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Trade Forum Blacklist

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Hi, I'll just further address the concerns you raised, Tias.

    The 3 week ban is in place of a perma ban, because this forum is bigger than just trading and battling. I don't see much need to ban someone from the entire forum for scamming - what they did affects the trade/battling sections only, so really any further lingering effects ought to be specific to those sections, not the whole forum forever. And if someone is caught scamming again (which as said has rarely ever happened here), then a permaban is what will follow.

    The banlist doesn't get wiped either - once someone gets on it, they will stay on it. In addition, we had a quick discussion and will put in a message in banlisted member's signatures which mentions this fact (which if removed by the member will just result in further bans or whatnot). That was in place in previous gen threads, I suppose it just got left out when the thread was remade is all.
  2. Tias

    Tias Member

    Hey it's at least an improvment!
    This way less people will be scammed.
  3. ayerrowdocta

    ayerrowdocta Hey Whats Up? :)

    Username of Scammer: zRSx
    In-Game Name: Red
    Friend Code: 4313-0869-2143
    What happened (post the story of what happened here, including all evidence you may have):
    Ok, so a couple of weeks ago he offered me a 5IV smeargle, which I was looking for, so I accepted. After that he didn't respond until recently where he claimed he wanted two of my 5IV pokemon for two of his. He gave me three options, as shown in the PMs and I chose the two I wanted. He ended up giving me inferior pokemon (3IV shellder + 4IV larvesta) for the actual 5IV pokemon I provided. I can trade anyone these pokemon he gave me if they want to check for themselves.

    FC and IGN:
    Shellder I recieved:
    Larvesta I recieved:
  4. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    I'm working on the ban, ayerrowdocta.
  5. Name of Scammer: Sgt.Frog
    IGN: Ricky
    FC : 5112-4532-0955
    This person wanted to do a safari zone trade. I said it was ok, and then I him if he would like to trade with me, to evolve my Perfect IV'ed Phantump. After the trade he went straight offline and deleted me as a friend on 3DS and blocked me on The Fourms. All I have now is a Litwick! I worked really hard and put effort into breeding that Phantump, and I am now really annoyed. I would post the print screens but I unfortunately don't know how to. I can however provide the texts I received;

    FROG>Thanks for the Safari Zone. Needed to find that one for ages!
    ME> No problem, hey can you do me a favour?
    FROG> Yeah sure what is it?
    ME>It's just that I need my Phantump to evolve into Treveant.
    FROG> But you can catch one of those in the wild. What's so special about this one?
    ME>I have IV breed it. To make it super strong, for competitive battles.
    FROG>COOL! yeah I'll help you with that.
    ME> see you in 15 mins, have to do something.

    15 MINS LATER...

    FROG> Your Phantump evolved.
    ME> yes! thank you.
    FROG> No no, thank you.
    ME> what?!

    After that I have heard nothing from him and scammers like him should be banned and tought a lesson. Thank you
  6. qwerty1234qwerty

    qwerty1234qwerty New Member

    Username: Rabbil
    Ingame name: Rabbil
    FC: 0018-1556-1140
    What happened: Said he was trading me a 5IV Modest Mewtwo... Gave me one with 3IVs and tok my shiny perfect Fletchling
  7. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    Do you both have any screenshots or anything like that for evidence?
  8. petizh

    petizh Bored Trainer

    Username of Scammer: GerryOat
    In-Game Name: Dee
    Friend Code: 1676-5092-8757
    What happened:
    He told me to hatch an egg for him and as compensation, he would give me a 5 IV pokemon. I then received the egg from him and proceeded to hatch it. It came out as a Shiny Zorua and I could easily have scammed it, but I am a nice person and therefore I did not and I traded the shiny Zorua to him. Afterwards, he traded me a Scyther and when I checked, it was only 4 IV (with the IVs in wrong stats). I PM'd him and waited, but he has yet to respond after 4 days already.

    EDIT to rep poster thingy: I'm saying I easily could have scammed him, but I am nice and did not. Then, he backstabs me by turning around and scamming me. He promised me a 5 IV pokemon for service and he ultimately gave a bad, 4 IV one. You're saying there's nothing I can report he took, but what about people who do EV training services? If someone EV trains something for someone in exchange for a 5 IV, and the person doesn't pay up, would that not be considered scamming? I provided him with a service (hatching his egg) and he did not pay up.
    Also, for saying he has not been online for 4 days, just go to his profile and you can see that he has been online. -.-

    EDIT2 to rep poster thingy: I hatched the egg, and it was shiny. Essentially, I gave him a shiny pokemon. Furthermore, he promised a 5 IV. A promise is a promise.

