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Top Ten Worst Dub Moments - From 4Kids' One Piece Dub (#10 - #4 ARE UP)


Old Coot
A few weeks back, I asked for honest opinions and thoughts from One Piece fans about what went wrong with the 4Kids dub of One Piece and what they thought were truely the worst moments/things about the dub by 4Kids. I compiled a good list of complaints and counted up a ton of opinions that I gathered, picked out the most noted of the worst and am listing off the Top Ten Worst Dub Moments of One Piece, brought to us by 4Kids.

In these videos, I show off scenes/clips/images from the dub and make pointers about certain things that are wrong with them. A couple of videos even have a side-by-side comparison from the English version to the Japanese version. One of them required its own seperate video as a response so as no to down the quality when uploading and to fit the 10-minute limit YouTube allows.

Trust me when I say this, actually LOOKING for these mentioned moments and SITTING through them to rip them for these videos I'm making is no easy task. Namely because it's 4Kids' One Piece and one can only take so much punishment. So far, I've gotten up to #4. Still trying to decide how in the hell I'll get #2 and #1 done as those will be the most time consuming. #3 should be done when I actually feel like getting around to it. >_>;

I've gone and uploaded my videos on YouTube, so feel free to check:

#10 - Opening Theme & BGM
#09 - Monkey D. Luffy
#08 - Unnecessary Editing
#07 - "Jokes" and Puns
#06 - Brutal Scene Changes
#05 - Poison Suction
#04 - Clumsy Edits with Death
#03 - Usopp and Sanji (Part I)

Worst Dub Moment #03 Trailer - Usopp

Feel free to drop some suggestions and comments and your thoughts.
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Korobooshi Kojiro

Watched 10, and I must say perhaps 4kids would be better if they got some young blood hired? People who've been watching Anime since they were little kids, and know what kids like?


Old Coot
I've gone ahead and updated. Posted up #03 on a different host due to YouTube having problems against videos over 10 minutes. To compensate, I also made a small trailer for it.


Master Coordinator
I don't even watch One Piece, but some of that was just horrible. >>; I can't even imagine what it must be like for those who actually watch the show.
Well, once again the Japanesse version isn't complete crap like the dubbed American version shows it. Ashame too since this show was obviously not made for kids, and shouldn't be editted so they can see it.