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Tower of God Discussion Thread - One of the most Impressive High-Action Epics out there

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by shoz999, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 Trainer for Fun!

    So this is a thread about the Korean webtoon, Tower of God, one of the most, if not the most, popular action-packed fantasy epics out there in a very underrated form of comics, webtoons, which does share a similar style that of manga but with noticeable differences. So if you wanna talk about story arcs, favorite characters, tests, or your unending hatred for a certain particular character go ahead. If you have no clue what Tower of God is than... read below.

    The author, SIU, is one hell of a writer. If you don't know what Tower of God is but you are a huge fan of high action manga on epic proportions with not only great world-building and story-telling but also has plot-twists that will take you off guard and action based around 90% of games instead of the usual one-on-one power-up fights, you will fall in love with with this manwha. Personally, this is my opinion, I think Tower of God is not only my favorite high action comic but I even think that the storytelling and world-building is superior to other hi-action epics like Dragon Ball Z or Naruto and is more on par with something like Full Metal Alchemist.

    So what is "Tower of God"?

    Okay, well imagine this scenario. Imagine this vast and large tower, the Tower of God right? Now imagine that tower carrying hundreds of floors and stairs. Imagine the Tower's "floors" are actually worlds filled with different cultures, societies, ecosystems, and people. Now imagine those "stairs" as tests or games that must be taken in order to step into the next world or "floor". All those vast worlds take place in the Tower of God and now imagine this. That structure, the Tower of God. There is a world outside of that tower, the mythical real world that carries a real blue sky and real stars unknown to many, if not all of the inhabitants of the Tower of God.

    The Action
    In that Tower of God there are people who have different motives and goals that climb this tower. To climb the tower they must take part in tests created by the Floor Guardians. These tests are like games similar to The Hunger games, Battle Royale, or maybe even your favorite video games. One of the best parts about Tower of God is that 90% of the action takes place in these games. The action here isn't just one-on-one fights to see who's stronger like most manga. It's action that requires a lot of brains, scheming and teamwork to beat these tests. In fact many of the best action scenes in Shonen Jump manga I believe are not actually fight scenes but tests or games that push the limitations of all characters. If you love those kind of story arcs around tests and games then you will fall in love with the Tower of God.

    The Worldbuilding and Lore

    So as you are reading this, you may have realized that these tests aren't just there for the sake of action but are actually part of the lore and world building, that there are tests on every floor designed to see who is worthy of going to the next floor. One of the hugest praise this webtoon gets, is how strong it's world building and lore is. There are so many characters and legends in the background that are either mentioned by all kinds of characters or have left there mark in the Tower in the past, from erecting monuments to the destruction of entire peoples. For example (TINY SPOILER ALERT!) is that you will see characters mention the 43rd Floor, the floor of death, how someone murdered the seemingly immortal and god-like Floor Guardian of the 43rd floor, his corpse turning the 43rd floor into hell and the best part is. They just don't talk about it like lore in the background in video games as if they were some faraway unexplored continent. They actually visit that place far into the story and oh boy... it gets really good.


    What do you desire? Money and wealth? Honor and pride? Authority and power? Revenge? Or something that transcends them all? Whatever you desire—it's here

    That is the main summary of "Tower of God" and it actually does a great job of summarizing all the characters. They are all after something, they all have there own motives and goals. One character that stands out is the main character, the Twenty-Fifth Baam or Baam for short. In the beginning of the story, we see a lonely Baam that has been trapped in darkness for eternity until a girl visits him. Baam's new friend, the only one who visited him, later decides one day to climb the Tower of God, leaving him behind. Baam's simple desire is to find that girl. It is that deceptively simple goal that unravels into all sorts of new and exciting stories and twists that explores the many worlds of the Tower of God.

    Tower of God's story is amazingly well-crafted with it's outstanding depth and care into the world-building, the intriguing tests laid out for our heroes, the balance of political power, the many mysteries of the tower's lore, and it's diverse array of well-developed characters, that I'd say is kind of on par with Fire Emblem, makes this webtoon very hard to put down.

