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Trade Help to complete Dex in Eevee



I'm hoping to find someone to trade to complete my Dex in Lets Go Eevee. I need to trade for a Scyther and a Grimer, as well as trade evolution for Gengar, Machamp, and Golem. I'll be online for about the next 2 hours if anyone is available right now.



Well-Known Member
Hi, I can assist you with the trade evolutions but not with the scyther and grimer as I am playing LGE. Drop me a PM please.


Trade Evolution completed, thanks for the assist!

Just need the two exclusives from LGP if anyone can help there.



Hello again!

Still looking for someone willing to trade a Grimer, both regular and Alolan if possible. I'm looking to trade either LGE exclusives or Alolan LGE exclusives if anyone can help.


New Member
Hi Geojenn,

I think we can help each other here. I'm also looking for help evolving my Haunter and Kadabra, so if you're still wanting trade evolution help, please let me know.