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Torosiken's Shop!! V.2 - We are back and better!!

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Is also a Naruto fan
Code : Devamp
Pokemon : Empoleon
From what sprite? : Platinum
To what sprite? : G/S/C Style
Shiny? (Only for 2nd gen and up): No thankies!

Code : TGB&W
What you want? : Black&White
Pokemon : Empoleon

I like Empoleon alot. ^^;

Thanks in advance~


This is a title.
sorry guys but I think I gonna close this shop again. I think I've been busy lately so I think I will close this shop now...
about the requests... maybe I can do it.. but better ask someone else for it. Thanks. But if I have time sometimes I will take request. Maybe via PM or... I dunno.. just sometime because I busy. Maybe I will re-open the shop, v3. But I dunno I will or not.

~Toro ;255;
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