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Top Selling Portable Games this century


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I'm pretty sure that Super Mario Brothers 3 for the NES is the best selling game of all time. After all, it sold over 3 million units, and yet it is not on the list at all.
I'd say this is BS for now. Pokemon Ruby sold more than Emerald because...

1.)Came out MUCH eariler.
2.)Most would agree that Groudon looks cooler and badass than Rayquaza and Kyogre.

Just to clear that up. Also, why are there a billion spongebobs on the list when it said that it didn't want more than one of the same franchise? That is messed up rule too. I'm also positive........no, EVERYONE should know that Final Fantasy Tatics was more popular than the advance and FFVII sold the most units if I am correct. That's not on the list either.

EDIT:......I guess I'm retarded for forgetting that this is handheld. Bah, the Spongebob thing still gets me though.
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For the Pokemon and Super Mario Advance series, only the top selling SKU is represented on the list. This was to prevent these two franchises from choking the upper echelons of the list – apparently, people buy a lot of them.
Oh so they fiddled the results to let GTA in...

Not surprised that Pokemon is No.1, but where was Wario Ware? Tetris DS? Sonic Rush? Pheonix Wright? Ok, so the last one didn't ship enough copies but Tetris DS is fantastic and should be up in the top 10.


The name says it all
yeah no surprise that ruby is the best sell 21st century hanheld game since it came out so much earlyer than emerald and Groundon looks waaaay cooler than Kyogre :D