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Top 5 video game consoles


So 1991
Since there is a top 5 list for video games I thought there should be one for consoles as well. If you have more than 5 you can list those as well just don't go overboard. You do not have to own all of the consoles on your list. Be sure to explain reasons for your choices.

5. Playstation/Saturn- a tie. Saturn had better 2d grapics and did arcade ports better, playstation lasted longer and had a better game selection as a result.
4. Nintendo Entertainment System- The start of so many video game franchises and in my opinion the first home video game console that was worth getting.
3. Super Nintendo- Best game selection of the 16 bit era. Had the Super gameboy attachment. Also my first video game system.
2. Playstation 2- Possibly the best selection of games of any console plus the ability to play PS1 games. Still being made to day and in my opinion the best console to get right now. DVD playback is also a nice feature.
1. Dreamcast- So many great games released in such a short timespan. Many innovative new ideas were implemented with this console.

Honorable Mention- TurboGrafx-16- Possibly the most underrated console ever. Had a CD attachment that didn't suck. Managed to dethrone the NES in Japan.

Edit: Handheld systems, computers and arcade machines do not count as consoles.
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If handhelds count

5. Gamecube: It was a waste of money. It sucked.
4. N64: It was pretty fun
3.DS : Love the games
2. Wii: Lots of fun in mutiplayer SSBB and MKW
1. GBA: I remember how much I loved my GBA. I remember how I played Pkmn and Mario for hours. I only bought the DS cause the next gen of Pkmn was moving up a console.


5. PS2 - Only because of the KH series and Jak & Daxter series

4. Gamecube - It was the big N's first disc-based console

3. 360 - Just for the third party titles I want so I won't run out of space for the Wii versions of the games

2. Wii - Playing multiplayer online was fun

1. N64 - It was my first console
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Old Coot
3.DS : Love the games
1. GBA: I remember how much I loved my GBA. I remember how I played Pkmn and Mario for hours. I only bought the DS cause the next gen of Pkmn was moving up a console.
3. DS - Touch screens FTW
Handhelds are not consoles.

The PSP was the first commercially successful disc-based handheld system.

Didn't make it good.
Dattebayo logic.

Also, better comparison would be using the SEGA CD, Turbo Grafx-CD, NEOGEO CD, CD-i, Jaguar and 3D0 as the first consoles to use CDs.


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5. Atari 2600 - I like retro games :D
4. NES / Nintendo 8-bit - Super Mario Bros. 1-3, Mega Man 1-6, Final Fantasy etc.
3. PS2 - Ratchet & Clank games are really good :)
2. PS1 - I've probably "wasted" at least 2000 hours playing Crash Team Racing...
1. SNES / Super Nintendo - my first console, and I had SUPER MARIO WORLD for it :D


En Prócsem
9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999. PS3 - Do I have to say it?

6. PS1 - The best of the PlayStations IMO, had some amazing games that all had shicraploads of replay value. Plus, TWISTED METAL 4!

5. Wii - SSBB, TP and MP3. No other real reason.


3. GCN - I grew up with this console, and it had some good games.

2. Nintendo 64 - Also grew up with this console. It had even more good games than the GCN and (most definitely) the Wii ever had.

1. Xbox 360 - The best console of this generation IMO. Also IMO, it has the widest selection of decent to simply awesome games.

It was top 6 (PS3 doesn't count), but hey.
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Vintage much?
1) NES (It was the first console I played, I am old and the most I have memories with when I was like 3 playing with my cousin who had it and it changed video games for the better)

2) PS1 (My First console, that I still have it as well, Got it in 1996)

3) SNES (It was a great console, Great games and it was very entertaining)

4) Sega Saturn (Interesting choice but I found it more enjoyable than the N64)

5) N64 (It had good games and good graphics for its time but I really didn't like it that much)


Eh, ragazzo!
9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999. PS3 - Do I have to say it?
Yes. Yes you do. Care to explain to me why such a good system would be so low in the count. It would at least be better than the Phillips CD-i. Continuing on with the PS3, I perfectly understand that it is not the best system for its buck, but what it can do is incredible. Sure, it has blu-ray, but I'm talking about what it can do with games. MGS4 was a perfect match for the PS3 because it utilized its functions like a charm. This is why MGS4 is considered one of the best games for its generation.

Anyway, I'm going to make a list, but not put a lot of description into it. I figured that I would mix it up a bit, so it won't be one of those boring, typical Nintendo on all five lists.

