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Trade Forum Blacklist

Discussion in 'Trade Forum' started by ellie, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. GoldenMagikarp

    GoldenMagikarp I AM ERROR

    It's a glitch in the GTS in Dimond and Pearl that can be used to clone pokemon. Cloning in gen V is banned completely unless there is any other glitch that I haven't heard about.
  2. stephylee692

    stephylee692 New Member

    anyone want to trade me a pichu or pikachu for my reshiram no joke i dont like him i want a cute pikachur =)
  3. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    ^That would be better placed in wither the Reshiram or Pikachu line trade forum. But anyway isn't the GTS clone glitch in all of the Gen 4 games?
  4. Squirel Princess

    Squirel Princess Goldenrod City

    just diamond and pearl and ove found the glitch on my white, same routine too.
  5. GoldenMagikarp

    GoldenMagikarp I AM ERROR

    Dod you use the GTS cloning glitch on your White? I thought that it was fixedin Platinum. At least that's what bulbapedia says.
  6. Squirel Princess

    Squirel Princess Goldenrod City

    yeah but it might b due to using my ar on the game at one point so it may not work for everyone. idk but i use it. ive done it several times when i cant get my ar.
  7. lokistarwind

    lokistarwind Let's Player

    To make it clear. I heard doing the gts glitch is simply harder to perform. The timing to do is more exact but people who do it are used to the timing.
  8. Squirel Princess

    Squirel Princess Goldenrod City

    ok so its not due to my ar? cause i dont want to be accused of hacking or anything
  9. Ironfish

    Ironfish pokemon scientist

    this guy is offering hacked pokemon:
    you can find it on the DW tradeing thread
  10. GoldenMagikarp

    GoldenMagikarp I AM ERROR

    Well, that would explain all the pepole asking for lv. 9 and under Zekroms and Reshirams on the GTS.
  11. lokistarwind

    lokistarwind Let's Player

    I can't say for sure. Ask a mod. I don't want to mislead you.

    Edit: Found this in bulbapedia

    In Generation IV, if a player is trading Pokémon and one of the Nintendo DS systems is turned off at a certain time, the Pokémon that was traded to the game that was not turned off will appear in both player's parties. However, this glitch is very difficult to perform and quite commonly corrupts save data. There are reports that this method is effective in the Generation V games, but such reports are unconfirmed.

    DNS abuse
    In Generations IV and V, by manually specifying the DNS address so as to connect to a server other than the GTS, it is possible to clone Pokémon.

    So either during a trade or pretending to access a false server is the way to clone. I assume a record of the trade still happens which is why you still see outrageous trades. Problem is I see people using DNS abuse to make hacked pokemon.

    So as I said earlier ask a mod. Thats all I could find.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2013
  12. GoldenMagikarp

    GoldenMagikarp I AM ERROR

    DSN abuse requires an axternal site or program, so that's no less cheating than cloning with AR (I don't think that any method of cloning is cheating though). Here is what it says on Bulbapedian about the GTS glitch:

    In Generation IV, a cloning method reminiscent of the methods from the first two generations appeared, involving the use of the GTS. If the Pokémon is deposited in the GTS and the connection is interrupted at the right time, the Pokémon in question would be in the player's party or PC Box and in the GTS, requiring the player only to withdraw the Pokémon from the GTS to obtain the clone. In Pokémon Platinum Version, however, the glitch of cloning via GTS was removed; if it is attempted, the game simply reports a communication error and returns the player back to the main desk.
  13. Infiltrator

    Infiltrator Bridge Guarder

    I've done this before on accident. Was trading a Magikarp for a Starmie, the other person accidentally DCd and we ended up with 2 Starmie and no Magikarp.
  14. goflob

    goflob New Member

    i only know his username leerod159 he tried to get me to ev traain a cloned ar palkia for a clone of it he said it was shiny flawless
    here are the pms
    sorry dont do ar
    ar _clone.jpg here is a screenshot
  15. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    So checking Serebii's eventdex. Only Shiny Rayquaza given out at an event is shiny with no unnormal moves, so yeah this was in the Melotta trade forum. This dude is prolly a hacker.
  16. R'linho

    R'linho Retro Trainer

    Username of Scammer: Cueva27
    Friend Code: 3010 7094 6050

    After a very large amount of trades made, ever since I registered here in 2007, it seems I sadly met the first dishonest member today, and I'm now reporting him, hopeful that he won't be able to do the same thing to other members.

    The member in question is nicknamed Cueva27.

    This member contacted me after reading a post of mine on the Togepi 5th Gen trade section , asking me if I had any female Togepi with the Serene Grace ability and the Nasty Plot egg-move, offering a shiny Cloyster in return. I replied affirmatively and added that, for the shiny Cloyster, I would be glad to add a male Togepi with Nasty Plot so he could pass it down by breeding, to which he agreed. On top of this, I made sure both Togepis had interesting IVs, specially the female one that is ready to be trained, something that wasn't asked, but that I was happy to do anyway.

