim)
    * 56 Mankey (Defiant)
    *58 Growlithe (Justified) NTC
    60 Poliwag (Swift Swim-> Swift Swim/Drizzle) [Ultra Ball] Haze
    63 Abra (Magic Guard)
    66 Machop (Steadfast)
    72 Tentacool (Rain Dish)
    74 Geodude (Sand Veil, ability banned by smogon) [Luxury Ball]
    77 Ponyta (Flame body)
    79 Slowpoke (Regenerator)
    82 Magnemite (Analytic)
    83 Farfetche'd (Defiant)
    84 Doduo (Tangled Feet) M
    86 Seel (Ice Body) M
    88 Grimer (Poison Touch)
    90 Shellder (Overcoat)
    *95 Onix (Weak Armor->Sheer Force) NTC
    96 Drowzee (Inner Focus)
    * 98 Krabby (Sheer Force)
    100 Voltorb (Aftermath)
    102 Exeggcute (Harvest)
    * 104 Cubone (Battle Armor)
    *106/107 Tyrogue->Hitmonchan/lee/top (Vital Spirit, changes upon evolution depending upon evolution)
    108 Lickitung (Cloud Nine)
    111 Rhyhorn (Reckless)
    113 Chansey (Healer)
    * 114 Tangela (Regenerator) NTC
    115 Kangaskhan (Inner Focus)
    116 Horsea (Damp) [Luxury Ball]
    118 Goldeen (Lightning Rod)
    120 Staryu (Analytic)
    122 Mr. Mime (technician)
    123 Scyther (Steadfast->Light Metal) Can breed DEFOG (otherwise requires a 4 game transfer)
    124 Smoochum/Jynx (Hydration->Dry Skin)
    *125 Electabuzz (Vital Spirit)
    126 Magmar (Vital Spirit) Thunder Punch, Mega Punch, Barrier, and forgot the 4th
    127 Pinsir (Moxie)
    128 Tauros (Sheer Force, Male only)
    129 Magikarp (Rattled->Moxie)
    131 * Lapras (Hydration) Freeze Dry Egg move
    132 Ditto (Imposter, via Safari) but not going to farm for ridiculous IVs for you.
    133 Eevee (Anticipation)-Can custom breed 4IVs (5IVs if male), ability, and up to four egg moves. Also have access to ORAS tutors [Hyper Voice!]
    137 Porygon (Analytic)
    138 Omayte (Weak Armor) M
    140 Kabuto (Weak Armor)
    142 Aerodactyl (Unnerve) Dream Ball
    143 Munchlax / Snorlax (Gluttony) Can add egg moves: Self Destruct, Curse, Whirlwind, Pursuit (Egg moves may lose option to choose nature due to incense). Can do Heavy Ball if you want normal abilities.
    * 147 Dratini (Marvel Scale->Multiscale) Extreme Speed
    LEGENDARY 151 Mewtwo (Unnerve) [Not for trade]

    AVAILABLE JOHTO Hidden Abilities (Completed!)[spoil]
    152 Chikorita (Leaf Guard)
    155 Cyndaquil (Flash Fire)
    158 Totodile (Sheer Force)
    161 Sentret (Frisk)
    163 Hoothoot (Tinted Lens)
    *165 Ledyba (Rattled-> Iron Fist) NTC
    167 Spinarak (Sniper) [Dream Ball]
    170 Chinchou (Water Absorb)
    * 175 Togepi (Super Luck) [Premier Ball]
    177 Natu (Magic Bounce)
    179 Mareep (Plus)
    183 Marill (Sap Sipper) [Dusk Ball]
    185 Sudowoodo (Rattled) [Luxury Ball]
    187 Hoppip (Infiltrator)
    190 Aipom (Skill Link)
    191 Sunkern (Early Bird)
    193 Yanma (Frisk)
    *194 Wooper (Unaware) [net ball]
    198 Murkrow (Prankster->Moxie)
    *202 Wobbuffet (Telepathy)
    203 * Girafarig (Sap Sipper) [Repeat Ball]
    204 Pineco (Overcoat)
    206 Dunsparce (Rattled) M
    207 Gligar (Immunity->Poison Heal)
    209 Snubbull (Rattled)
    211 Qwilfish (intimidate)
    213 Shuckle (Contrary) [dream]
    214 Heracross (Moxie)
    * 215 Sneasel (Pickpocket)
    * 216 Teddiursa (Honey Gather->Quick Feet)
    218 Slugma (Weak Armor) M
    *220 Swinub (Thick Fat)
    * 222 Corsola (Regenerator)
    223 Remoraid (Moody, which is banned on Smogon)
    *225 Delibird (Insomnia) (which does same thing as normal ability Vital Spirit) (Need to catch in Safari)
    226 Mantine (Water Veil) M
    227 Skarmory (Weak Armor) M
    228 Houndour (Unnerve) M
    231 Phanpy (Sand Veil, which is traditionally banned by Smogon but not by VCG)
    234 Stantler (Sap Sipper)
    * 235 Smeargle (Moody, which is banned on Smogon)
    236 Tyrougue/Hitmon line - (Vital Spirit-> varies by Evo)
    241 Miltank (Sap Sipper)
    246 Larvitar (Sand Veil->Unnerve)
    LEGENDARY 249 Lugia Multiscale (not for trade)
    LEGENDARY 250 HO-OH Regenerator (not for trade)

