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Trade Forum Blacklist

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. yajsreym

    yajsreym New Member

    After groudon mazter saw that I wasn't gonna take this lying down after 40 minutes of ignoring me he suddenly made things right. Still a cheat. Still wouldn't have given me the Keldeo if I hadn't warned people on his board about him.
  2. Xadvid

    Xadvid Mastermind

    Username of Scammer: thesmilingassass
    In-Game Name: SmillinAssasn
    Friend Code:5069-5221-8905
    Description: He was suppose to offer me his "5IV" Shiny Totodile for my 6IV Ditto, however once we traded, I checked the IVs of the Totodile and it was 1IV rather than 5IVs like he claimed.

    Attached Files:

  3. CallMyName

    CallMyName Well-Known Member

    Dont make trade offer with adamfitz fc is X Friend code: 0216-1851-5361 he a troller . I and him agree to trade my kyogre for his charmander but when he finally online he offer some random pokemon and never offer to trade the charmander we agree on then goes off and leave me waiting .IF he dont want to trade then dont post for trade then agree on trade then not trading it ,it is not nice he should be ashame
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2014
  4. dar

    dar Event Hunter

    Username of Scammer: SuperSexyShinyGuy
    In-Game Name: Kyle
    Friend Code: 5386-8703-5926
    Description: ok what happen was he had a post in shiny thread about have shinys looking for other shinys that he doesnt have so i traded him 19 shinys and he was going to trade me 20 shinys and clone backs too but i traded him and i have been trying to trade him but he wont trade me even when i try to trade him on 3ds i have sent 30 messages too him and hes like man stop freaking out but he said 30 min its been about 2 hours and still dont have them i can post every thing i have said and what he said too

    will update if he trade me the pokemon and the ones that i was soposse to get
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2014
  5. Sidhe111

    Sidhe111 New Member

    He also sent me a message Claiming to want to clone my pokemon as well I did not trade him any however.
  6. Kevin24

    Kevin24 Event Collector

  7. MistressD

    MistressD Lady

    You're not alone Dar he scammed me aswell , however I declined his offer to clone my hoppip he did not trade me what he offered in return , I gave him a chance to return it but I was ignored. I have PM's to prove conversations.
  8. dar

    dar Event Hunter

    thanks it just is stupid he said i could trust him but look what happened
  9. shinyclauncher1234

    shinyclauncher1234 the shinyclauncher12

    Okay,I just want to say this,DONT TRUST ZDAHL!!!!!!!!!

    He took like 15 shinies from me because he wanted to clone them for his new game,he never returned them either,one of them isn't even mine!

    His FC is. 1907 9456 5931

    He's ignored all of my trade requests and ignored me on here too ;^;

  10. imaGe

    imaGe Member

    Just do a quick google search on his FC. He has scammed multiple people across multiple boards and trade forums. Known notoriously as PokeBreederKyle. Should just ban his IP or put his FC on blast. He's very persistent and recreates a new account under a new name when he's banned.
  11. MistressD

    MistressD Lady

    Username of Scammer: SuperSexyShinyGuy
    In-Game Name: Kyle
    Friend Code: 5386-8703-5926
    Description: Offered me two cloned pokemon for my Shiny hoppip , I accepted , he took my shiny and still hasn't traded me , I have Pm'd him three times now asking for my pokemon back or for him to make good on his offer no response even though he's online in pokemon and forums.

  12. giratina519

    giratina519 ra ra ra IERUKANA?!

    Zdahl gave clauncher back ONE shiny in an attempt to clear his name... When he and I ask him about it, all he does is laugh at us and continue to lie.
  13. Please post some evidence / report PMs / something for evidence against Zdahl

    SuperSexyShinyGuy has been permabanned.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2014
  14. ZakRs1

    ZakRs1 Completionist

    I may have made a mistake reporting somebody, by which, I mean I did. I reported them via PM, it's the one about Meloetta for Shaymin + A shiny event dog. Please ignore this report, they dc'd for a while so I reported, but they returned and completed the trade.
  15. shinyclauncher1234

    shinyclauncher1234 the shinyclauncher12

    shinyclauncher1234 - Today 1:02 PM Edit Report
    Hey,you still have the rayquaza,wich is forsaken greninjas,SHE will also report you,you need to give the right gardevoir too

    zdahl - Yesterday 11:10 PM Report
    dont hate me i just proved a point is all and you made a deal i won fair trade you lost because your using all legendarys thats foolish

    shinyclauncher1234 - Yesterday 10:14 PM Edit Report
    Can you just give me the shiny vivillions in your brothers boxes,and the gardevoir and I can leave him and you alone,your brother will be banned and he won't be happy

    shinyclauncher1234 - Yesterday 10:07 PM Edit Report
    Gave you a gardevoir,that TREEKO IS MINE!!!! THAT AEGISLASH IS MINE please dude,I can give you all sorts of shinies if you'll just give me the gardevoir and vivillions back,please,you're going to be banned

    zdahl - Yesterday 10:05 PM Report
    i dont have em gave you an evee all i had

    shinyclauncher1234 - Yesterday 9:57 PM Edit Report
    Dude,give me my pokemon :(

    shinyclauncher1234 - 9th February 2014 10:31 PM Edit Report
    When can I have my pokemon back?

    It's been like 2weeks

    Some evidence on zdahl,can get more,I just don't have my pms anymore
  16. giratina519

    giratina519 ra ra ra IERUKANA?!

    He slandered me and claws, he's been a jerk the whole time. Just look through the VMs and you'll have all the evidence you need.
  17. varanus_komodoensis

    varanus_komodoensis they call me Varanus

    I just got two hacked shinies in a random trade on PSS. I don't think the guy who traded them to me knew they were hacks, because I also got two legal ones and a Mewtwonite X. One was a Feraligatr, and I released it already, but the OT was BRANNAL. I also got a hacked shiny Mewtwo from Cerulean Cave in Johto; the ID is 48746 and the OT is three Japanese characters. Let me know if you want a screenshot of it.

    Just a warning that these two OTs are not trustworthy.
  18. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    I'm working on Zdahl's ban.
  19. shinyclauncher1234

    shinyclauncher1234 the shinyclauncher12

    THank you for banning him :)

    He still has another users rayquaza though,a shiny one
  20. Corbins Mix

    Corbins Mix Trainer

    Don't trade with PokémonMadness8, there a lire and cheat.

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