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Top 3 worst pokemon designes

#3-Lickylicky/Lickitung: A pokemon that likes to lick things. Woahh, I'm so scared of that thing.

#2-Lopunny: (I can't believe I'm Saying This)A playboy bunny showed of to kids

#1-Stunfisk: Self-Explanatory
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Omg. Stunfisk is supposed to be a fish but really, the sound that it makes is more like a whoopie cushion.

Conkeldurr - That thing looks like a boogie man to me

Seismitoad - Also looks like something that would hide in my closet

Cofagrigus - .....wtf :/

Edit: I'm just gonna leave this here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYeDFd2W3dE


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I don't think any of the Pokemon have poor designs in the first place, they all look fine to me, some I like more then others but I don't consider any "bad" or to be the "worst".


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1. Trubbish/Garbodor
*designers trying to think of pokémon designs* *looks to the side and sees a bag of rubbish* aha!

2. Stunfisk, obviously.

3. Bidoof

Others include Lickilicky and Alomomola ><


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#3-Bidoof: *Intimidating?* beaver.

#2-Lopunny: Playboy bunny showed of to 12-year olds

#1-Stunfisk: Self-Explanatory

And you have a "lupunny is the best" in your signature LOL

no design is bad no one here can have 649 better ideas that everyone will like and in the same style.

Loppuny is also a easter rabbit.. anyway children don't look lupunny as a playboy bunny... like you knew what it was when you were 12...
Bidoof isn't meant to intimidate... so is pichu,cleppa igglipuff all the baby pokemons.

Stunfisk well it have a derpy look indeed but I guess it meant to have a funny design...

I only have 1 pokemon I dislike though... it is Jynx... I don't get her design at all I thing it is poorly designed.
The rest are good ideas..

WTF is wrong with trubbish and garbardor design..... we got muk and grimer and the gen 3 blobs!


Bibarel's adorable.
3: Electrode. (Yes, I know it's supposed to be based off of a Mimic, which is a monster treasure chest, but they could have improvised on Voltorb MORE THAN THAT. What about a Pokeball TRANSFORMER or something?

2: Dugtrio. (...Three digletts, just angry and at different heights.)

1: Magneton. (LITERALLY three Magnemites. Gee, what an amazing design. Sarcasm.)

Also, don't hate on Trubbish and Garbodor. Garbodor's boss. Also, you try making a garbage bag look as adorable as Trubbish.


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Living manmade objects are a solid no for me.


1. Spiritomb
2. Banette
Keep in mind that I love most Pokemon designs and these are still pretty cool. In fact, I don't think there's a single design I hate in the whole series( including characters, cities and Pokemon).

blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon


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Vanillite and Garbodor are pretty bad, but the worst of all:

Medicham. He's very... phallicly shaped.


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Stunfisk, pignite, emboar, sigilyph, conkeldurr, gurdurr, troh, sawk, accelgor, beheeyem, eglyem, escavalier, cobalion, tornadus, thundurus, landorus. <-And that's only from the 5th gen.


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Hypno and Drowsy. I hate these designs to hell and back.
Wormadam. The eff GameFreak?
Jynx. The key weapon against nostalgists, this abomination is truly a low moment in Pokemon history.


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1.Muk it's just a pile of sluge
2. Electrode a upside pokeball real Original!
3. Charizard it's just a fat orange western based dragon with a flame on his tail!