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Trade Evolution help


Active Member
Hi I need help with a trade evolve for my Alolan Graveler. Last time I traded through the game's random trade and that person took it and ran off with it. I'm planning on adding the future Alolan Golem to my team so I definitely would need it back after it evolves.

Happy to trade with someone else looking for a trade evolve and return back as well! I hope that some one is able to help. Thanks!


New Member
Hy, do you still need trade evolution? I need trade evolution too for all evo possible machoke kadabra haunter graveler kantonian&alolan


Active Member
Hi sorry for not responding sooner! I'm all set with trade evolution help! But I'd be happy to help you out if you still need help! Let me know!


Active Member
Hi again! Just noticed that I was replying to your older thread. Glad to hear that you've gotten that Alolan Golem :)

I finished Let's Go Pikachu a few days ago. And I need trade evolutions (Gengar, Alakazam, Machamp and both Golems) to finish my pokedex. Perhaps you can help me please?