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Trading a Whole Box of Pokemon


God of Thunder
Actually, it's a little more than a box. But that's beside the point.

I'ev got a bunch of Pokemon that were either hatched at level one or EV-Trained to the levels they are. Or, they were given at that level (mainly, the 10 ANIV ones). Here's what I've got (prepare for the long list!):

10 ANIV (All untouched)

Legendaries + Other Event PKMN

-Mewtwo (Modest, barely-touched)
-Mewtwo (Jolly, level 100)
-MYSTRY Mew (Untouched)
-WISHMKR Jirachi
-Kyogre (Modest, level 49, PKRS)
-SPACE C Deoxys (Calm, barely-touched, PKRS)
-SPACE C Deoxys (Mild, untouched)

Random Pokemon

-Shining Ralts (Brave, male, level 1)
-Shining Eevee (Modest, level 1)
-Shining Zangoose (Timid, level 100, EV-Trained)
-Shining Seviper (Quiet, level 100, EV-Trained)
-Shining Sneasel (Jolly, level 50 [caught at that level])
-Zangoose (Adamant, level 50, trained)
-Charizard (Adamant, level 71, trained, PKRS)
-Ninetails (Calm, level 50, EV-trained)
-Heracross (Serious, level 57, trained)
-Scizor (Timid, level 70, trained, PKRS)
-Umbreon (Calm, level 100, most likely EV-trained, had PKRS)
-Metagross (Careful, level 100, GTS, had PKRS, Japanese)
-Salamence (Serious, level 100, EV-Trained, had PKRS)
-Gengar (Modest, level 70, had PKRS, EV-Trained)

Long list, huh? Anyhow, I'm looking for quite a few Pokemon (and by few, I mean the actual definition: a small amount), and they must all have a decent nature and moveset, except for the last one:

-Shining Umbreon (Get me this, and I'll give you any three Pokemon you want from my list. Umbreon's nature/moveset doesn't matter to me at all.)

Also, I'd like any of the following six, but they must be shining (like Umbreon, natures don't matter):


Get me one of those six, you get two of any choice from my list.

As for any other offer, I'm only considering one-for-one. You CAN offer anything you like, though.


God of Thunder
Alright then, here're two questions I'll be asking everyone: what're the natures and movesets, and what catches your eye from my list?
Sceptile naughty nature :
leaf blade
bullet seed
i can teach it anything u want 4 the last move
i lyk any bird, or mewtwo


Active Member
ive got a kingdra with a bold nature, knows hydro pump, ice beam, surf and dragon pulse, i can also trade you a lvl 37 dusclops with reaper cloth, knows shadow punch, will o wisp, confuse ray and astonish

you said your heracross is EV trained?


Active Member
i killed the thread :mad: still interested in heracross though lol
I can clone you a shiny Umbreon and shiny Gengar
could I get 4 of your pokemon for them?


God of Thunder
Don't worry, awesomeO. I kinda remade the thread with new Pokemon on the list and a new title. If you guys could, can you make your offers again on the other one?


Active Member
wheres the thread? i need an ev trained heracross >.>


I'm interested in Gengar.

I have a Shiny Hariyama, Adamant nature, It's been trained to level 50, but other than that, it's untouched.