    AVAILABLE HOENN Hidden abilities (Completed!) [spoil]
    252 Treecko (Unburden)
    255 Mudkips (Damp)
    258 Torchic (Speed Boost) With some random egg moves
    261 Poochyena (Rattled->Moxie) [Dream Ball]
    263 Zigzagoon (Quick feet)
    * 265 Wurmple NTC
    270 Lotad (Own Tempo)
    * 273 Seedot (Pickpocket) NTC
    276 Tailow (Scrappy)
    278 Wingull (Rain Dish)
    280 Ralts (Telepathy)
    283 Surskit (Rain Dish->Unnerve)
    * 285 Shroomish (Quick Feet-> Technician)
    290 Nincada (Run Away->Infilitrator Ninjask) [Dream Ball]
    293 Whismur (Rattled->Scrappy)
    296 Makuhita (Sheer Force)
    299 Nosepass/Probopass
    300 Skitty (Wonder Skin)
    302 Sableeye (Prankster)
    303 Mawile (Sheer Force)
    304 Aron (Heavy Metal) [Dream Ball]
    307 Meditite (Telepathy)
    * 309 Electrike (Minus)
    311 Plusle (Lightningrod)
    312 Minun (Volt Absorb)
    *313 Volbeat (Trick/Baton Pass/Encore available on Volbeat)
    314 Illumise (need to double check if I got a safari, but do have this one)
    315 Roselia (Leaf Guard)
    316 Gulpin (Gluttony)
    318 Carvahna (Speed Boost)
    320 Wailmer (Pressure)
    * 322 Numel (Own Tempo-> Anger Point) NTC
    324 Torkoal (Shell Armor) [Dream Ball]
    325 Spoink (Gluttony)
    327 Spinda (Contrary)-Sorry no Superpower. Can do any four egg moves though if you are willing too wait for me to setup a Smeargle for it.
    * 328 Trapinch (Sheer Force->same Levitate as normal upon evolutions) NTC
    331 Cacnea (Water Absorb)
    333 Swablu (Cloud Nine) [Dream Ball]
    335 Zangoose (Toxic Boost)
    336 Seviper (Infiltrator) [Quick Ball]
    339 Barboach (Hydration)
    *341 Corphish (Adaptability)
    345 Lileep (Storm Drain)
    347 Anorith (Swift Swim)
    349 Feebas (Adaptability->Cute Charm) [Dream Ball] Dragon Pulse, Mirror Coat, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis available upon request.
    * 352 Kecleon (Protean) Nasty Plot and Recover egg moves
    *353 Shuppet (Cursed Body) [Dream Ball]
    *355 Duskull (Frisk) NTC
    357 Tropius (Harvest)
    * 359 Absol (Justified)
    361 Snorunt (Moody, banned by Smogon) [Dream Ball]
    * 363 Spheal (Oblivious)
    366 Clamperl (Shell Armor->Water Veil Huntail/Hydration Gorebyss)
    369 Relicanth (Sturdy)
    370 Luvdisc (Hydration)
    371 Bagon (Sheer Force->Moxie) [Ultra Ball]
    374 Beldum (Light Metal)

    AVAILABLE SINNOH Hidden abilities (Completed!) [spoil]