    EDIT3 to rep poster thingy: If it's a mistake, how come he has not responded yet? He has evidently been on (as shown on his profile. Last online date). Honestly though, are you kidding me? You are basically saying "It doesn't matter what was offered, all the time you spent hatching the egg was completely worthless. He promised a half decent Pokemon and instead gave you a complete crap one that you might as well release, but we don't care." Like come on. I just hate that I spent time helping a person get a shiny Zorua, then he's basically saying "thanks, but screw you." But whatever. Thanks rep poster person for giving me 4 negative reps.

    EDIT4: Weee. The nice user, Rairyan said he'd give me a 5 IV Scyther. I'm still mad about GerryOats doing this though. But thank you very much Ryan. You're awesome.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2013
  9. qwerty1234qwerty

    qwerty1234qwerty New Member

    Heres some proof
    Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 7.45.14 PM.jpg
  10. phokingbeast

    phokingbeast Member

    Username nanamine
    Friend code 4725 - 8422 - 4433
    Ign bo

    We agreed to trade his 5 iv phantump for a life orb. The phantump i received did not have 5 ivs. I contacted the person right away and it's been over a day and no response.
  11. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    nanamine has likely made a mistake and will give you the poke you requested once they have read the message so don't worry you will get your 5 iv phantump. :)
  12. Shadowwolf

    Shadowwolf Lunatic Mercenary

    Username: N/A
    IRC Name: Mawile2810
    IRC Hostmask: SPPGuest43(AT)PurpleSurge-B4A9BC8C(DOT)satx(DOT)res(DOT)rr(DOT)com
    In-Game Name: Hayden
    Friend Code: 2509 1302 9728

    I'm not sure if IRC scams apply here and I don't know where I could post about those, but I'll do my best to identify this person. If there is a different thread regarding IRC, then please redirect me there.

    At approximately 10:40 PM (-6:00 GMT), a user known as Mawile2810 PM'd me on #spp-wifi for a 4 IV Larvitar I was offering for trade. He offered a 4 IV Ferroseed with the egg moves Spikes and Stealth Rock. I agreed to the trade and we began.

    Around 10:50 PM, we finished our trade. But as soon as we finished, he claimed that he had to go to bed. I asked if he wanted to check the IVs, but he seemed to be in a rush to log off. Naturally, I got suspicious and checked the Ferroseed he sent me. He logged off before I could speak to him again.

    It had Sassy nature, which is good. It had the egg moves as he promised. But it did NOT have 4 perfect IVs as he claimed. Only Defense was perfect, and nothing else. The IV Judge in-game said its potential was only above average. Because he didn't bother to check with me if I got exactly as he promised, I could only guess that he downright fabricated the 4 IV claim.

    I'm not expecting to receive the Larvitar back, but I would like to protect other traders from this user. Hopefully, the hostmask will at least revoke his IRC privileges. If not, please be on a lookout.

    This was my earlier advertisement in #spp-wifi:
    Below is a screenshot of the whole PM on the trade.

    EDIT: Every time I attempt to upload the screenshot, it ends up killing its resolution completely, rendering it unreadable. How do I fix that?

    EDIT: For IRC scams, this is the correct thread: serebiiforums(DOT)com/showthread(DOT)php?308288-Scammed-in-SPP-wifi-!-Post-here!/

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Dec 27, 2013
  13. Amril1990

    Amril1990 New Member

    Username of Scammer Chronic_XIX
    In-Game NameChronic
    Friend Code 4785-5739-7366
    What happened The user posted in the forum for evolution trading offering to help anyone who needed a pokemon evolved through trades. After sending him the pokemon he logged out. The user also pulled the same scam on the user Fated9. I don't have any evidence, because of my noob ignorance- and because I didn't think that a 4IV phantump was something someone was really going to steal (takes about 30 minutes to make). I doubt he will get banned now but maybe when he scams someone smarter than myself they can use this as supporting evidence...
  14. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    The Detective Prince is on the case :)

    Anyway as there was not enough evidence I decided to set a trap and get myself scammed, I ask the guy to evolve a flawless phantump, we traded and he returned the poke. I was not going give up so i raised it a bit more and asked him to evolve a shiny seadra (i said it had 5 ivs too so he fall into the trap) we traded, he gave me a machop then he showed kingdra and then he went offline, I messaged him asking what happend and he has not replyed. I also notice he offering 5 iv dittos asking for shinys so he will likely take their pokes.


    case solved :)

    as for shiny seadra i don't care if he took it as i can get another today. I rather lose a poke i don't need to catch a guy who scammed 2 other people and is going scam more people shinys which they could care about. I will also replace the pokes he stole off the other 2 people :)
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2013
  15. Ivorytigress