    After some days trying to finalize the trade, we finally arranged it a couple of hours prior to this post. Looking backwards, I now reckon the first sign this member could not be in good-faith was when he asked me, and I'll quote his private message: "and what pk u get again or was this a free gift?". Reminding him of what was arranged, he then replied "woah wait what sorry that was taken is kyurem ok haha", letting me know the Pokemon initially offered was taken. Displeased with the member not honoring his own side of the deal but, with really not much of a choice, I was happy to receive the Kyurem in return for the Togepis.

    We then proceeded to the Wi-Fi room to finalize the trade. I gave him the first Togepi and he showed the agreed Kyurem, and two "fodder" Pokemon, which I reckoned I was to pick either one for the second Togepi. When doing a 2 for 2 trade, where I'm offered a rare Pokemon and a common one in return for my 2, I prefer to trade for the lower valued one first, leaving the rarer one for last, as proof that I will honor the trade and not leave after the first one goes through.
    I picked one of them, a Gothorita, and confirmed the trade. Upon offering him the second Togepi, which would then be dealt for the Kyurem, I received a message stating I lost connection with the other player. Since the game returned me to the Wi-Fi room and said player was offline, I concluded he either lost connection or forgot about the second trade and manually disconnected his console.

    Upon contacting him again, letting he know of the pending second trade, I found out the member had a second sudden change of mind after replying he was no longer interested in the second Togepi : "Actually I only wanted the female so I put up kyurem (which I was hoping u would pick since that is he only trademi wanted) but instead u chose event gothorita " . By this point it was pretty obvious the member was not being honest about his intentions. It makes no sense to end a trade with the other player not receiving what was originally agreed. Also, if he changed his mind and only wanted to trade for one Togepi, why would he offer anything else than the Kyurem in the Wi-fi room?
    I let him know that I had no interest in the Gothorita and that it was taken as the second Pokemon of the 2 for 2 trade, asking him to either receive the second Togepi in return for the Kyurem, as originally agreed, or, if he was not interested in the second Togepi any more, to replace the Gothorita for the Kyurem, which I believe is the correct way to deal with the situation. The member then replied "oh well.....1st i did not think u would pick the gothorita but at the end is is fair since u get an event when i just get a easy to get togepi....so either way not fair, but i never wanted a male togepi....if u still want to trade we can but next weekend since i am very busy", which pretty much assured me of his poor ethics.

    It's pretty clear to me that this was done intentionally and that the owner actually prefers me to have the fodder Pokemon instead of the offered Kyurem, which is arguably more valuable, explaining the disconnection, the sudden change of mind regarding his request and the excuse of not being able to correct the situation due to him "being very busy".

    I post this hoping a moderator will take notice and prevent him to trick further members with similar offers.

    updated February 10: after contacting one of these forums' moderators, SkittyOnWailord, I was told that Cueva27 was willing to complete the trade, to which I agreed, asking said moderator to set an unbiased date and time for both of us to be online and do the trade, avoiding any kind of delays or attempts to stall it. Unfortunately this never happened and I had to repeatedly, throughout the week, be the one proactively asking Cueva27 to please set a date and time for the trade to be finalized, even though I don't feel the part who's at a loss in this situation has to accommodate for the faulty's part availability. The requests were made Tuesday, the 5th, Saturday the 9th (also here) and today, Sunday the 10th. I made sure to write those posts at times when Cueva27 was online, so he would acknowledge me asking him to set a date and time. No date and time was ever set.
    Saturday, the 9th, I read a post by Cueva27 stating he was "available today and now". I sent him a Private Message as soon as i read it at 4:29am GMT stating I was logging in, at a time when the member was online and checking his Private Messages.

    The trade ended up not being made as Cueva27 wasn't able to do so when i contacted him (please check the following screenshot). I asked him again to please leave a specific time at this thread, so both of us can be online at that time.

    After receiving a message at 4:47am GMT where Cueva27 told me he wasn't able to trade, since it was past midnight in his timezone, he arranged a trade with another member 29 minutes later, at 5:16am GMT....
    I left him a Visitor Message asking if he could trade after all, to which he replied, also on his Visitor Messages wall, he couldn't, because the Kyurem was on his Dream World. To make sure he was telling me the truth, I headed to his Dream World island in order to verify he had the Kyurem tucked in. it turns out no Kyurem was tucked in, but a Shaymin was instead .

