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Top 3 worst pokemon designes


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This. Any opinion on how bad a Pokemon looks is just that, a opinion.

Mhmm. Overall, I don't think any Pokemon's design is the worst, and I don't mind if they're based on inanimate objects/certain animals/aliens/tools/or anything else you can come up with.

Also, I find the ice cream Pokemon pretty adorable, especially Vanillite. :3


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Also, I find the ice cream Pokemon pretty adorable, especially Vanillite. :3

I love Vanillite, so cute.

My top 3 worst designs are:

Garbodor, Stunfisk, Druddigon


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My least favorite designs -- even though I appreciate all Pokemon -- are probably, in no particular order:

Dugtrio/Magneton -- Really? That's the most original thing they could come up with? Add another two heads to the same thing and call it an "evolution"? Disappointing.
Phione - I never understood the purpose of it, it's just a weaker, less attractive, Manaphy.
The "Simi" monkeys - My least favorite designs of the 5th gen, which I was actually really happy with overall. I really liked Pansage and Panpour too, but their evolutions were just so disappointing to me.

The ice cream don't bother me and Druddigon is actually one of my favorite Dragon-types despite it being one of the least popular, apparently. o_O


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Since this is a matter of opinion, I'd prefer it to be called "least favorite".
My 3 least favorite pokemon are...

I'm not a big fan of pokemon I find ugly.
It is new. Therefore, it sucks [/end nostalgia glasses]
Yeah, ElectivireAddict let's his nostalgia get in the way of every opinion. He simply hates the 4th gen.

I'm sorry, I just felt that was necessarily. But anyway, I just want to note, you don't have to have a reason or justification to dislike a pokemon. It's all a matter of opinion. If you don't like how it looks, you don't like how it looks. Period. If find the three pokemon I listed an eyesore, and ugly, but I can't explain why I think somethings ugly. I could explain why I think a pokemon is cool, like Absol and Swellow, and justify it because they are slender and speedy, like most of my favorites, but then what about Luxray? I like that to, and it isn't slender or speedy.

There was a poll here in Serebii, and almost all users here liked the 5th gen. Like, 98 or 99% of them at least. The reason so many 5th gen pokemon are being posted is because a lot of them were "hit or miss". Vanillite is probably the greatest example. I mean, pokemon has made inanimate objects before, but food? That's crazy. It's a pokemon people either love(and you've got to admit, it's pretty cute) or hate.
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1. RBY Golbat - Erk. What the heck is that...
2. RBY Exeggutor - Derp.
3. Blastoise - What kinda pose is that?

intergalactic platypus

Only rescues maidens
Some less mentioned ones...
Venusaur-Beloved by nostalgia fans, but just really ugly and awful.
Seismitoad-I cannot get over the ugly. It's just astounding.
Kingdra-I can't say why I hate it, but I do. It actually makes my skin crawl.


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Here's my list:
1. Any 5th gen Pokemon
2. Any 5th gen Pokemon
3. Any 5th gen Pokemon


Bibarel's adorable.
Here's my list:
1. Any 5th gen Pokemon
2. Any 5th gen Pokemon
3. Any 5th gen Pokemon

Take off the rose-colored glasses, please. 5th gen has a lot of cool Pokemon.


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1. Sceptile, I was hoping for a better grovyle in design
2. Combisken, not even sure what happened here
3. Ludicolo, um... Is it a pineapple?

I could actually list almost any gen 3 poke to be honest, their are a few exceptions


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1.Muk(Least creative evolution EVER!)
2.Electrode(Same as above)

How dare some of you say Stunfisk he has an amazing design. Don't hate the Fisk. Love it Bro!