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Trade Shop Rules

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Please Read before posting and check back regularly for updates

1. All other SPPf rules and Trade Forum Rules. This includes things like no trading/asking for hacked Pokemon, no spamming, no flaming, and the other basics that you should know by now.

2. You must be offering and looking for at least 10 Pokemon. Any less and you can just use the other sections or WiFi Chat. Note that if you want to trade items/services in your thread as well, that's fine, but they don't count towards the minimum of 10 Pokemon and you can't make a thread for just items. Also note that you must be very specific about everything you are trading. You can't say "trading shinies looking for other shinies/events" or anything like that. You need to specify every single thing that you are offering (though you are allowed to be vague about what you are looking for as long as you aren't trying to ask for a hack).

3. No using external sites to display your list. You have plenty of room in the first post of your thread, and if you already have a site you can just copy/paste. Linking to other sites and saying "look here for what I have/want" is considered advertising and is not allowed. You may also not say "see my sig" in the first post. You need to actually type out what you want/what you are offering and list it in the first post of your trade shop.

4. Absolutely no offtopic posts. The only posts allowed in the thread are updates by the shop owner, making/accepting offers, and clarification. Any chatting will be infracted and deleted. This includes things like "what's your fc?" "ok I'm getting online" and such. Those posts can be done via pm/vm/whatever else have you.

5. You may only make one thread per generation, ever. The only exception is if you PM a moderator of the trade forum and ask for your old thread to be closed, then you may make a new one if the mod allows you to. You must have a good reason for wanting your thread closed.

6. Not exactly a rule, but you may double-post/bump in this forum under certain circumstances. You may only bump if a) you are the owner of the thread b) you have a significant, non-spammy update to the thread (for example, adding additional Pokemon, removing something you once offered, etc), AND c) it has been at least 48 hours since your last post in the thread.

7. "Services" such as Breeding, EVing, Leveling, and such are allowed. However, you are not allowed to use any services that require a hacking device, Pokesav, etc. And be warned, we will be watching anyone who offers services very closely. If you scam someone or use a cheat device to do any of the services, you will be banned instantly. Services also don't count towards the minimum of 10 Pokemon required to post a thread.

8. Do not bother moderators asking if/when your thread will be approved. We go through when we have time. If it has been a long time and your thread has not been approved, you probably did not follow the rules. Re-read and see what you could have done wrong, then try again.

9. No game-type threads to win prizes of Pokemon. If you want to give away Pokemon for free or as a contest prize or something please use the Giveaways and Contests Forum.

10. You may only trade Pokemon for other things in Pokemon games. This means no trading Pokemon for other game accounts/items, real-life money, or anything else.
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