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Trade center Includes Shiny


New Member
What i have
Lv. 30 Shiny Gyrados
Lv. 100 Golem(some EV points)
Lv. 100 Machoke(some IV points)
Lv. 50 Masprit
Lv. 100 Uxie
Lv. 50 Azlef
Lv. 40 Kabutops
Lv. 20 Areodactle
Lv. 1 Charmanders(With Dragon Dance)
Lv. 100 Heatran
Lv. 18-22 5 Unowns
Lv. 55 Tryranitar
Lv. 56 Skarmory
and more....

Items i have
All Stones(exept Dawn Stones)
All Plates
Exp. share
Master Ball
Lucky Eggs
Life orbs
all orbs
and many many more.....

Tms i have
Ice Beam
Hyper Beam
Solar beam
giga Impact
and many many more.....

What i want
Shiny Blissey or Chansey
Shiny Gible or other forms
Shiny Rattata

Choose anything you want from my list if you have one of my wants


i want shiny gyarados ill give you two fire stones and two masterballs


dawn stone , or ill give you a spiritomb or what do you want that isnt a shiny??