    Ivorytigress Derp Tiger :D

    Username of Scammer Chronic_XIX
    In-Game Name Chronic
    Friend Code 4785-5739-7366
    What happened I posted looking for help to evolve my Kadabra. (It was a 4IV HA modest I'd gotten over Wondertrade.)
    The user messaged me, and we traded. He sent me his Machop, then refused any further trades. He then logged out, and has ignored any messages I sent him.
    puu.sh/62CvK.png Last message I got from him.
    dropbox.com/s/rvpgrz8mahpewra/IMAG0075.jpg Pokemon he sent me before he dropped all communication.
  16. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    I'm working on the bans. I'm sorry that happened to you guys. :(
  17. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    will he only get a 3 week considering he scammed 4 people?
  18. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    I'm currently discussing it with the other moderators.
  19. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    Ok thanks, don't worry about the people who got their pokes took as I have offered to replace them for nothing. :)
  20. Lizilla

    Lizilla is really a dinosaur


    Username: None found- incident happened via Serebii wifi chat
    Scammer's IGN: Calem
    Scammer's FC: 3797-7428-1904 or 3797 7428 1904

    This user with the friend code 3797-7428-1904 and IGN (In-game name) Calem scammed me out of a 5IV totodile with egg moves. He offered me a 5IV riolu with 5 max IVs. I naively traded, only to receive a riolu with one max IV in HP. He offered to battle and I also accepted. He quit halfway through when I was winning. After that I checked the riolu's IVs and they did not match what I requested. When I told him that it only had one max IV, he disconnected.

    I am a trusted trader- I usually trade on the Serebii and Smogon forums under the username 'Lizilla' ad 'Lizilla89' If you have any issue with the validity of this, you can contact me on there.

    I'm posting this it so that others don't make the same mistake that I did and so that his friend code is searchable in google.

    Scammer's IGN: Calem
    Scammer's FC: 3797-7428-1904 or 3797 7428 1904

    [04:54] <WiFiGuest7559> 5 iv noibat
    [04:54] <WiFiGuest7559> 5 iv goomy
    [04:54] <WiFiGuest7559> 5 iv riolu
    [04:56] <Liz> Hmmm... I might be interested in either a goomy or a riolu
    [04:57] <WiFiGuest7559> which one?
    [04:58] <Liz> I guess I'll go with a riolu. What type of IV spread does it have? 31/31/31/x/31/31 or 31/x/31/31/31/31?
    [04:59] <Liz> I'm looking for 31/31/31/x/31/31
    [04:59] <WiFiGuest7559> 31/31/31/x/31/31
    [04:59] <Liz> Ah good
    [04:59] <WiFiGuest7559> cool ur in luck
    [04:59] <Liz> ok, lemme find my fc really quick
    [05:00] <WiFiGuest7559> gimme a min as well
    [05:00] <Liz> My FC is 380-3160-3355
    [05:00] <Liz> kk
    [05:03] <WiFiGuest7559> it says invalid
    [05:03] <Liz> whoops
    [05:03] <Liz> forgot a number
    [05:03] <Liz> 2380-3160-3355
    [05:03] <WiFiGuest7559> mine is 3797-7428-1904
    [05:03] <Liz> kk adding you now
    [05:03] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
    [05:06] <Liz> calem, right?
    [05:06] <WiFiGuest7559> yup
    [05:08] <WiFiGuest7559> also what u want for the shiny?
    [05:08] <Liz> Looking for other shinies and considering other things as well
    [05:09] <Liz> I also have shiny Audino, Feebas, Ponyta, Sentret, Arcanine, Golett, Fletchling, Bergmite.
    [05:09] <WiFiGuest7559> anything for the fletchling?
    [05:09] <WiFiGuest7559> i have charmander aand starly
    [05:09] <Liz> Its 4IV and only has big picks though
    [05:09] <WiFiGuest7559> ok nvm then
    [05:09] <Liz> which kinda stinks
    [05:09] <Liz> haha
    [05:10] <Liz> Yeah, I didn't have the best luck with that...
    [05:11] <WiFiGuest7559> it's ok
    [05:11] <WiFiGuest7559> u wanna battle?
    [05:11] <Liz> Sure! Just let me check my battle box really quick
    [05:11] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
    [05:13] <Liz> ok, ready when you are :)
    [05:13] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
    [05:11] <Liz> Sure! Just let me check my battle box really quick
    [05:11] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
    [05:13] <Liz> ok, ready when you are :)
    [05:13] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
    [05:20] <Liz> uh oh
    [05:22] <Liz> I just checked the riolu you sent me... it only has 1 max IV :/

    Chatlog, what I actually received, and screenshots:
    logs and screenshot.jpg

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