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TRADE FORUM Rules [TAG your Threads in the Title]

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danger chili pepper
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!!! Please READ everything before posting !!!

  • All forum rules apply.
  • Asking for hacked Pokemon is strictly forbidden.
  • Tag your Threads in the title.
    • Please specify whether you're looking for a TRADE, CO-OP/UNION CIRCLE, TERA RAID, EVOLUTION HELP, DEX FILL HELP, etc.
  • Be specific when offering.
    • Instead of saying "Offering shinies," say "Offering Lv. 10 Shiny Lechonk and Lv. 5 Shiny Pawmi" or something.
  • You may only post once per page.
    • Each thread has 20 posts per page.
  • Conduct the trades PRIVATELY.
    • Send a PM (Private Message) directly to the person you wish to trade with. Do not negotiate in this thread.
  • Edit and/or delete your post once you found what you're looking for.
    • This would remove inconvenience on both sides. Less hassle. Saves time.
  • Don't say "See my sig/website/shop/etc" for a list.
    • List down what you are offering in your post.
  • No trading for other-game goods, real money, or anything other than things within a Pokemon game.
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