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TPMX's Varied Request Shop


Beans backing up...
Hey everyone, this is TPMX. I've decided to open a request shop again after getting a hold of a really cool paint program, as good or better than Photoshop. Basically, I will be making banners, pictures, and maybe wallpapers. As for sprites, I'll do the usual of what's expected. Here's a list.

Recolors (sprite and cartoon/anime)
Fusion (sprite and anime, example of anime below)
Toy cars (give side view of car you wish to have toyed)

Signature Effects:
Fire (any color)
Explosion (any color)
"Biohazard" (any color)
Wave (any color)
Orb (any color, objects may be placed inside)
Steganography (hiding an image within an image)
Picture cutting (snipping a certain part of a picture out)
Smoothing (making your picture less jagged)
Other (Click for effects)

Recolor (Konata)
Fusion (Mikuru <-> Konata)
The Exploding Planet
(more added over time)

My skills will increase over time, and I'll get new effects as well. I'll be able to do more a little bit at a time. Either way, some ground rules:

1) Appropriate pictures for SPPF. If you want something that isn't and you aren't going to use it on SPPF, PM me.
2) Up to 5 regular requests at a time, unregular are wallpapers (1), orbs (2), and cartoon/anime recolors (3). You may send as many smoothings and other effects as you wish however.
3) I reserve the right to deny your request.
4) I will PM you when your work is done, do not post again asking if it is. However, you can post thank yous and such.
5) Please have in your request your screenname, request, and any pictures that I need for material.

TPMX's shop is open for buisness!

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