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Trade Forum Blacklist

Discussion in 'Trade Forum' started by ellie, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. OllieXTrick

    OllieXTrick Member

    Reporting: TheShiningCaterpie
    Game name: Tyler
    FC: 0905 8992 2644
    He was interested in my WISHMKR Jirachi, as can be seen from my shop posts. Then when decided I was interested in his neutral-natured Tepig when I was told he RNG'd, we proceeded with the trade.
    His connection was awfully glitchy, which made a little skeptical on the trade, but went with it.
    I had Hiyy11 begin to clone it for me, but then found out one of his friends that had traded with TheShiningCaterpie was given a hacked Growlithe. I had him check it for me before cloning, sure enough it's a hack.
    Evidence: https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=3905003
    I sent him a PM less than an hour ago, he was on. No word for 20 minutes, so I proceeded to post the Pokecheck link on his VM and told him I expected an immediate return on my Jirachi. Then he's off.

    I have SS of the conversations and he says he's an RNGer on his signature as well. But clearly is giving out hacks.

    Also, I'm not sure if I did this correctly, but Hiyy11 told me to come here and post the event that happened.
  2. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    Reporting: TheShiningCaterpie
    Game name: Tyler
    FC: 0905 8992 2644
    He was interested in my Dw Rhyhorn and what was supicious he didn't mind what one he wanted like he new i would give him a good iv one so after that i want with the trade and gave him my near flawless dw rhyhorn. Also what puzzled me the rng was so fast as well which made me even more suspicious. Which made me check the growlithe was the name was zangoose? so i checked it and go this...i have no response from him yet for a refund for my dw rhyhorn...thank god it wasn't a shiny one...

    Evidence: https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=3904474
    I did send him a vm not to long ago as well and no answer i was afraid to pm as well cuaz he may get nasty in it...

    Im a true rnger and im extremely upset that i gave away a near flawless dw rhyhorn for it...
  3. OllieXTrick

    OllieXTrick Member

    I was able to get my Jirachi back from him, but from the information given on both the accounts Eevee and I have given, he personally created the hacks. This was no set of accidents, even though he acted oblivious in messages with me.
  4. Tancar911

    Tancar911 V Where's Squirtle?

    Die X Letze
    3268 4778 834
    in gen four he traded me a ho oh for a oto2010 mew, and the ho oh said it was from aquity lakefront, lvl 37. He refused to trade back when requested
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2013
  5. arc4angel100

    arc4angel100 New Member

    Reporting: Liko21
    Game name: unknown
    FC: 2323 5482 4023
    Incident: We negotiated to trade my shiny rufflet and zorua for his celebi and shaymin. I asked several times it they were legit and unique and he made up some stupid excuse in his broken english (i'm not sure if he's foreign or just a moron, by the looks of it both) that they were both completely legit. I checked them afterwards and they're both cloned hundreds of times. Then I asked for them to be traded back, and he ignored me. Then when I said I would blacklist him, he still didn't reply, so I posted on his profile. Then he responded accusing me of scamming him and now he is posting over every forum telling everyone that i'm a scammer and not to trade with me.
  6. pokemonjeff

    pokemonjeff interested trader

    @arc4angel100, cloned doesn't mean they are any less legit. In fact there are legit ways to clone, no external devices needed. And calling names probably won't progress your case any either. Vm him, ask him for a tradeback (if he promised non-cloned pokemon then you were still scammed), and wait for a mod to sort it out. (If they'll even define it as black-listable, because you should have picture proof of the conversation where you asked for non-cloned pokemon or its a lot of "You said-he said").

    Also, if he cloned them via ar then it is unfortunately still against the rules. However proving that is also hard to do. Anyway, hopefully you get your pokes back and neither of you gets blacklisted :D
  7. Liko21

    Liko21 New Member

    Well excuse me , i didnt scam you you were the one who scammed me brother . you said its legit pokes and turns out its not and you are the one who started call me scammer and swear :) all you needed to say is you want them back politely with manner if you did that why wouldnt i give your pokemon back??i obv gave your pokes back i apready told u before if you think its not legit i cant trade themback anytime but instead of saying u want them back calmly , you started to calling me scammer and using swear to me in my vm

    arc4angel100 - 23rd March 2013 10:22 PM Report
    scammer. don't trade with this ******* ,
    ( dont lie man this was the first vm u send me u never send me a Pm that saying that you want them back back politely this message was the first one u sent me )

    you disrespected me first and but now is too late there is no way you can get your pokemon back cause i already gave them away to someone else :) thats what you get for disrespecting me like that get your manner first BOY

    You are the one who should be in black list call
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2013
  8. arc4angel100

    arc4angel100 New Member

    I sent you 3 PM's. One saying that they were clones (which you said they wern't) and asking to trade back which you said you would if they weren't legit, then another one saying that if you didn't reply that I would have to blacklist you, and then the final one saying that I was in the process of blacklisting you. Only after I posted on your page did you respond, because then everyone was able to see it and you had to respond to try and appear innocent.