    One other thing I do love about Tower of God is how it handles "side-story" arcs. A lot of people have strong complaints about manga doing side-story arcs that don't really add any value to the main story but here's the thing about Tower of God's "side story" arcs. They aren't side story arcs but they give off the illusion that they are side story arcs. All of Tower of God's story arcs play a huge part of the main story. In fact I'd best described them as "World-building" arcs. Just when it seems like Baam decides to take a break from the main story and hop into a world that seems like it has nothing to do with the main story, BAAM! (no pun intended), it has everything to do with the story and greatly expands the lore in ways you never thought it could. One great example of this, and a favorite story arc to TOG fans, is the "Name Hunt Station" story arc. When this story arc started, a lot of people commented on the website that this was just a side-story arc and a pretty fun, short, and emotional ride at first. As the story progresses however, it reveals a whole ton of new information and speculation that explaining it now would cross into spoiler territory, including one of the big players and villains in Tower of God's story. If you read Tower of God and finished that story arc already, then you know who I mean and man that villain has a REALLY REALLY cool design that I may even dare say "original" as I don't think I have ever seen a similar design anywhere in any form of media.

    So the main character is the 25th Baam (in Korean, it means 25th Night) and when first reading this webtoon, you will realize he is not just innocent and naive, he has no powers, no skills, no common sense, and not even any real viewpoints on what is right and wrong at first because for all of his life, he was trapped in darkness for some mysterious reason. I don't know about you guys, but I don't think I've ever seen such a character that seems like he really is made from scratch in any form of media and normally you'd think that would be a very strong gamble that could result in a annoying character pestering others but the author actually succeeds with this type of character. Most of you guys who might plan on reading Tower of God will actually like the journey of Baam a lot as his innocent nature will come into conflict with the more complicated and darker nature of the harshness of this world and man, there are times you will feel sorry or delighted for Baam's travels.

    There are also two other characters that you will almost always see on Baam's journey as they are his best friends and one of them is Khun or Koon. Khun is sort of the good guy version of "Lex Luthor". He's an highly intellectual being who serves as the schemer of the group. For the most part he's very friendly to people and protects his friends but he can be extremely ruthless, is not above using others, and has the mindset of a "ruler".

    Baam's other best friend is a guy named Rak and... ha ha ha. Well imagine the stereotypical hard-headed stubborn fiery-passion Shonen Jump Protagonist who doesn't back away from a challenge, demote him from MC to MC's best friend, and give him a giant dinosaur body and a spear. You got Rak. He is one of the more funner characters out there and never backs away from a challenge.

    Art and Color
    So if you don't know anything about Webtoons, a huge difference from Webtoons and Manga, is that Webtoons actually have color. It's much cheaper to produce color for Webtoons than it is for Manga and Tower of God makes really good use of color. One of the enjoyable aspects of Tower of God is how the art-style at first starts out kind of mediocre actually but as you read along, the art-style starts to "evolve". It becomes not only better in many areas, there are moments throughout this comic where it starts to look like something out of a painting.

    Check it out. It's free and updates regularly on Mondays.
    Okay. So if you don't know this already. Tower of God is free. You don't have to pay a dime, it isn't a scanlation, there's no subscription service or anything. You can read the English version legally, for free, on Webtoons.com, post your comments, and rate it out of 10 stars. It is one of the best webtoons out there, boasting 5 million views for each new chapter and currently has a 9.8/10 rating score. Also unlike Manga which updates either monthly or yearly, webtoons updates on a weekly basis and Tower of God updates every Monday. It's really that good, I was so hooked on this manwha that I rapidly read through it in under a week and was so impatient for the next chapter, which goes on a system that releases much faster than manga does.

    Just some advice though. If you are really interested or want to keep reading this manwha further, avoid the comment section as much as possible until you finished Part 1. There are lots of fans who will mention this particular and notable spoiler before and after Part 1. Ha ha, you will see why and it wouldn't surprise me if you joined them on sharing this opinion in a... let's say a very vengeful way.
    Tower of God Link - https://www.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/tower-of-god/list?title_no=95
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018

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