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Trade Forum Blacklist

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. jnrust

    jnrust New Member

    Chat Username: WhirlwindBidoof
    In-game Name: cj
    Friend Code: 2079-7203-7860
    What Happened: Self-explanatory
    <jnrust> You need Bagon?
    <WhirlwindBidoof> ivs?
    <WhirlwindBidoof> and what are you looking for?
    01<jnrust> 5 Max IVs except sp atk.
    <WhirlwindBidoof> Nature and ability?
    01<jnrust> Adamant
    <WhirlwindBidoof> What do you want?
    01<jnrust> 5 IV Slowpoke, eh?
    <WhirlwindBidoof> yeah
    01<jnrust> What's your fc?
    <WhirlwindBidoof> 2079 7203 7860
    01<jnrust> 4227-0733-5921
    <WhirlwindBidoof> nature prefered?
    01<jnrust> Bold/Relaxed/Modest
    01<jnrust> Quiet
    <WhirlwindBidoof> i got 1
    <WhirlwindBidoof> Relaxed
    01<jnrust> That works.
    <WhirlwindBidoof> only has 4ivs though
    01<jnrust> As long as those maxes are not atk or spd then its fine.
    <WhirlwindBidoof> lol
    <WhirlwindBidoof> nvm then. I would be cheating you
    <WhirlwindBidoof> 1 is attack
    01<jnrust> I could opt for a 5er regardless of nature since I have Dittos.
    <WhirlwindBidoof> Okay
    <WhirlwindBidoof> I have a brave one
    <WhirlwindBidoof> 5
    <WhirlwindBidoof> perfect except for special defense

    Slowpoke was not even Superior. Only Above Average
  2. Hellken

    Hellken Member

    Username of Scammer: dasbun
    In-Game Name: Diego
    Friend Code: Soul Silver FC: 3698 0882 3620
    :: Theft and Possibly Running Multiple Scams on other users over the course of several months ::

    I have been very suspicious of a certain user named dasbun for some time now. He seems to be pretty desperate to offload shinies including a shiny Mew he claims to be legit.


    And I believe he may have been running multiple scams on other members of this site for months. Here's one of them:


    So, I entered a trade with him and as expected, he lied about the details:


    Non of the details he gave me matched the actual one: http://i.imgur.com/Fp1HZAR.png

    This is his modus operandi:
    He makes a trade then lies about the details. When the Pokemon is checked or when questions are asked, he ignores PMs.

    After 2 weeks of playing "Good cop/Bad cop" with him and trying to catch him online he has finally admitted to theft here: [​IMG]

    People like dasbun have little regard for other people's personal lives. Trying to catch him online after he promised a tradeback was a waste of time. He never appeared. I suspect he has been doing this on other people judging by his post history. I can't believe how greedy and selfish some people are over 260 bytes of data. I finally caught him in the act.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2013
    Estellise likes this.
  3. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    jnrust: This isn't the place to report scammers from the wifi-channel. There's a thread dedicated to that in the chat discussion of the website.

    Hellken: Bahaha someone's a junior detective. I'll get high-staff to ban him.
  4. gotname

    gotname Member

    Username: e20531989
    Ingame name: E
    FC: 5413 0327 7876
    What happened: I posted in the trade forum under bulbasaur offering 4IV with HA chyrofill and the egg move gigadrain (calm nature) as well as several regular pokemon.
    user e20531989 reply to the post with a private message (PM will be provided though report). He offered a 5IV marill with 3 egg moves in this reply to the post. we communicated through private messages a few time trading friend codes to set up the trade.
    I traded one of my many bulbasaurs to him and got a marill in return it did have the moves (belly drum - aqua jet - Superpower) but when i checked later i found it to be only 3 IV (HP - att - satt) i am willing to trade this marill i got to confirm both the egg moves and IV as well as to provide one of the bulbasuars as a sample.
  5. Neriifur

    Neriifur Well-Known Member

    Username: letleys
    Ingame name: Y
    FC: 2552 0441 1102
    What happened: I posted looking for a 5 IV ditto in exchange for a shiny Pokemon, and he messaged me saying he had a modest 5 IV ditto. He traded me one with crappy IVs in exchange for my shiny Fennekin. My instacheck wasn't working at the time, so I couldn't test his ditto, but I have so many shiny Fennekins I didn't mind sacrificing one for a chance.

  6. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    Yeah, this is a well-known scammer who's been using many alts in the forum. The account is permanently banned.
  7. Neriifur

    Neriifur Well-Known Member

    Ah good. Thank you. I sent a message actually to reddit seeing if they could blacklist him incase he decides to travel over there now as well.
  8. akher07

    akher07 New Member

    Username of Scammer : Rainy Bluefoxie
    In-Game Name : Rainy
    Friend Code : 1848-2512-2833
    What happened : tried to scamm me offering a lvl 100 flawless ditto for my 5iv shiny honedge, the ditto didnt have a single max stat, luckyly the trade didnt take place
    already reported the PMs but i post his FC here to avoid him scamming other ppl
  9. Rainy Bluefoxie

    Rainy Bluefoxie New Member

    I will show the Ditto to any moderator on here to back up my claim that the ditto is perfect. You however lied about your honedge being perfect and you lied about the nature being adament.
  10. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    I'll be looking into the above shortly.
  11. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    I know this is not good enough proof but I just thought this would help.