    Sunday, the 10th, I wasted my entire day to make sure I was online at the forums in order to finalize the trade. Upon seeing him online, without replying to my requests in this thread to set a date and time, I sent him a Private Message letting him know I was online and waiting for him, to which he replied informing me he would be able to trade in one hour. I waited one hour. He then informed me, through a Visitor Message, as my inbox got full, that he had to logout because he was going to a friend's house and to church, and asking me to use his Black FC, which I don't have, as the original trade was done on his White 2 game. After asking him to please give me this other Friend Code, he then replied it was too late and that we could trade later on the day (please refer to the previous screenshot). I then asked him, once again, to to please set a time for both of us to be online. He didn't. Some minutes later I noticed he was online, so I assumed he got back from church. I left another Visitor Message letting him know I was still online and able to trade, to which he replied at 1:12am saying "I can't now anymore long story I was actually in the middle of a trade too until my mom grabbed my laptop ending my trade and wifi access I might beable to trade in an hour".
    I waited that hour and sent him a Visitor Message at 2:37am letting him know I was online and available to trade. I received no reply, despite him being online for several times after that message. I decided to send him another message almost one hour after the time he told me he was going to be available to trade, to which he replied that was not able to trade afterall: "I TOLD U AT 3pm THAT I COULD TRADE AT THAT MOMENT BUT NOW I CANT OKAY??????MY BLACK WIFI AINT WORKING. 1. stop stalking me. and 2. CHILL".

    Once again I'm left waiting for the trade to be completed. It's 3:19am by the time I'm writing this. I have to wake up at 6:50 to go to work. I've spent almost all the free time I had during the past 7 days trying to call this situation to your attention, trying to recover from the loss I suffered from this trade and trying to arrange a date and time for this trade to finally be completed, inclusively forcing myself to stay awake through the dawn to catch him online. I've wasted time that I could have invested working on my master's thesis, with a dishonest young children that's successfully doing whatever pleases him, promising things he doesn't accomplish and arranging plans he ends up changing every time at the last moment justifying them with a roll of excuses that I've many times found out, and proved with screenshots, to be lies. Whatever the reasons could be that were preventing him to complete this trade, I highly doubt they're as urgent as what I've been giving up during the last week to do so. Still, I've been fully available at all times.

    Obviously, this isn't about the Kyurem, as the member will quite happily hold on to it. The worry is that this is clearly a person who made a request which, naturally, took me time that I could have used in something else, changed his mind, didn't honor his offer and showed a lack of morals by not correcting his actions after knowing of the other part's dissatisfaction.

    I'm starting to feel a bit humiliated and revolted with the way this situation is being dealt with. This member is being very successful in making me look like an idiot, forcing me to be in front of the computer during all the free time I had over the past 7 days, trying to catch him online and asking him times and times again to set a date and time for the trade to be completed. The moderator I contacted seems to have lost interest in my situation as well. I'm having an hard time understanding how easy it has been for Cueva27 to continually dismiss all the attempts I've made to correct this issue, making little effort in taking a proactive stance to reverse the trade. To make things worse, he's obviously playing around with me, saying and promising things he ends up changing at last minute.
    All of this is making me believe it's very easy to trick the forums members in a trade and get away with impunity.

    I vouch for my ethics and honesty when trading and never had any complaint from any member i traded with since I registered here 5 years ago. I have, inclusively, helped out members in several ways, be it helping them completing their Pokedex, giving them a particular rare Pokemon that I happened had to spare, without asking for anything in return, just for the pleasure to help. If needed, I'm positive these people will confirm what I'm saying.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2013
  17. Victory★Star★

    Victory★Star★ Mega Victini?

    Me and R'linho where suppose to trade for a Shiny Shellder but I traded it someone else because he would never pm me. (as in he didnt pm me for 6 or 7 days l8r so I assumed he canceled) i gave shiny shellder to someone else today we just traded and I said it was traded away is kyurem ok? He replied with "Yeah, i would be happy with Kyurem" When we went into the trade room I put up KYUREM GOTHORITA EVENT and DW AERODACTYL. I supposed he would pick kyurem yet he picked gothorita, So i said ok then and we traded after it he put up another togepi and I quit because I did not want another togpei. he pm'ed me and said what happend to kyurem, i said u chose gothorita, and he said that he wanted to give another togepi for kyurem and I said I dont want another togepi. BUT we can trade on the weekend if u want to give me gothorita back for Kyurem, yet he didnt care and just put me on the blacklist. I did not do anything and even said for kyurem. Yeah yeah yeah Kyurem for togepi fail but kyurem was just a gift and I need the togepi. Not only did i give him a good deal, but he just went and put me on the blacklist. So I am just saying dont be talking about me in a bad way when you have not heard my side of the story. I will still give him kyurem, but he decided to do something else.

