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Tornadus's Market Stall of Pokemon Events!

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Pokemon Master
:) Hey, about the dyoxes I can just give that one to you if you want. I am interested in your world 13 smeargle and champions gen set. I have the bird (auto correct wouldnt let me put the name) pidgey. But I would like the other ones.


New Member
Hey, i would like to have a Timid Latias please.

My FC in Soul Silver : 2967 9506 0040
My FC in White 2 : 2323 8449 2205

Thanks :D


Well-Known Member
Just a question. I have a DW Porygon sitting in my White file that I never picked up. What exactly are you looking for in 'proof'? Assuming it wasn't something that I needed to save when I first got it, I can snap a photo or something.


Active Member
Proof is just a photo of he friend board before you bring it to your game, making sure your username is visible. Any photos in the dream world or screenshots of your page or anything that has pory gon on it is good, just take as many screenshots of porygon related things on your global link. That being said, I'm very very interested in the porygon, so yeah, is there anything you want?


i have a level 100 shiny thundurus not sure if that would interest you
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