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danger chili pepper
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!!! Please read before posting and check back regularly for updates. !!!
Note: This blacklist only covers the 8th generation.

Welcome to the Trade Forum blacklist.

Post here if you have been scammed in the trade forums. Remember to provide as much evidence as you possibly can (including screenshots of PMs and such, note that you can use the Report button on a PM to send an exact copy to all mods), so that we can determine if the scam happened.

Follow this form when you post, filling out as much as you can:

[b]Username of Scammer:
In-Game Name:
Friend Code:
Description:[/b] (post the story of what happened here, including all evidence you may have)

Any members caught scamming will receive a 3 week ban, and be placed on the blacklist. They will also receive a Scammer Badge indicating this. Repeatedly scamming / scamming multiple people can result in a permanent ban from Serebii.Net forums.

For the list of blacklisted users from previous generation, you may refer to this thread.

Tips for Saving Trade Evidence

Since the majority of negotiation and such in SPPf's trade forums has to take place outside of the forums themselves, it can be hard to prove that your trade partner is a scammer, if that does intend to be the case. However, using these tips will give you a better chance of proving your side of the story.
  • If your trade negotiation takes place in your Visitor Message/Profile Posts, all you have to do is show us the conversation. It can be seen by any moderator even if one or both user has a private profile, and even if the scammer deletes the post, we can still un-delete them to read them.
  • If your trade negotiation takes place via Private Messages/Conversations, don't delete any of the PMs. Using the "Report" button in your PMs, you can send an exact copy of the PM(s) you received to all moderators, so we will know you didn't edit it. Just be sure to say in the description what the report is for, because not all moderators check this thread or even moderate this forum. Be sure you don't delete your PMs concerning the incident until it is resolved, because once deleted PMs cannot be recovered.
  • If your trade negotiation takes place outside of SPPf, such as in email or instant messaging (not recommended), take screenshots and save conversation logs. There isn't as much we can do with these, since they can be editted, but it's better than nothing. Try to negotiate through SPPf so that we can see what happened if anything goes wrong.
  • If your trade partner is a scammer, always be sure to get their in-game name, ID no., FC, and/or any other useful information. It's harder to change these things, so if the person creates a new account (not allowed), or the Pokemon were traded to other innocent people, they will be spotted before more people can get scammed.
Also, you should try to save this evidence before every trade with a new person just in case anything bad happens. Most people out there aren't going to take your Pokemon, but if it does happen, having better evidence can help us punish the people properly.​