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Toxicated's Fantastic Trade Shop and EV breeding centre

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Toxicated92, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Toxicated92

    Toxicated92 Water Expert

    Hello, one and all and welcome to my trade shop
    I have played pokemon since the first days of red and blue
    I am more than happy to meet requests or accept any tips made
    I will continuously be adding new pokemon, so feel free to keep checking ;)
    Otherwise, i am GMT+1 time zone, and have access to the internet most of the time...otherwise thankyou for visiting and i hope i have something of interest to trade :D

    I have all starters, and all are for trade

    Bulbasaur =Overgrow= Modest 31-31-31-31-x-31 with Mega Drain + Leaf Storm (SHINY)

    Vulpix =Drought/Flash Fire= Modest 31-x-31-31-31-31 all with Heatwave

    Fletchling =GaleWings/Big Pecks= Adamant 31-31-31-x-31-31

    Noibat =Infiltrator= Modest 31-x-31-31-31-31

    Charmander =Blaze= Jolly 31-31-31-x-31-31 all with Dragon Dance, dragon rush, outrage & flare blitz
    Gible =Sand Veil/Rough Skin= Jolly 31-31-31-x-31-31 all with iron head & outrage

    Chansey =Serene Grace= Calm 31-x-31-31-31-31 all with Aromatherapy

    Azumaril =Huge Power/Thick Fat= Adamant 31-31-31-x-31-31 all with Belly Drum & Aqua Jet

    Scyther =Technician= Adamant 31-31-31-x-31-31

    Squirtle =Rain Dish= Modest 31-x-31-31-31-31

    Mareep =Static= Modest 31-x-31-31-x-x

    Helioptile =Solar Power= Timid 31-x-31-31-x-31

    Swinub =Thick Fat= Jolly 31-31-x-x-x-31

    Froakie =Protean= Naive 31-x-31-31-31-31 (in a dive ball)

    Hawlucha =Mold Breaker= Jolly x-x-31-x-31-31

    Magikarp =Swift Swim= Adamant x-31-x-31-x-31

    Klefki =Pankster= Bold x-x-31-31-x-31

    Shroomish =Quick Feet= Jolly 31-31-31-x-x-31

    Eevee =Adaptability= Bold 31-x-31-31-x-31 all with Yawn & Wish

    Charmander =Blaze= Adamant 31-31-x-31-x-x all with Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Outrage

    Charmander =Solar Power= Modest x-x-31-x-31-31

    Shuckle =Contrary= Sassy 31-x-31-x-31-x

    Rhyhorn =Rock Head/Lightning Rod= Adamant -Thunder Fang & Ice Fang

    Eevee =Adaptability= Bold -Yawn & Wish

    Chimchar =Blaze= Naive -Thunder Punch

    Totodile =Torrent= Adamant - Ice Punch, Aqua Jet, Drahon Dance

    Mudkip =Torrent= Impish - Counter, Fiuble Edge

    Scraggy =Moxie= Jolly - Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Drain Punch

    Croagunk =Dry Skin= Adamant -Drain Punch, Ice Punch

    Bulbasaur =Chlorophyll= Modest -Magical Leaf, Giga Drain

    Charmander =Blaze= Jolly -Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Outrage & Flare Blitz

    Charmander =Blaze= Adamant -Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Outrage

    Chansey =Serene Grace/Natural Cure= Calm -Aromatherapy

    Gible =sand veil/roigh skin= Jolly -Outrage & Rough Skin

    Marill =Huge Power/Thick Fat= Adamant -Belly Drum, Aqua Jet

    Vulpix =Drought/Flash Fire= Modest/Timid -Heat Wave

    Use these for your masuda method??
    Honedge -Brave

    Litwick -Modest x-x-31-x-31-x =flame body=

    Mareep -Modest 31-x-31-31-x- =static=

    Ralts -Calm/Modest/Rash =synchronize

    Aaron -Brave =sturdy=

    Larvitar -Modest =sand veil=

    Solosis -Modest =overcoat=

    Horsea -Naughty =Sniper=

    Eevee -Timid =Adaptability=

    Froakie -Naive =Protean=

    Magikarp -Adamant =Swift Swim=

    Pancham -Adamant/Naive =Mold Breaker/Scrappy

    Scyther -Adamant =Swarm= x-x-x-x-31-31

    Ditto -Timid =Limber=

    Omanyte -Relaxed =Shell Armour=

    Growlithe -Bashful =Intimidate=

    Skorupi -Jolly =Sniper=

    Klefki -Bold =Prankster=

    Smeargle -Jolly =Own Tempo=

    Electrike -Modest =Lightning Rod=

    Ferroseed -Quiet =Iron Barbs=

    Beldum -Adamant =Clear Body=

    Tentacool -Bold =Liquid ooze=

    Skiddo -Rash =Sap Sipper=

    Venipede -Jolly =Speed Boost=

    Pichu -Modest =Static=

    Murkrow -Naive =Insomnia=

    All pokemon can come with pokerus :D (cost a little item or random mon i need for pokedx)

    I also offer to completely EV train pokemon for people, 1 pokemon back to you with in 30 minutes, inquire if interested and we can discuss a fee

    And now onto my wants:

    Goomy -Sassy/Gentle =Sap Sipper/Gooey= 31-31-31-31-31-x shiny
    Zapdos -Modest =Pressure= 31-x-31-31-31-31
    Froakie -Hasty =Protean= 31-31-31-31-x-31 / 31-31-x-31-31-31 (bonus if Shiny+male+in dive ball)
    Mawvile -Adamant =Intimidate= 31-31-31-x-31-31 (shiny+girl)
    Ditto -Any =Any= 4/5 iv spread
    Bulbasaur -Modest =Chlorophyll= 31-x-31-31-31-31 (bonus if shiny)
    Espurr -Impish =Own Tempo= 31-31-31-x-31-31 (MALE, bonus if shiny)
    Scraggy -Impish =Intimidate= 31-31-31-x-31-31 (female)

    5/6 iv male pokemon
    Choice Band
    Choice Scarf
    Life Orb
    Focus Sash
    Assault Vest
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2014
  2. What would you want for the Azumarill flawless
  3. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    is your eevee a girl?
  4. Regiultima

    Regiultima Rises with Magnetism

    What pokeball and gender is your Squirtle?

    Trade tip: Add pokeball type and genders
  5. Toxicated92

    Toxicated92 Water Expert

    A flawless jolly gible?

    She is indeed

    Its just a pokeball and I have male ans female
    And ok thanks
  6. Kasen

    Kasen Sliver Master

    I have a male gible that fits the want. It knows Outrage, Iron Head, Iron Tail, and Sand Tomb. Would like gale wings fletchling.
  7. Jade14

    Jade14 Pokemon Breeder

    What do you want for the Shroomish in Near Flawless?
  8. Toxicated92

    Toxicated92 Water Expert

    Loads of new pokemon added:
    Totodile (aqua jet, dragon dance, ice punch), Chickorita, Cyndaquil
    Mudkip (counter, double edgd), Treeko
    Piplup, Turtwig, Chimchar (thunder punch)
    Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig
    Scraggy (drain punch, ice punch, dragon dance)
    and many more :)
    Merry Christmas Everyone

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