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Toonami is doing good

And the first new show to be added this Saturday is...


Aww, how cute.

It's anything BUT.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
One of the many candidates to become a certain kind of king is back:

At this rate, it'll only take us 10 years to get fully caught up!

Last I recall, Toonami ended the run in a filler with the pirate Luffy fought while wearing an afro, so Toonami is skipping all these big spoilers:

The crew reaches Sabaody Archipelago.
They get completely owned after Luffy picks a fight against government authorities.
The group is separated by Bartholomew Kuma and sent away to random locations.
Luffy ends up meeting Boa Hancock, who slowly falls in love with him but he can't notice that.
Luffy requests Boa's help to infiltrate Impel Down and rescue Ace before his execution.
Luffy rains hell in the prison, fails to prevent Ace from being shipped out, basically lets other villains escape with him under a truce, and Mr. Bon Clay becomes the new secret king of the prison's hidden area.
Luffy tries to rescue Ace from his execution. Ultimately fails. The audience cries for weeks.
Luffy realizes that his crew is just not ready for what's to come and so hunkers down and trains with Silvers Rayleigh, with the rest of the separated crew mates doing the same.
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