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toon link.


Toon link
For some reason i took my sisters A3 sketch book and decided to draw some things in it. Over the past 3 weeks i've managed to draw one drawing only which is of toon link and i'm just wondering if people can give me comments on it and any areas that i can improve on remeber that this is my first picture ever drawn and i took my time with it.


Link for actual size:

I don't know if 3 weeks is a long time or not to be drawing a picture but i only continued with it 2 times a week since i didn't want to rush it all in 1 or 3days.

If people say it's good and help me improve i'll end up drawing another one but of chopper from one piece. xD

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Dude that is great! How do you draw so perfect?


<--I look like that!
Its a well done drawing and the shading is as good. I've seen a drawing of toon link on google images that looks similar to this. Did you use that as a reference? I only have a few things to comment about. The eyes are a bit wierd, it looks like the right eye is a little bigger than the left. Also, the sheild isn't symmetrical. The borders on one side are thicker and the sides aren't alined. That and Link looks pugdey. Maybe he needs to excercise:D
O.0 Wow, I think you've found a talent, my friend! Although I like it overall, I don't think the expression really fits Toon Link. I just picture him as a bit of a goof, not the serious type. Of course, if you did a follow up pic with a pig hitting him in the head and draw him with a suprised/stunned expression, it could be pretty funny. Anyways, I think you could really do Chopper justice if you do decide to draw him. One other thing, it seems to me that Link's body may be a bit too wide, but it's not really that noticable.


Toon link
Thanks for all the tips and comments. I shall take it all into account when i do my next drawing.

I've also seen a simmiler drawing and i think it's the same one you are talking about eMAN although i didn't use it as a refrence. I used this image of link from phantom hourglass and just looked at it on my computer screen and started to draw it from there. This is the image i used to draw my picture:


Also now that i look at it i did make his body alittle too big xD.
That look great! i love the way it look just like link!


Toon Link looks a bit chubby in that drawing, but I like the details of the back of his shield though.

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Wow. That is a great picture you drew.

Keep up the great work.

Well done. ^^


Toon link
Thanks for the comments. Make sure you click the link underneath him since thats the real size of the picture and he looks less fat in it since i re-sized it in a silly way on photoshop i will re-size it when i get the chance.