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Too young to post?

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by FE21, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Silent_Vibrava

    Silent_Vibrava Fanfiction Writer

    My sentiments are right here, except that I am worried that kids will be taken advantage of by older people. I wish forums everywhere sent out a special message for people younger than their target base and gave a few pieces of advice. It would go to every member at registration, and warm kids of the potential dangers or messages predators might say.

    We all know kids aren't going to listen and still register. We don't know what they're parents are teaching them, if anything. At least make some preparations in case they are totally oblivious. I think serebiiforums could be a great role model for this, as Pokemon has a fan base with diverse ages.
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  2. On another forum that I browse there was a 14 year old kid that constantly posted crap and was getting insulted and shunned by the older members ( myself included, I must admit ) and it caused a big scene, and the idea of an age limit was brought up, the idea behind it to protect kids from the experience the 14 year old kid had on the forum. So, I can understand it, and if you want to lie about your age so you can join the forum, and then you go on to be ''bullied'' by the older members, it's your own fault, because the forum has its rules.
  3. Cassafrass1999

    Cassafrass1999 A new beginning! <3

    I am fourteen and I love the forums I have joined... been online since I was 12 or 13, and I admit I HAVE experienced cyber bullying sadly (not on this forum, a different one), but I was ok and got through it thanks to another member on the forum that was very nice and helped me through it. I don't think there should be an age limit on forums. Yeah, sure, there may be the occasional kid who gets in trouble on the forums for posting random stuff or stuff like that, but all you have to do is ban or warn him if need be! And if you do this to try to "protect" kids from the evilness that can happen on the internet, just think that he can STILL get on the internet on pretty much any site he wants no matter what... so just think about it. Serebii is one of the best forums I have ever experienced, and there are LOTS of worse sites kids can get on out there, even if (for example) Serebii had an age limit. Plus, why would his/her parents allow him/her on the internet anyways if they didn't trust him/her (unless the kid was getting on without permission, which is another story). I could bore you and keep going on about this subject, but I won't. In conclusion I think that an age limit wouldn't be the best idea, as it would limit many kids (such as me) to what they can do on the internet. Just look at me - this is the place I can post my stories on and get well written reviews. If it weren't for the internet, it would be a whole lot harder to be able to do this. I have only just turned fourteen this June, and I try to follow the rules and be as kind as I can towards other members. And remember - adults can be bullies/trolls/etc. as well. Blocking kids from sites just doesn't seem fair... now, I understand banning kids from sites that are VERY bad (with like inappropriate pictures and stuff), but on sites that are so well taken care of such as Serebii, it just doesn't seem like a very fair or good idea.

    Now remember that the above is just my opinion, and you may or may not agree with it. But this is just my take on this whole situation. :)
  4. Terry. T.

    Terry. T. One and Only...

    I joined age 9 or 10. Got off to a rocky start with an infraction on day one but I've got used to the site and I'm enjoying it loads when I come here...
  5. Cassafrass1999

    Cassafrass1999 A new beginning! <3

    Same thing happened to me (minus the joined at age 9 or ten part lol) XP
  6. Mew The Gato

    Mew The Gato ___________

    If the person was posting bad things, then he kind of deserved it.

    Cyber Bullying? Can they hurt you? No. If they insult someone, the person should not listen to the bully. Bullies are not to be taken seriously.

    There is a difference between a genuine critic and a bully. If someone listens to a bully and takes him or her seriously, then it is the person's own fault.
  7. TheGiftedFlareon

    TheGiftedFlareon Tactician's Gambit

    It really depends what website you are on. I mean, you do not want a five year old on Facebook! But on something like this, it is somewhat better. There are TONS of Pedobears out there, so you really have to monitor them depending how old they are.

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