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Trade evolutions and let's go pikachu exclusives needed


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Oh my goodness thank you SO much!!


You don't by any chance need any other pokemon? I still need to do haunter/gengar, graveler/golem, kadabra/alakazam.

I can hopefully send you any pokemon you need?!


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i have the evolve able Pokemon just need to trade to someone so they'll evolve. I need the lgp exclusives so am willing to trade anything for them, just name it (not mew, meltan or malmetal) any help would be appreciated

Would you by any chance be able to trade me a female Alolan Vulpix? I can get you which ever Let's Go Pikachu exclusive you might need.

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I can’t trade right now. I’m not home


Mr. Blue Skyyyy
Hi can anyone please PM or email me if they have any of the following pokemon to trade?

- Oddish (x3 preferably),
- Gengar,
- Machamp,
- Growlithe,
- Golem (both from the forms preferably).

Please also include in the PM or email what you're after and I'll see if I can help you.

Email: chatt1nman@yahoo.co.uk

Thank, trainers!

**UPDATE** Thanks to a fellow member (I have been in contact with him via email so was unable to get his Account name but you know who you are) I have got the pokemon I'm after, if anyone needs my help please let me know via email or PM me, thanks
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Hey guys I need to trade my Kadabra is there anyone that can do this trade with me I am on line now ?


Hello, can someone help me with all the pokemon that need to be traded to evolve I have them all just need a friend to trade them to and trade them back so I can complete my pokedex.