    Bro, we can still trade I dont care about Kyurem I only have 6 badges Kyurem was a gift, we can trade for kyurem and u can give me back gothorita but no need to put me on the blacklist when I offered especially a Bad trade against me when I get a common togepi and U get a event and Kyurem. Not cool, bro
  18. SkittyOnWailord

    SkittyOnWailord ☣ⓈⓀⒾⓉⓉⓎⓄⓃⓌⒶⒾⓁⓄⓇⒹ☣

    Without seeing a screenshot of the PM's I can't do much. But Cueva27 is offering to complete the trade (I think). Is that alright for you R'linho?
  19. Douchemon

    Douchemon Scientist

    So here is the story about how my trade flipped upside down.

    Ingame name Mia.
    FC - 2151-6418-9614

    Problem: Lvl 4 Nidoran in a cherishball.

    Black Log - SPP Wifi Trade room.
    Session Start: Mon Feb 04 20:20:11 2013
    Session Ident: Chimecho
    <WiFiGuest2129> hi
    <WiFiGuest2129> iv got
    <Jingle> ?
    <Chimeco> the shiny nidoran
    <Chimeco> u want
    <Jingle> lvl nature etc ?
    <Chimeco> ill see hold on
    <Chimeco> sorry
    <Chimeco> just loading
    <Chimeco> ahh k
    <Chimeco> Nature=
    <Chimeco> Bold
    <Chimeco> wait sec
    <Jingle> lvl ?
    <Jingle> and are you the OT ?
    <Chimeco> Yes.
    <Chimeco> I am the ot ;D
    <Chimeco> Lvl 2
    <Chimeco> wait..
    <Chimeco> Mp
    <Chimeco> Mb*
    <Chimeco> Lvl 4
    <Chimeco> U want it?
    <Jingle> yeah, nature is kinda bad but its more for looks
    <Chimecho> Lol
    <Chimecho> Bold nature is good
    <Jingle> i got a lvl 100 EVD tyranitar with DDance, fire punch crunch and stone edge max PPed in all, a shiny lvl 100 serious garchomp evd aswell with draco meteor and all moves
    PPmaxed and a UT shiny girafariq and absol
    <Jingle> and a fkload of DWF
    <Chimecho> Got any more shinies but garchomp
    <Jingle> yeah girafarik and absol
    <Jingle> both random encounters
    <Jingle> oh and a mantine from gen 4
    <Chimecho> nice
    <Chimecho> Girafarig f or m
    <Jingle> male
    <Chimecho> yay
    <Chimecho> nature
    <Jingle> lax
    <Chimecho> ok
    <Chimecho> fc?
    <Jingle> sec
    <Jingle> 2151-6418-9614
    <Jingle> urs ?
    <Chimecho> sorry
    <Chimecho> was brb
    <Chimecho> Mine is
    <Chimecho> 0090 0446 2309
    <Jingle> ok entering
    <Chimecho> k just connecting to wifi lol
    <Jingle> ok
    <Chimecho> I see u
    <Jingle> ok
    <Jingle> i am hosting
    <Chimecho> k
    <Chimecho> just finding
    <Jingle> np take ur time
    <Chimecho> ahh i cat find it lol
    <Chimecho> sec
    <Chimecho> got it
    <Chimecho> lol
    <Chimecho> ??? dude
    <Jingle> kinda sad you are trying to trade a hacked poke
    <Chimecho> ....
    <Jingle> i mean really cherish ball
    <Chimecho> how is it hacked..
    <Chimecho> **** u
    <Jingle> it's imposible to be in that ball
    <Chimecho> no it isnt
    <Chimecho> dumbshit
    <Chimecho> go fk your mum
    <Jingle> sigh kids these days
    No such nick/channel
    * Logging Chimecho to 'C:\Users\Console\Desktop\mIRC\Blacklogs\Chimecho.PurpleSurge.log'

    I am assuming you run some sort of logging on the Wifi channel, so you can validate my story.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2013
  20. R'linho

    R'linho Retro Trainer

    Here are the screenshots of the PMs he sent me yesterday:

    It seems that he's not unavailable to trade for a week all of the sudden...
    How should I proceed now? I'd prefer a time for the trade to be set here, preferably by you, as he clearly can't be trusted.

    Just to add, replying to his post, that the fact that I did not reply for 6 or 7 days later is false, and I'm hoping you can access our history of exchanged messages to verify that.
    Also, if he changed his mind and only wanted to trade for one Togepi, why would he offer more than the Kyurem in the Wi-fi room? If his idea was to trade the Kyurem for the Togepi, then he would had made available only the Kyurem and nothing else.
    Still, my main concern remains: he currently has posts on trade threads stating he's looking for other Pokemon and I'm afraid he might do this again to other people.

    I'll wait for your instruction on how to proceed with the trade.

    Thank you.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2013
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