    387 Turtwig (Shell Armor): Seed Bomb, SuperPower
    Chimchar (Iron Fist) with egg Moves: Focus Punch, Fake Out, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch
    Piplup (Defiant)
    396 Starly (Reckless)
    * 399 Bidoof (Moody, banned by Smogon) [Dusk Ball]
    401 Kricketot (Technician) [Dusk Ball] [Repeat Ball]
    * Shinx (Guts)
    408 Cranidos (Sheer Force) [Dream Ball]
    410 Shieldon (Soundproof)
    412 Burmy (Overcoat->???)
    415 Combee (Hustle->Unnerve) [Ultra Ball]
    417 Pachirisu (Volt Absorb) [Dusk Ball] [Quick Ball]
    Buizel (Water Veil)
    *422 Shellos [Pink] (Sand Force) I do have non-HA Shellos [Blue] in Dive Ball if you want those too
    Drifloon (Flare Boost) with DEFOG, which otherwise takes a 4 game transfer chain
    427 Buneary (Limber)-Egg moves available too
    431 Glameow (Keen Eye->Defiant)
    434 Stunky (Keen Eye) [Dusk Ball]
    Bronzor (Heavy Metal IIRC)
    441 Chatot (Big Pecks)
    442 Spiritomb (Infiltrator) [Dream Ball]
    *443 Gible (Rough Skin, in many gens the only Smogon-legal version of the evo line)
    447 Riolu (Prankster->Justified) [Dream Ball] Note: Copycat/Roar combo no longer works this gen
    449 Hippopotas (Sand Force)
    *451 Scorupi (Keen Eye, which also ignores acc/eva changes this gen!) NTC
    453 Croagunk (Poison Touch) Cross Chop, Wake-up Slap
    456 Finneon (Water Veil) M
    459 Snover (Soundproof) [Ultra Ball] -One of my friends has access to a Safari with it if we NEED a diff ball

    AVAILABLE UNOVA Hidden Abilities (Completed!) [spoil]

    495 Snivy (Contrary)
    498 Tepig (Thick Fat->Reckless)
    501 Oshawott (Shell Armor)
    504 Patrat (analytic) [Ultra Ball]
    * 506 Lillipup (Run Away-> Scrappy) NTC
    * 509 Purrloin [Prankster] NTC (Remember Swagger is banned on Smogon)
    511 Pansage (Overgrow)
    * 513 Pansear (Blaze) NTC
    515 Panpour (Torrent) M
    * 517 Munna (Telepathy) [Dream Ball]
    519 Pidove (Rivalry) M
    522 Blitzle (Sap Sipper)
    * 524 Roggenrola (Sand Force)
    527 Woobat (Simple)
    529 Drilbur (Mold Breaker) Egg Moves: Iron Defense and Rapid Spin (though Rapid Spin is also early levelup move).
    531 Audino (Klutz)
    532 Timburr (Iron Fist)
    * 535 Tympole (Water Absorb) [Dream Ball]
    538 Throh (Mold Breaker)
    539 Sawk (Mold Breaker)
    540 Swaddle (Overcoat) M
    544 Venipede (speed boost)
    546 Cottonnee (Chlorophyll) + plus egg moves: Memento, Encore, Grass Whistle, AND Switcheroo [Dream Ball], great IVs. Other abilities with those moves/IVs also available. Premier Ball also available if not HA.
    548 Petilil (Leaf Guard)
    550 Basculin (Mold Breaker) [Red Stripe Basculin, Pokeball]
    551 Sandile (Anger Point)
    556 Maractus (Storm Drain)
    *557 Dwebble (Weak Armor) NTC
    559 Scraggy (Intimidate)
    561 Sigilyph (Tinted Lens) [Dream Ball]
    564 Tirtouga (Swift Swim)
    *568 Trubbish (Aftermath) NTC
    *572 Mincinno (Skill Link) [Ultra Ball]
    574 Gothita (Shadow Tag!)
    577 Solosis (Regenerator)
    580 Ducklett (Hydration)
    582 Vanillite (Weak Armor) M
    * 585 Deerling (Serene Grace) NTC
    * 587 Emolga (Motor Drive)
    588 Karrablast (No Guard->Overcoat)
    591 Foongus (Regenrator)
    592 Frillish (Damp) M
    594 Alomomola (Regenerator)
    *595 Joltik (Swarm) [Dream Ball]
    Ferroseed (Upon Evolution, becomes Anticipation)
    Klink (Clear Body)
    Elgyem (Analytic)
    607 Litwick (Infiltrator) Can add Egg moves: Heat Wave and Acid armor
    610 Axew (Unnerve)
    *613 Cubchoo (Rattled->Swift Swim)
    616 Shelmet (Overcoat->Unburden)
    *618 Stunfisk (Sand Veil) NTC
    619 Meinfoo (Reckless)
    * 621 Druddigon (Mold Breaker) [Dream Ball] Sucker Punch (normally a 2-3 step chainbreed)
    * 622 Golett (No Guard)
    *624 Pawniard (Pressure) [Repeat Ball]
    626 Bouffalant (Soundproof)
    627 Rufflet (Hustle -> Defiant)
    629 Vullaby (Weak Armor) [Ultra Ball]
    631 Heatmor (White Smoke)
    632 Durant (Truant) Isn't this thing the Battle Maison destroyer if used right?
    636 Larvesta (Swarm)
    LEGENDARY Landorus/Thundurus/Tornadus (not for trade, might trade for extras if decent nature/iv)

