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danger chili pepper
Staff member

!!! Please READ everything before posting !!!

  • All SPPf rules and Trade Forum Rules apply.
    • No trading/asking for hacked Pokemon, no spamming, no flaming, etc.
  • Be very specific about everything you are trading and/or offering.
  • Offer or look for at least 10 Pokemon.
    • Any less and you can just use the other sections.
    • Trading items and/or offering services in your thread is fine, but it doesn't count towards the minimum of 10 Pokemon.
    • You cannot make a thread just for items.
  • Do not display/link to external websites.
    • Linking to other sites is considered advertising and is not allowed.
    • You may also not say "see my sig" in the first post. List down everything in the first post of your trade shop.
  • Absolutely no off-topic posts.
    • The only posts allowed in the thread are updates by the shop owner, making/accepting offers, and clarification. Any chatting will be infracted and deleted.
    • Exchange messages privately.= through PM/VM/whatever else have you.
    • You may only post once per page. Each page has a maximum of 20 posts.
  • Only make one thread per generation, ever.
    • The only exception is if you PM a moderator of the trade forum and ask for your old thread to be closed, then you may make a new one if the mod allows you to. You must have a good reason for wanting your thread closed.
    • Conduct the trades PRIVATELY.
  • You may only double-post/bump under certain circumstances.
    • You may only bump if:
      • You are the owner of the thread.
      • You have a significant update to the thread.
      • It has been at least 48 hours since your last post in the thread.
  • "Services" such as Breeding, EVing, Leveling, and such are allowed.
    • Those who offer services are closely watched. Scamming someone or using any form of hacking/cheat devices (such as PKHeX) will result to a ban.
    • Services also don't count towards the minimum of 10 Pokemon required to post a thread.
  • Do not bother moderators asking if/when your thread will be approved.
    • We go through when we have time. If it has been a long time and your thread has not been approved, you probably did not follow the rules. Re-read and see what you could have done wrong, then try again.
  • No game-type threads to win prizes of Pokemon.
    • If you want to give away Pokemon for free or as a contest prize or something, please use the Giveaways and Contests Thread.
  • No trading for other-game goods, real money, or anything other than things within a Pokemon game.
Not open for further replies.