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King of Water PKMN.
Now looking for shiny vaporeon

These are my offers

Shiny Latias Level 51 Not Too Sure
Shiny Shinx Level 3 Adamant
Shiny Rayquaza Level 70 Not Too Sure
Shiny Crobat Level 100 Not Too Sure
Shiny Ponyta Level 13 Hardy
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Well-Known Member
does shiny flygon still count


Some guy
Ah darn I was hoping for Impish. Relaxed is okay I supposed but I don't really want to trade the Trapinch for it :\


Some guy
21, untouched and adamant. However, I'm not interested in your other pokes and your Skarmory was nicknamed when I saw it, and I don't want nicked pokes :\


Some guy
That's good, but I'm not interested in your other shinies. Do you have any EV trained pokes, or any of the items (not TMs) in my post?


Some guy
All large letters (that's how all pokes have their names normally)

And the TM10 would be great. Do you want any TMs from my thread? I could attach it to the second poke that is traded.