    Akher07 has incheck thing as I asked him to check my sv and egg which he kindly did. so I do believe akher07 has no reason to lie, it is possible that the ditto could of been the wrong one which would of caused this whole thing.
  12. ForgottenEons

    ForgottenEons Shiny Hunter

    Username of Scammer: Umbreon2112
    In-Game Name: Frank
    Friend Code: 1134-6965-6188
    What happened: Umbreon2112 scammed me in the following trade. I gave him:

    Female Eevee (Run Away)
    - Covet
    - Curse
    - Wish
    - Yawn

    In exchange for his:

    Ditto (either Imposter or Limber)

    When I recieved the Ditto, out of the six marking you can put onto Pokemon, the Square, Heart, Star, and Diamond was filled in, indicating that the Ditto had perfect Defense, Sp Attack, Sp Defense, and Speed. When I went to the IV judge, he said that Attack and Sp Defense couldn't be beat... I thought maybe he sent the wrong Ditto, but seeing as how the respective markings were already filled in beforehand, clearly he was trying to be sneaky, and make me believe it was actually a Ditto with 4 perfect IVs. He has Pokemon X, his friend code is 1134-6965-6188, and his in-game name is Frank. I reported our PM conversation as well.
  13. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    I also like to add these as forgotteneons said they could not post them. Pms are also here to help.


    The guy posted he was looking for an eevee on the iv thread this is how the trade started and as you can see from the pms the trade took place.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2013
  14. masterfreya

    masterfreya New Member

    User name: KeiLanRan
    IGN: Keith
    FC: 3866-8536-5637
    What happened: I was promised a 31/31/31/xx/31/31 shiny German Crawdaunt for my shiny NN Pangoro. I checked the Crawdaunt when I received him, I checked his IVs to discover none were maxed. I have attempted to message him on here asking to trade back as well as sending trade requests in game. All have been ignored.
  15. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    I will request Umbreon2112 and KeiLanRan to be banned shortly.
  16. AleXY

    AleXY New Member

    Username of Scammer: JadeX
    In-Game Name: Ruiyang
    Friend Code: 5472-7429-4603
    What happened: Offered a 5IV Staryu in return for a 5IV Ferroseed with egg moves. The Staryu turned out to only have 2 31's, and he has ignored my attempt at contacting him afterwards.
  17. Tias

    Tias Member

    This is not a report but question. What is the point in reporting people if they are only going to be banned for 3 weeks?
    You can basically scam someone of a valuable pokemon, wait 3 weeks and do it again. Why not ban them for good? =/
    Your current system doesn't protect your members at all. Look at what smogon did with their shiny value list. People who scam others are permanently banned and put onto the list.

    This way it protects their users from crossing ways with the scammers again. On here? Only a 3 week penalty. It basically makes it WORTH scamming people.

    My suggestion: people who have been confirmed to scam others will have their friend code permanently listed in the blacklist here. Maybe you can make a google document where only admins/mods have access to edit it. If you're still not gonna do anything about this I'm just gonna go ahead and assume this site doesn't care much for its members getting scammed =I
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2013
    Bluemiracle likes this.
  18. Bluemiracle

    Bluemiracle Biologist

    Username of Scammer: Otamon
    In-Game Name: Cadence
    Friend Code: 0344 9621 3477
    What happened: this user was offering a 5IV Ditto for shinies. I offered my shiny Inkay but the Ditto she offered had 2 pefect IV and not 5. As soon as the trade was over I quickly checked the Ditto's IVs and sent her a PM right away, but she disappeared from the Internet (both 3DS and serebii forums). Later, this person ignored my PMs and has now blocked me. Also, Otamon continues to advertise her '5IV Ditto' in the IV Bred Trading Thread so eventually someone else will be scammed the way I was

    PS: I kind of agree with Tias..

    Screenshots of the user's post on the IV Bred Trading Thread and PMs:



    Screenshots of IV checker:

    Last edited: Dec 2, 2013
  19. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    I'll be looking into the others shortly but I want to respond to this.

    Well personally the rules were made before I got modded, so I can't offer much of an insight behind the creation of the system but I can certainly offer insight on how the system works right now.

    I don't really care for the idea of permanently banning somebody because of a scam. The entire idea behind timed bans is that people have a downtime to learn their lessons. The theory behind it is that people will understand that they will get caught and that scamming isn't going to be tolerated here. In fact, I would say the system works right now considering that I haven't really experienced repeat offenders. There's only one person who's managed to scam people repeatedly (in my time here) and we've permabanned him and are continuing to permaban him as he makes alternate accounts. The assumption that we don't care about the safety behind scamming members is incredibly unfair especially since you don't see what goes on in the staff section and the measures that the trade staff goes to ensure that people don't get scammed and the like.

    Although, your suggestion is already in place. We haven't removed the names from the blacklist as soon as they are added. I personally need to update the list (blame me being sick and having tons of schoolwork at the moment). I'm not really sure what you're asking us to do, because your suggestion is already in place and I'm not personally comfortable with making one single scam a permaban. Could you perhaps clarify? If you're deadset on it I could bring it up to the rest of the trade staff although I can't give you the confidence that it will go through.
  20. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    I will request Otamon and JadeX's bans shortly.

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