5. Gamecube- Unfortunately, people don't realize how cool it was to have a purple lunchbox, or platinum in my case. It has a better library than the Wii currently, with many different games. It is durable and has a cool design to it.
4. PS2- It has a great library, with Final Fantasy, Katamari, and Metal Gear among them. It's good for it's money, and it's large library can suit many gamers' wants. Guess who might get one later.
3. Wii- It's so underrated, but it's innovations are good. It has a few flaws, but it can move around them effectively. If more devotion was put into the Wii, I'm sure we would get better quality games.
2. Genesis- It revolutionized gaming in a whole new way. It started the great rivalry between Sega and Nintendo, pressuring both to make top quality games.
1. Super NES- It brought great games to Nintendo. Its games can be appreciated not only because they are classics, but they are also good games in general.


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(Note: to make this more "reasonable", I'm only going to go by what I've actually played on, than by what I've read. Hope this makes sense)

5. Sega Genesis.

4. Game Cube

3. Nintendo Wii

2. Xbox 360

1. Nintendo 64/SNES (tied)

Considering the games I've actually played on, the Nintendo 64 along with the Super Nintendo had some of the most memorable games I've ever played. The fact that you could pick up a 3rd party game it could actually be good was something that unfortunately, doesn't always happen these days.

SNES is tied mainly because of how many great games that thing has. From Super Mario World, to Super Metroid, to Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario RPG, there was just about every game imaginable (oh... Earthbound perhaps?).

So there.



it shone! ^_^
Also, better comparison would be using the SEGA CD, Turbo Grafx-CD, NEOGEO CD, CD-i, Jaguar and 3D0 as the first consoles to use CDs.

Is it disturbing that I think we've own all of those consoles in our household except for the Turbo Grafx-CD and the CD-i? Yay, I'm 'old-school' :p

I vividly remember us buying a Jaguar with Bubsy the Bobcat and Alien vrs Predator. I don't recall it being much fun...

As for my list, I'd have to say (in no particular order - I like all of them pretty much the same):


The Megadrive would have been in that list too (for the Sonic games) but I believe that Sonic Jam included Sonic 2/Sonic 3 & Knuckles in it.

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1. gamecube/PS2 - Because NGC was the first and I had liked many of the games I had for it. and PS2 because they had some really great titles and games are still being made for that system.
2.Xbox - It was alright. I'm just not that into the games they have.
3.SNES - I had lots of fun with this when I was younger.
4.PS - Didn't play it much thought it was alright
5.NES - same with the PS


Eh, ragazzo!
Yes, the most selling video game console is underrated. Wonderful logic.
I mean underrated by developers. You know how many top rated videogames are for PS3 and XBox 360 or many times both and just don't appear on the Wii console. The Wii also often times gets complete garbage.
You said the GameCube has a better library than the Wii, while ranking it lower than Wii.
I gave the Wii a better rating because of its innovations and the fact that it can play Gamecube games, but I guess with that logic, PS3 should be on the list. However, the PS2's cheap price and its completely better library than the PS3 got it higher on my list.

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5. Wii. I just love playing it, and after the Gamecube it put nintendo back on the map in consoles, well unit sold wise
4. PS1. Great console with an amazing library of games, turning sony into the powerhouse it is today
3. Sega Genesis. It does what nintendon't
2. Playstation 2. A gaming console that's it's tenth year (If I remember correctly) has to be good. With a giant library of games and just an amazing console it's easily #2
1. Super Nintendo. Holy ****, this thing was and is the ****. Amazing library and some of the best games ever.


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2.Xbox 360
5.Super Nintendo


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5. Wii - On one hand I hate the system, because what it's done to gaming. On the other hand I'm thankful for what it's brought to gaming.
4. NES - Console gaming just wouldn't be the same without it.
3. XB360 - Best console of this generation, and live + XBLA is just great.
2. PS2 - One of the most amazing libraries of any game system.
1. SNES - An all around amazing game system. Most games came into their stride on this console, and it set the stage and formulas for a lot of games we still play today (Final fantasy, zelda ect.)


Old Coot
I mean underrated by developers. You know how many top rated videogames are for PS3 and XBox 360 or many times both and just don't appear on the Wii console. The Wii also often times gets complete garbage.
1) Blame the fact that when developers make competent games, they don't sell at all. Zack & Wiki, No More Heroes, and MadWorld are a few examples of games that get stellar ratings but sell like crap. This is easily blamed on the fact that the Wii's audience is mostly made up of kids who beg their parents to buy anything and adults who enjoy Wii Sports, Wii Fit and so forth.

2) Nintendo's got an open door policy; which means anyone can release anything on the Wii without Nintendo getting on them about quality issues. Several games that were rejected by Sony's US department ended up on the PS2 in Europe. Soon after, those games came to the US on the Wii due to there being no quality control.

3) In terms of WiiWare stuff, developers don't see a dime in profits if they don't sell a certain amount of downloads on the Wii. That's why we see more games pop up on Xbox Live Arcade.