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Town a la Pan


Johto Champion
Another, Vena Town: [IMG200]http://img113.imageshack.us/img113/2562/venatown0fy.png[/IMG200]


umm... These are just original maps with buildings pasted on. The first is the altering cave & the second is a town in R/S/E. Try making a map from scratch, it makes it look and seem more original.
the first ones quite good. But, Like klaken sez, The are just maps with buildings pasted on..


Try not to mix FR/LG Graphics with R/S/E graphics.


Johto Champion
Er, right. I did make one from scratch, but it wasn't very good. Is there a map-making program that I could get to help?


pretty good! I likey ;249-d; ;munchlax; ;000; :172bros: ;manyula; :025n172: ;bonsly; :025ball: ;manene; :club: :meowthbal :D ;351-s; ;351-r; ;351-i; ;rukario; :snowlax:
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deoxys lover2000

;munchlax; hey got any overworld sprites ;munchlax;


It's coming...
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pretty good! I likey ;249-d; ;munchlax; ;000; :172bros: ;manyula; :025n172: ;bonsly; :025ball: ;manene; :club: :meowthbal :D ;351-s; ;351-r; ;351-i; ;rukario; :snowlax:

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k, the maps r preatty good - as said b4 don't mix r/s/e graphics with fr/lg graphics. there is no mapmaker thing like there is rpg maker 2003 (that i know of) but i use Paint (yep - bog standard MSPaint) i get about 650x950 pixals and copy and paste from maps @ www.vgmaps.com gr8 site!

here is one!

Oxen City (Torotos): http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/4443/oxencity0bc.png

it was one of the first i made and i f***ed up the grass but hey!