    What is all this crap about "disrespecting you"? You stole from me and then started posting that I was a scammer over all of the threads. And now you've even admitted that you traded them off even after I asked for them back. I just hope you get banned, and whatever else you deserve.

    il have to post the messages. I wasn't sure where the "report" option was on the PM's. Sorry but the guy is just being such a dick. He stole them and wouldn't trade them back and then started posting stuff about me over loads of random threads. I checked when I was PM'ing that they wern't cloned. He told me that they were completely legit because he had got them himself, but obviously he was lying as they are on the pokecheck database hundreds of times. I just need to know how to show my PM's to the mods.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 28, 2013
  9. Dangertrout

    Dangertrout Well-Known Member

    The report button is found at the bottom-left of the PMs; the small triangle with the exclamation mark in it.
  10. Liko21

    Liko21 New Member

    Well then report that with proof and time cause i never got a single pm that saying its being cloned politely im sick of this do whatever you want scum i dont care i already gave it to someone else im also sick you retard like you lying all the time im sick of loser like u you are wasting my time , seems you be you are too dumb to understand what im saying and dont remember what you did or lying loser like you makes me angry

    Im sick of expainning myself to this dumbass
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 27, 2013
  11. Dangertrout

    Dangertrout Well-Known Member

    I also recommend to both of you that you stop double-posting, or you'll be at risk of receiving infractions.
    There is an edit button at the bottom-right of your post if you feel the need to add information
  12. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    First matters:

    They haven't even logged in since I last VM'd them and that was two weeks ago. They are hence blacklisted.

    As for Liko21 and arc4angel100 - you're getting (or have been) infracted for insulting each other. Childish insults like dick, retard, etc will not be tolerated here, so drop it.

    As said above, use the report button and show evidence of the trade being agreed to/the traded Pokemon not being what you wanted. It is in the bottom left corner of the PM, just like with posts. On that note only report relevant PMs, not every single one you may have had.

    Now that said, there has been a PM report made. Looking at it and this statement:
    So it was mentioned.

    I would like to see proof that they are cloned (ie how do you know that they were cloned 'hundreds of times', a link to pokecheck I suppose would do here). Then we can go from there.

    @ Eeveelover824 - did you get a tradeback yet?

    I would like to see proof of the Hooh stat screen saying that plus the trade agreement in question, please.
  13. sparky3000

    sparky3000 Active Member

    Issue Been resolved
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2013
  14. Charizard_Rulez84

    Charizard_Rulez84 Pika Pika

    Last edited: Apr 6, 2013
  15. rbhfd

    rbhfd New Member

    You should go to your account settings and 'Allow other users to see the legality analysis of my non public Pokémon'.

    I'm guessing the reason it shows hacked is because it's cleary an RNG'd egg in White 2, which is nearly impossible to do.
  16. Charizard_Rulez84

    Charizard_Rulez84 Pika Pika

    i can make it public is all i know how to do, i posted the link n i can see it, i know i received a hack regardless of whose poke it belonged to
  17. koolaidman594

    koolaidman594 (>^__^)> <(^__^<)

    i would like to add myself to the blacklist for utilizing 3rd party software to edit my pokemon to make them more desirable and fulfill the requests of other serebii users. i have hereby messaged !irachi! to close my section of our tradeshop, and all pending trade requests are hereby void. anyone who sees this who i have traded with in the past, i have not cloned anything i have recieved in trades, so i most likely have it still if i do not have it, then it is somewhere in the trade market. if you would like to trade back, just pm me and include what i traded to you and what you traded to me. im sorry to all those who i lied to, and i do regret taking the easy way out in terms of obtaining good pokemon. the only reason i am not going to be posting this in my tradeshop is because i do not want to ruin !jirachi!'s shop's good reputation. he has nothing to do with this and had no idea that i was doing this, so please leave him out of it.
  18. rbhfd

    rbhfd New Member

    Reporting: RICHEH
    Game name: Autumn (Diamond)
    FC: 2495 3113 7425
    Incident: He offered a legit shiny Manaphy he claimed he hatched himself. I know you have to trade the egg before hatching before it can hatch shiny, but he mentioned he had multiple Diamond games so I figured he did that.
    I trade him for a Keldeo and when I upload it to pokecheck, it turns out hacked. Proof: https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=4184116.
    There's no way of him claiming that there must have been a mix up. He clearly stated he got it himself and that it was legit.

    I asked for a tradeback and he immediately agreed, so that's something. Still, offering hacked pokemon as legit isn't allowed so that's why I'm reporting him.
    I'm guessing he didn't think I would ever find out, as to his reaction when I showed him the pokecheck.

    (I'll be keeping the pokecheck up for a while until this is resolved, but I don't like it having him on my pokecheck account.)
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2013
  19. RICHEH

    RICHEH New Member

    Its fair enough. I should't have been so dishonest. I underestimated the technology of today. Sorry everyone, I released it and hopefully i'll be trusted at some point again! things i do for a keldeo, haha. I am silly.
  20. dewey911p

    dewey911p primus inter pares

    You used the same link twice, this is the manaphy link you forgot :p
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