    AVAILABLE KALOS hidden abilities [Completed until Amaura releases in March]
    * Chespin (Bulletfproof)
    * Fennekin (Magician)
    * Froakie (Protean)-Egg moves upon request
    * 659 Bunnelby (Huge Power)
    * 661 Fletchling (Gale Wings) [Premier Ball] [Repeat Ball]
    * 664 Scatterbug (Friend Guard)
    667 Litleo (Moxie)
    * 669 Flabebe (Symbiosis)
    672 Skiddo (Grass Pelt) [Great Ball]
    * 674 Pancham (Scrappy) NTC
    677 Espurr (Own Tempo-> Prankster Male/Competitive Female) Trick/Barrier/Yawn egg moves. Calm/Modest/Timid also get MINIMUM of imperfect 5IVs.
    682 Spitzee (Aroma Veil)
    684 Swirlix (Unburden)
    686 Inkay (Infiltrator)
    *688 Binacle (Pickpocket) NTC
    Skrelp (Adaptability !)
    * 694 Helioptile (Solar Power)
    696 Tyrunt (Sturdy->whatever stops recoil)
    701 Hawlucha (Mold Breaker)
    * Dedenne (Plus) NTC
    703 Carbink (Sturdy)
    704 Goomy (Gooey) Dive Ball
    707 Klefki (Magician)
    * 708 Phantump (Harvest) NTC
    *710 Pumpkaboo (Insomnia) (from Halloween themed 2014 wifi event, USA)
    712 Bergmite (Sturdy) [Great Ball]
    * 714 Noibat (Telepathy)[/spoil] [/spoil]

    SEEKING LIST [Not trading Legends or Mega Stones though. Will trade some customized breeds for them though. In some cases multiple breeds]

    (reminder: NO POWERSAVES!)
    Legit Extreme Speed Zigzagoon or Linoone. Preferably Adamant or Jolly Jump Fiesta Linoone with pretty good IVs.
    Legit, Self obtained ORAS native good nature Groudon
    Legit, Self obtained ORAS native good nature Kyogre
    Legit, Self-obtained ORAS native Rayquaza with good nature
    Legit, Self-Obtained ORAS native Deoxys with good nature (for at least 1 form)
    Other Legit Self Obtained ORAS native Legendaries with good nature.

    Foreign (not USA/English) breedable Pokemon with great IVs

    Seeking multiple Cosplay Pikachu with good IV+nature[spoil]
    Adamant 31 Attack and 31 Speed.
    Jolly: 31 Attack 31 Speed
    Modest: 31 SAtk 31 Speed
    Timid: 31 Satk 31 Speed
    Hasty with IVs: 31 Atk 31Satk 31Speed
    Naive with IVs: 31 Atk 31Satk 31Speed
    Note: The Cosplay Pikachu are automatic 3IVs minimum and cannot be bred. [/spoil]

    FUTURE SEEKING (not released as of March 10, 2015)
    NOTE: If you have a hacked or edited I DON'T WANT IT. This section is mainly so I don't forget later if/when they release.[spoil]
    Legit Shiny Celebi (JP Bonus Disc cannot give shiny if using official hardware, so not accepting yet) [mainly wanted due to Mystery Dungeon]
    Snow Warning Amaura (not released yet, plan to get myself once released)
    Hoopa (LIKELY, but not yet certain, to be a JP event in mid2015)
    Pokemon #721 (No date yet, likely to be 2016 or later)[/spoil]

    EFFECTIVE MARCH 10, 2015! This test ONLY applies to the stuff like that screams "I'm probably hacked" like 6IV Shiny legends, Ridiculous IV Ditto, Ridiculous IV "old gen only" moves, etc. It does NOT apply to reasonable stuff like HA+IV bred XY/ORAS native Pokemon or Synchronize-natured nonshiny 3-4IV ORAS native legends. Yeah, I had a couple issues recently with hacks. Including receiving three hacked Dittos between December 2014-February 2015 which could be traced back to the person who gave them TO the person I got them from. Two of those three where where the person who gave them to me and the person who gave it to them knew eachother IRL.

