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New Member
I need help with two trade evolutions and two permanent trades. What I’d like to do is this:

1. I’d like to trade-evolve my Machoke into a Machamp;
2. I’d like to trade-evolve my Alolan Graveler into an Alolan Golem;
3. I’d like to trade an Alolan Grimer for a male Alolan Meowth;
And finally....
4. I’d like to trade one of my Muks (the normal variant, not the Alolan variant) for a Weezing.
Oh, also, I’ll be hunting for some Oddishes - maybe even some Glooms - to trade for Bellsprouts and Weepinbells. However, I am looking for the normal colored version, not the Shiny version. I think shinies are overrated. Anyway, I have the Let’s Go Pikachu version and I’d like to trade with anyone that has the Let’s Go Eevee version, so I can fill out my Pokédex with all the normal and Alolan forms the Kanto Pokémon may have. Anyone who’s willing to help me, please contact me. Thanks in advance.