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Trade Help to complete Dex in Eevee

Discussion in 'Let's Go, Pikachu & Eevee' started by geojenn03, May 12, 2019.

  1. geojenn03

    geojenn03 Member


    I'm hoping to find someone to trade to complete my Dex in Lets Go Eevee. I need to trade for a Scyther and a Grimer, as well as trade evolution for Gengar, Machamp, and Golem. I'll be online for about the next 2 hours if anyone is available right now.

  2. te0001lm

    te0001lm Well-Known Member

    Hi, I can assist you with the trade evolutions but not with the scyther and grimer as I am playing LGE. Drop me a PM please.
  3. geojenn03

    geojenn03 Member

    Trade Evolution completed, thanks for the assist!

    Just need the two exclusives from LGP if anyone can help there.

  4. geojenn03

    geojenn03 Member

    Hello again!

    Still looking for someone willing to trade a Grimer, both regular and Alolan if possible. I'm looking to trade either LGE exclusives or Alolan LGE exclusives if anyone can help.
  5. AmberAlert

    AmberAlert New Member

    Hi Geojenn,

    I think we can help each other here. I'm also looking for help evolving my Haunter and Kadabra, so if you're still wanting trade evolution help, please let me know.

  6. geojenn03

    geojenn03 Member

    Sent you a PM

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