    The LITERALLY PROVE LEGIT test is as follows. [spoil]
    I will assume it's fake and not accept it unless LITERALLY (pre-2013 definition) you show me LIVE (not pre-recording of a formerly livestream) via Skype, Oovoo, etc for the entire process* with both your screen and your system CLEARLY VISIBLE and free of cheat devices, etc. That must be maintained from before the time of turning the system on and spamming the soft resets until after the time in which I receive the Pokemon. In the event you need to transfer to other gens, BOTH systems must be clearly visible and free of cheat devices, etc. Yep I even have to watch you import it across the gens if it's extreme RNG of old gen stuff (6IV Ditto, Shiny or Ridiculous IV on "old gen only" moves, etc). Otherwise I will correctly assume that it's at best formerly legit stuff that got turned into powersaved crap and refuse it.
    * The process for stuff like 6IV Shiny ORAS Legend with proper nature would be over 100k+ soft resets, IIRC. [/spoil]
    Last edited: May 31, 2015
  2. too-weak

    too-weak Member

    An old "Bump" post. Currently using as a template for when I re-design the OP. It's got the EV/EXP info right but everything else is VERY barren still so please use the actual first post to look stuff up.

    Offering ALL breedable released Hidden abilities. Can also do Egg moves, IV Breeding (Gender, nature, perfect 5IV), EV Training, leveling to 50ish, and more!

    OFFERING [spoil]
    Custom Breeding! [spoil] Form below
    Gender Pokemon
    Ability (if it's the HA, please state this in addition to what that HA actually is)
    Nature IV/IV/IV/IV/IV/IV
    Egg Move 1, Egg Move 2, Egg Move 3, Egg Move 4
    Anything else required such as EV training or leveling up.

    "RARE" Egg moves [spoil] (as of XY required event OR transfer from old gen, but CAN be bred down once you get one yourself)
    ESpeed Dratini (HGSS instory event or Gen5 DW)
    Defog Scyther (DPP->HGSS->Unova->Gen6)
    Defog Drifloon (See Scyther)
    Self Destruct Munchlax (JP HGSS Pokewalker event OR a GC game reward) (must hatch as Munchlax so either forfeit 2IVs OR forfeit nature)

    EV TRAINING and/or EXP (either you lend it to me to train or for the ones I'm hatching for you) [spoil]
    COST: One evolution stone that CANNOT be bought or Pickup (Dusk, Dawn, or Shiny IIRC)
    ONE STONE entitles you ONE Pokemon going from 0EV to fully EV trained and to Lv50ish (may end up slightly above 50)
    IF you have a second Pokemon, both run a 252/252/6 spread, both share a 252 that IS NOT SATK... I can do a second at the same time for free, but both must be supplied at the same time to qualify for this offer.
    If you have FIVE Pokemon that all run that spread with a shared 252 THAT IS NOT SATK I can do ALL FIVE FOR JUST TWO STONES!
    Note: EXP is based on Blissey bases. You may need to wait a day for them to reload if I've already used them up.

    I can also do more... complex... EV spreads, such as this monstrosity for instance. But no bulk discounts for something like this
    4HP 68Def 252SAtk 92SDef 92 Speed
    For those curious, that insanity was for a Modest Choice Scarf Chatot intended for use in Blue Pentagon-only Sinnoh Vs Sinnoh fight (where only it or offspring of a chain transferred Drifloon get access to ANY form of hazard removal).[/spoil]

    SEEKING POKEMON[spoil]Cosplay Pikachu. Lots of Cosplay Pikachu. Varying natures for +Atk, +Satk, or +Speed.
    SEEKING EVENTS [spoil][/spoil]

    Sunday-Meeting at 9am, otherwise available

    Possible interferences: IRL friends MIGHT come over for Smash or help getting room cleaned better for new Computer. Two of my online friends may want to mess around with Splatoon, Bloodbourne, and/or Pokemon.

    Monday-Back to work at unknown scheduling, probably working 4-6 days next week and back to working 6days/week after that[/spoil]
    Last edited: May 30, 2015
  3. Jquin94

    Jquin94 New Member

    I have a 5 IV adamant aerodacytl up for trade. (31/31/31/xx/31/31)
    I would really like an ha slowpoke that is bold natured
  4. too-weak

    too-weak Member

    I'll accept that aerodactyl for my HA Slowpoke with that spread. Would you rather have male or female for Slowpoke, or doesn't matter?

