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Toonami gets Johto Journies!



Wow...I have never heard anyone say that before!

I'm looking forward to this because I finally get to see the end of the Orange Islands. I would prefer Toonami to get back to new Advance Battle episodes, though.


Feather Trainer
I for one would like more Advanced Battle Episodes. One a week this time maybe....with Toonami that would never happen. I really wish that we has Sky One back :(. I hate Toonami no new episodes until at least February...

I hope that if they ever do finish Advanced Battle, they do a better Job with the next Season if they get it.

Johto Journies I don't mind, its the fact that they don't seem to be thinking about Advanced Battle.

Eternal Eievui

Well-Known Member
Holy crap, I should have looked to see that was a .pdf file. Froze my computer ~_~

Anyways. I personally liked The Johto Journies. The series introduced Casey, Heracross, Chikorita and many other classics.

I was *so* young when these episodes were new in the United States. I can remember that Saturday, sitting infront of the TV when the Orange League ended and Johto started up. David Gallagher was hosting one of those "themed" Saturdays *shudders*.

Johto Journies also had the sadder moments, like Squirtle & Charizard's departures :(.


Battle Factory Champion
Wow this is news to me as I type, been busy with Univertsity assignments and such.

OK Just to clear things up this is season 3 of 4Kids's production rather than just the "Johto Journeys". That includes the 11 remaining Orange Island ones and the 40/41 (can't remember how many) of the total Johto Journey's arc.

This is great where although Toonami suck at editting jobs, we're getting so much pokémon now across many seasons at many hours of the day, it's too good to be true.

I just hope they play the opening theme song on a regular basis, such a sweet tune.