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Town faceoff 2.0!

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Final Flash

I've still got it.
I got permission from Himiko to make this a while back (Yesterday!) And the mood just struck me to Make it.

The Pokemon towns will go against each other to see the best town!


Cereulean City
Vermillion City
Lavender Town
Celadon City
Fushcia City
Saffron City
Cinnabar Island
Glitch City(Meh...What the heck.)


Cherrygrove City
Azalea Town
Goldenrod city
Ecruteak City
Olivine City
Cianwood City
Mahogany Town
Blackthorn City
Mt. Silver

Hoenn Group

Petalburg City
Rustburo City
Dewford Town
Slateport City
Mauville City
Vendanturf City
Fallabor City
Lavaridge Town
Fortree City
Lilycove City
Mossdeep City
Sootopolis City
Pacidiflog Town
Evergrande City


Pyrite Town
Agate Village
Mt. Battle
Shadow Pokémon Lab
Realgam Tower
Snagem Hideout
Pokémon HQ Lab
Prof. Kaminko's Lab
Gateon Port
S.S. Libra
Cipher Key Lair
Citadark Isle

Vote once an hour:


Realgam Tower V.S
Evergrande City V.S
Vendanturf City V.S Celadon City

First to 5 Wins.
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New Bark Town, where the winds of new begginings blow. Awesome.


Coal Trainer
I vote for Littleroot Town.

Final Flash

I've still got it.
New Bark Town: 2/5
Littleroot Town: 1/5
Pallet Town: 0/5

Komedic Konservationist

N00b in the dungeon!
New Bark Town, I guess.
Good idea. :D

All starting towns are dull and boring. However, Outskirt Stand is a sheer joke. It's not even a Town. lol! Oh well. I vote New Bark Town as well. It had more houses that didn't neccesarily belong to your Rival... :D

Final Flash

I've still got it.
New Bark Town: 4/5
Littleroot Town: 1/5
Pallet Town: 0/5
Outskirt Island: 0/5


Brains for brawn
Pallet Town!
Please win!
I'm rooting for you!


New Bark Town. 'Was my first starting town, back in my first game on gold.

Final Flash

I've still got it.
New Bark Town: 5/5
Littleroot Town: 1/5
Pallet Town: 1/5
Outskirt Island: 0/5

Now its:

Viridian City V.S Cherrygrove City V.S Petalburg City V.S Pheanic City
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My vote is for Petalburg City.


Petalburg City. Don't ask... Just that it's a much more livelier city than the rest.

Final Flash

I've still got it.
I missed Oldale, but Im continuing since Oldale is less simmalar to Viridian and Cherrygrove.

Cherrygrove: 1
Viridian: 1
Phenack City owns those small rejects any day of the week...

But seeing it has not much chance, I vote Petalburg too. :D
Pheanac city is a stunning city with a Stadium, water fountains, marble stairs, Pokemon academy, etc. It has wonderful music and it is just beautiful.
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