    I'll need some time to hatch one for you. Might be ready tonight if everything goes well. But Sunday at the latest. I'll PM once I'm set on my side.

    EDIT: cancelt hat edit, I misread.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2014
  5. Jquin94

    Jquin94 New Member

    I'll take a female slowpoke. Just PM me when youre done
  6. too-weak

    too-weak Member

    Been away from the shop for awhile, but I am back in business! And updated my Hidden ability listings too. Phione, Ditto and any nonlegendary are available without Hidden ability if you just need to fill your dex, even if they aren't listed anywhere in the shop.

    Feel free to peruse my list. Mainly I am breeding and seeking Hidden Ability Pokémon that I don't have yet. But am also willing to trade for X exclusive Mega Stones or various legendaries and/or events (remember legit only. Pokegen with legal moveset = NOT LEGIT and thus not accepted).

    Need a special breed (egg moves, etc)? Even if it's not a competitively viable set? That's fine by me. Gives me an excuse to try for some shinies and also expands my list of options for future projects. So go ahead and ask away!
  7. Rock2000256

    Rock2000256 Returning Veteran

    I have a ha hippopotas I'll trade for a ha skitty or ha carbink.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2014
  8. too-weak

    too-weak Member

    Skitty or Carbink? Sure I can get you one of those. any nature, IV, gender, or egg move you need? Or is just any with HA fine? Got almost a 9 hour workday Friday, so I'll aim for Saturday night to hatch you one. I'll still need your FC at some point too.
  9. Rock2000256

    Rock2000256 Returning Veteran

    That works. I'll take carbink and my FC is 0018-2306-9140.
  10. koo koo puff

    koo koo puff Unown Agent

    hello. just wondering if you have a male litwick (or any in this family) with an egg move: heat wave? i really don't care for a good or great IV spread seeing that i am going to breed it. i really don't know what i can offer other than a bold Mr. Mime with egg move fake out or a Duskull with egg move pain split. or if you're looking for a specific pokemon with a HA you don't have i can look one up in my friend safari. the types in my friend safari are: dragon, fairy, normal, bug, ground, grass, fire, grass, water, electric, ghost, fighting and psychic.
  11. too-weak

    too-weak Member

    Any chance you got a Bouffalant or Aolosis (or Duosion or whichver shows in Safari)? I'll hatch up some Heat Wave Litwick after work today. I should be able to trade tonight (USA Central time -6GMT) if you are ready by then. Going to update wants section to include some Safari Pokemon I don't have yet too. So take a look at that today, anything in there that doesn't say I have a trade in the works will be fine.

    I just transferred over a Heat Wave Litwick from Black 2 earlier this week. Normally, the only way to get a Litwick with Heat Wave is breeding a member of the Slugma or Litwick line with the move. But the only way either of those initially got the move was from Gen5 tutors.
  12. koo koo puff

    koo koo puff Unown Agent

    i got a Duosion :) you need it female? do you need it a specific pokeball? my fc is: 1891-1275-2676. i'm PST in here so if you want to trade later today just hit me up.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2014
  13. too-weak

    too-weak Member

    Duosion? Yeah I'll certainly take that. Got one extra with no IVs, but next batch should have 2-3 IVs. FC is in sig. Back from work so I'm good whenever. just gotta get eachother registered.
  14. koo koo puff

    koo koo puff Unown Agent

    i just got on. i'll capture that duosion and hit you back up when i'm done.
  15. koo koo puff

    koo koo puff Unown Agent

    i finally caught it xD i can trade with you whenever you're available.
  16. too-weak

    too-weak Member

    OK, I can trade now if you want 0iv, or can breed for better IVs if you like. Egg moves Heat Wave and Acid Armor on Male Litwick
  17. koo koo puff

    koo koo puff Unown Agent

    i really don't care much for the IVs cause i'm gonna breed it :) sorry for the double post earlier. i used my 3ds earlier and it was double posting my post x(
  18. too-weak

    too-weak Member

    One moment, all I got on me atm are female. Be back in a few min
  19. koo koo puff

    koo koo puff Unown Agent

    it's all good :)
  20. too-weak

    too-weak Member

    Sorry had orders for at least three people due today (plus two more who may or may not log on tonight). So boxes are a little disorganized. Had five Litwicks with heat wave, but all were females. Got a male for you now though.

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